The uniform-stylized clothing retail company Express, had spun off into various special brands such as the Limited and Structure in the 1980s and 1990s and reached handsome market success.

Express operates over 600 stores in the United States and generates $1.8 billion in annual sales (source: Wikipedia).

In particular Structure offered intriguing styles of basic but handsome geometry-themed men's clothing (thick-striped t-shirts, diamond-augmented sweaters, rod-pin corduroy pants, etc.).

While Structure became the spin-off brand Express Men in 2001, with decent dual gender Express stores opening the following year, the Structure men's only line remains an unusual free market American (and New York) social symbol of geometry design stylized fascination.

These design considerations reflect the new age marketability of geometry-obsessive Hollywood (USA) movies such as "The Shape of Things" (2003) and "Jagged Edge" (1985).

Are they printing movie posters on hemp/recycled paper yet?

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