Savages downplayed in the media

Bronx, NY

#5204 Mar 13, 2014
See above post.



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#5205 Mar 13, 2014
Did ZCs make you hot cocoa?

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#5206 Mar 13, 2014
See above post

I'm always on his mind: PROOF OF OWNERSHIP


Did Manchester make you milk and cookies?


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#5207 Mar 13, 2014
Are you wearing your onesie with a poop shoot for ZCs?


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#5208 Mar 13, 2014
See above post.
Chimping out.


Are you wearing your onesie with a poop shoot for Manchester?




Bronx, NY

#5209 Mar 15, 2014
'Cannibal Cop. sicko pals convicted'

"TWO CREEPS busted in connection with the "Cannibal Cop" are cooked.
A Manhattan Federal Court jury convicted Christopher Asch, 62, and Michael Van Hise, 23, of conspiring to kidnap, torture, rape and murder multiple women and girls.
Asch, a pervy former Stuyvesant High School librarian from Greenwich Villag, showed no emotion as the verdicts were read.
Va Hise, a married auto mechanic from Trenton, wiped away tears as he was being led out of the courtroom.
Lawyers for both men vowed to appeal.
Prosecutors argued that Asch helped Van Hise plot to kidnap and slay his family members, including his stepdaughter and four nieces under 10 years old.
Van Hise came to the attention of law enforcement due to internet chats he had with former NYPD officer Gilbetro Valle, the so called "Cannibal Cop."
Valle was convicted in March 2013 of conspiring to kidnap cook and eat women."


New York, NY

#5210 Mar 15, 2014
Did ZCs make you hot cocoa?
Did the Manchester Maniac toss your salad?

Bronx, NY

#5211 Mar 15, 2014
' 2 Sue cops in White Castle hassle'

"TWO BROOKLYN men are suing the NYPD cops who took their freedom and allegedly tried to take their White Castle hamburgers.
It was Halloween 2012 in Coney Island, the neighborhood reeling from Hurricane Sandy, when Denny Maisonet and Kenneth Glover had a craving for sliders.
They were getting out of a taxicab, carrying a bag of the burgers, when they walked into cops rounding up a group of men suspected of looting a supermarket on Neptune Ave., lawyer Robert Marinelli said in the suit filed in Brooklyn Federal Court.
Glover and Maisonet claim they were struck with flashlights and handcuffed.
They were charged with obstructing government administration and disorderly conduct - not looting.
The charges against the duo were ultimately dismissed.
The City Law Department declined to comment."

New York, NY

#5212 Mar 15, 2014
Sarah Palin's Murdering Moose Hunting Savages

An Alaskan moose hunter, whose discovery of the corpse of a wanderer two decades ago helped lead to the 2007 movie "Into the Wild," has been shot and killed by police following a weekend chase through the city of Wasilla, Alaska State Troopers said.

Police said Gordon E. Samel, 52, who played a small but important role in author Jon Krakauer's book about wanderer Chris McCandless, which was made into a movie by Sean Penn, on Sunday fled police who had approached his vehicle in response to a report about possible drunken driving.

"As the state trooper knocked on the side of the pickup to contact the occupants, it drove off and circled around several small businesses in the area," an Alaska State Trooper report said.

It said Samel then led law-enforcement officers on a high-speed chase along the city's main thoroughfare, briefly against traffic, and at times into lightly populated residential areas before he was ultimately blocked at an intersection.

When a state trooper and a Wasilla police officer approached the truck on foot, Samel backed up the truck toward the officer, prompting both the officer and trooper to fire their handguns, the report said. Samel was declared dead at the scene.

A passenger received a non-life threatening injury to one of his arms, and was released without being charged.

Samel was among a party of moose hunters who discovered McCandless's corpse in an abandoned bus in a remote part of the Alaska wilderness north of Mount McKinley.

Krakauer, in writing about McCandless's death, looked to Samel for insights into the young man's behavior, including his agonizing over killing what he thought was a moose.

It was not a moose but a caribou, Krakauer learned from Samel, according to his book "Into the Wild."

"There's a big difference between a moose and a caribou," Samel was quoted as saying in the book. "A real big difference. You'd have to be pretty stupid not to be able to tell them apart."

Samel's family told the Anchorage Daily News that he was a gifted mechanic and auto body repairman, and a "big-hearted outdoorsman who struggled with bipolar disorder." The paper also reported that he was under court-ordered restrictions from a September arrest.

