Thank you once again the greet dr okosovo . i want to share my testimony to you all abut mt past life and when i was in pain in my relationship with Marcus who is the father of my kids today now i have a happy home. firstly, before my marriage to Marcos, i was passing so many pain form hi also i try to stop him for womanizing on till now i curt him with one lady who promise him another apartment then i don't no what to do each time my husband come home he dose even want to eat my food sturdily hr hate me that i cannot tell any one abut my husband behavior. on til one day i remember that i have constituted one man called okosovo when i was in university about the gay i was dating then who lift me and not thinking of coming back to me also i was told about the great man how he help people about relationship so i go true my email again and stated searching for his contact that is why i contacted him again so if you are in such pain you can via he on email (drokosovospelltemple@hotmail. com)