New York, NY

#5213 Mar 15, 2014
The Saddle Brook smashing Cars SAVAGES!!!!!!!!!!

New surveillance video could be key in catching a group of vandals who wore masks resembling members of the rock group Kiss as they damaged dozens of cars at a Saddle Brook, N.J. auto body shop.

As CBS 2′s Alice Gainer reported, the suspects are most likely not rock stars, but all four were wearing masks with a black star over the eye as they smashed windows and sprayed graffiti on 25 cars sitting at the SB Maaco Auto Body Shop this past Saturday.

“Spray paint, graffiti, dents, numerous dents, smashed windshields, ripped interiors,” Saddle Brook Police Chief Robert Kugler said as he listed the damage.
A surveillance camera sitting above a Mercedes caught the men as they set to work, destroying it using metal pipes, shovels, spray paint, and a fire extinguisher.

“The company has a very good surveillance system,” Saddle Brook Police Captain Vincent Laurentino told WCBS 880′s Levon Putney.“They definitely appeared that they were doing it to have a good time. They’re celebrating, they’re chest-bumping each other.”

In total, the men caused more than $40,000 worth of damage, Gainer reported.

A car alarm was eventually triggered and the suspects took off, only to come back a few moments later, Gainer reported.

The Mercedes is now in police custody as they process it for prints.

Shop owner Walter Karol said he believes the men knew that the camera was there.

“I mean they’re right in front of the camera. I mean it’s three feet away this time,” Karol said.

Karol said the lot was also vandalized back in September, but the suspects didn’t wear masks.

So far, police said they don’t believe it was the same men in both incidents.

The mask-wearing suspects from Saturday’s vandalism incident did wear some identifying items, including a man who had a cast on his right hand, and another who wore a Rangers jersey.

Karol said he tracked the suspects’ footsteps to under a nearby bridge on Route 46.

Police said because the area is such a desolate location it makes for an easy getaway.

Karol said he has filed an insurance claim and is repairing the cars that were damages.

So far there is no motive in the case and police are asking for the public’s help in identifying the masked men, hoping to make this performance their last.

Police said the suspects appear to be men in their teens or early 20s.

New York, NY

#5214 Mar 15, 2014
Savages on the Run

One of the U.S. Army's "15 Most Wanted" fugitives was arrested in Florida on Thursday, more than 36 years after the man escaped from a federal prison in Kansas and went on the run.

James Robert Jones, a U.S. Army private, was arrested as he showed up for work near Deerfield Beach, Florida, the U.S. Marshall's Service said in a statement.

He had been living in Florida under an alias and admitted his real identity shortly after he was arrested.

Jones was convicted of premeditated murder and aggravated assault in 1974. He was serving a 23-year sentence when he escaped from a maximum-security prison in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, in 1977.

The U.S. military has its own law enforcement and judicial processes that parallel civilian systems.

Four years later, Jones obtained a fake Florida driver's license, changed his birthdate but listed his actual address, the Marshals Service said.

New information led investigators to locate Jones, officials said. Authorities used a facial recognition database to help identify him. They conducted surveillance on his home early Thursday before following him to his job, where he was arrested without incident.

Jones is being held in a Florida jail before he is placed in the custody of the U.S. Army.

New York, NY

#5215 Mar 15, 2014
The Savage Tailor park Tramp

An Iowa man is accused of posting an offer on Craigslist to give sex in exchange for a boat trailer.

Stan Syring, 37, of Clarence, met with an undercover Marion, Iowa Police officer who responded to his Craigslist ad Tuesday, March 4, 2014.

The two met the following Monday, March 10, and agreed to an undisclosed sex act in exchange for Syring getting a boat trailer.

Then Syring was arrested.

Court records show Syring was charged with one count of prostitution, which is an aggravated misdemeanor.

Jail records say he was booked and later released from the Linn County Jail.

New York, NY

#5216 Mar 15, 2014
The Cookie Monster SAVAGE

He want construction tools!

A Texas man wearing a Cookie Monster onesie has been busted driving a trailer full of stolen goods.

Matthew Dwayne Coleman, 30, was arrested in Friendswood Tuesday alongside 23-year-old pal Dean Allen Stevens.

The pair were reportedly caught driving away from a building site.

Cops stopped the vehicle and allegedly found stolen rebar piers and hurricane fencing inside.

Both were charged with theft.

Taken to the town's police station, Coleman - who was wearing the Sesame Street character costume - was given a $1,500 bond.

Stevens, who has two prior convictions for theft, was bonded at $30,000, reports Click2Houston.


New York, NY

#5217 Mar 15, 2014
The PA Crackhead Druggie Savage

An unbalanced homeless woman who escaped from an Oklahoma prison in 1995 attacked an 80-year-old man inside the Port Authority Bus Terminal in Midtown Saturday morning, officials said.

Danika Riley, 40, was “stomping” on the elderly man’s head and kicking him with her work boots when Port Authority Police Officers Tom Kimble and Michael Birnstill spotted the 7:30 a.m. attack on the second floor of the Eighth Ave. terminal near W. 42nd St.

The victim, a resident of West New York, New Jersey, was waiting outside the ladies room for his wife when Riley attacked him for no apparent reason, a Port Authority source said.
She just walked up to him, pushed him to the ground and began kicking him,” a Port Authority source said.“He’s 80, and she decides to do a dance on his head.”

The elderly couple was about to get on a bus back home, officials said.

Despite the violent attack, the stout senior only suffered a minor injury and was treated at the scene.

Cops found a crack pipe in Riley’s possession and charged her with assault and criminal possession of a controlled substance.

Port Authority police said Riley has an extensive criminal history in New York, Oklahoma, and Washington state that includes drug possession, false impersonation, gun possession and an
assault on a police officer.

Two years into her five year prison sentence for attacking a police officer, she escaped from an Oklahoma prison, but was quickly captured, officials said.

“She’s a regular Annie Oakley,” a Port Authority source said.

Her most recent arrests in New York City include drinking in public on Feb. 6 and prostitution on Jan. 26, according to court documents.

New York, NY

#5218 Mar 15, 2014
Another Dopey Druggie Savage

What was supposed to be a routine noise complaint has turned into a significant New York City drug bust.

Police say Saturday uniformed officers knocking on the door of a third floor Queens apartment that was blasting music Friday had every intention of writing the tenant a summons.

But they say when Frank Giardina opened the door, they noticed him holding a marijuana pipe and asked him for identification. That's when they say Giardina invited them inside.

Police say when the officers spotted about five pounds of heroin on Giardina's kitchen table, they arrested him and obtained a court-issued warrant.

They say further search revealed 1,948 glassines of heroin as well as packing materials and equipment.

Giardina's been charged with multiple counts of drug possession. Attorney information wasn't immediately available.

Bronx, NY

#5219 Mar 15, 2014
' Rob' cop : I want my pension'

" A FORMER NYPD detective facing federal charges of being part of a multimillion dollar burglary crew on Long Island says he still deserves his police pension of more than $80, 000 a year.
Rafael Astacio says the Police Department unjustly fired him after he had already serves a full 20 years.
According to papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, the NYPD's trial commissioner initially acquitted Astacio, 41, of charges that were unrelated to the burglaries.
But the decision was later overruled, and Astacio was suspended.
During his suspension, Astacio was put back onto the payroll.
He was then convicted at a departmental trial for the burglary case and fired days later.
The federal charges are still pending. Astacio was allegedly part of a crew that swiped more than $2 million in cash from a plastic surgeon's office, the feds have said."

This idiot moron SAVAGE pig commits crimes, gets fired, faces federal charges and thinks he deserves a pension?
This SAVAGE PIG Astacio is clearly out of his mind.

New York, NY

#5221 Mar 15, 2014
The Broken heart Snot nose savage

A jilted 15-year-old Arizona boy gunned down his ex-girlfriend, and then killed himself on Friday in front of stunned neighbors, authorities said.

Matthew Bolton stalked 16-year-old Anastasia “Ana” Greer to a suburban Phoenix cul-de-sac. When he found her, he wrapped both hands around a pistol and blasted away, witnesses said.

“I heard a scream,” neighbor Henry Gano told the Arizona Republic.“I looked up and saw the young man chasing her. Immediately after I heard the scream, I heard a gunshot, then several gunshots. By the time I got to the front of the house, they were both on the ground.”

The two sophomores dated at Sandra Day O’Connor High School, but Greer had recently ended the relationship.

Apparently angered by the split, Bolton had a buddy drive him to a neighborhood where his old flame was visiting a friend, police said.

He shot her in the front yard as neighbors rushed outside — too late to step in.

“When I came out to investigate what was going on, I heard a ‘pow, pow, pow’— a high-powered gun going off," neighbor Jim Friel told CBS 5.

“Broke my heart, because I have grandkids and I have children,” Friel added.“And I have compassion for both victims because they’re only kids.”

Greer was shot four times in the chest. Bolton shot himself in the face, the Republic reported. Cops found the gun next to his body.
Police discovered the car belonging to Bolton’s friend parked about half a block away from the shooting, CBS 5 reported. Investigators planned to question the friend.

Students at Sandra Day O’Connor had warned authorities Bolton had a gun. A cop assigned to the school searched for the boy on Friday morning but eventually decided he wasn’t a risk, officials.

The boy’s mother told the cop Bolton was at home with his 28-year-old brother, the Republic reported.

“A full investigation was conducted with our School Safety Officer and it was was determined there was no safety threat to our school community,” Sandra Day O’Connor Principal Lynn Miller said in a letter to parents.“Safety is always a top priority for our campus and the district.”

Friends mourned the dead teens with candles and flowers at a makeshift memorial near the crime scene.

Classmates described Greer as an outgoing sweetheart and the clean-cut Bolton as a decent kid who showed no signs of such brutal violence.

“I don’t hate anybody in my life, and I’m never going to hate this kid,” Greer’s friend Rose Mazikowski told CBS 5.“But I feel pity for him for doing that.”


New York, NY

#5222 Mar 15, 2014
The Savage Shoot'em up Druggie Crime Family

A drug suspect was killed and four SWAT officers were wounded Wednesday night when police in Indianapolis raided a Near Eastside home on a drug warrant. Andrew Sizemore, 27, becomes the 10th person to die in US domestic drug law enforcement operations so far this year.

According to The Indianapolis Star, citing police sources, SWAT officers were serving a search warrant on a suspected drug operation when they were met by gunfire. Police shot back, killing Sizemore.

None of the injured officers were seriously wounded, and three had been released from the hospital by early Thursday.

Police said they seized heroin, 13 guns, and $120,000 in cash inside the house. Five people inside the house were arrested. Three were arrested for "visiting a common nuisance," while one was arrested on drug dealing charges and another was detained with no charges specified. Police also confiscated four vehicles.

The house was protected by surveillance cameras, which could have alerted occupants to the raiders' presence.

"That put our officers at a disadvantage, but they overcame it," said Indianapolis Public Safety Director Troy Riggs said, adding that the shootout could be a harbinger of things to come as police go after criminals. "None of us want these things to happen," Riggs said, "but at the end of the day with the the aggressiveness with which your police department is going after those who are committing criminal acts, this is always a possibility."

In a follow-up story, The Star reported that as word of Sizemore's death spread Thursday, friends and family members created a small shrine in his honor, leaving stuffed animals, flowers, a can of energy drink, a snack cake, and a candle. One sign on the shrine said: "RIP, Drew. We Love and Miss You." Another read: "There was no reason for him to die."

Sizemore had no criminal record except for an arrest for trespassing when he was 19.

The Star also reported that some neighborhood residents "were leery to comment" and "some were even hostile to reporters seeking information about the neighborhood and the people who lived in the house."

New York, NY

#5223 Mar 15, 2014
The BROOKLYN Sticky Finger Art SAVAGE.

How did Krap Slop who is hard on Brooklyn SAVAGES miss this?

The less-than master thief who tried to run off with a high-priced painting from a Brooklyn art gallery is facing a slew of charges, officials said Monday.

Louis Lassalle was indicted for stealing the portrait by Amar Stewart of famed painter Jean-Michel Basquiat valued at $10,000 from a Williamsburg art gallery on March 1.

"The brazen nature of the theft of this artwork, whether from a business, a home, or anywhere in our community, will not be tolerated,” said District Attorney Ken Thompson in a statement.

Sean Leonard, co-owner of the Cotton Candy Machine gallery in Williamsburg, noticed three paintings by artist Amar Stewart had been stolen from a back room.

The gallery owner found Lassalle on Metropolitan Ave., took back the painting and chased the thief until cops came.

Lassalle, 49, faces burglary, robbery and a slew of other charges.


New York, NY

#5224 Mar 15, 2014
The Killl'em all Savage

Ashton Sachs is charged with fatally shooting his parents and attempting to kill two siblings in their O.C. mansion last month.

The 19-year-old son of a San Juan Capistrano man and woman found shot to death in their mansion was charged with their deaths Friday, as well as with the attempted murder of a sister and younger brother.

Orange County authorities allege that Ashton Sachs, who was living in Seattle before the killings, entered his family's home and shot his parents, Bradford Hans Sachs, 57, and Andra Resa Sachs, 54, as they slept. The bodies were found by authorities early on Feb. 8.

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