Cheyenne, WY

#1 Aug 28, 2013
...that one day, we'll never have to hear that plagerized speech again!

(so much for black "Christianity", huh?)

Dover, OH

#2 Aug 28, 2013
Blind allegiance to the Democrat plantation and black
leaders are the reason for the misery below. Even with a watered down school curriculum blacks cannot get a diploma. ANS. Blame the schools, they need more TAXPAYER $$$! With no diploma get a job at McDonalds and walk out of the job unless you get paid $15 an hour, gratitude! Remember the Unions are looking out for you...hahaha. Fifty years of relying on the government for housing, food stamps, Obama phones and God knows how many other government scams we NON community organizers are not even aware of will get you the results below:

1. 27 percent of black Americans now live in poverty, a two percent increase since 2009.

2. According to last month’s Bureau of Labor Statistics report, the unemployment rate for black Americans now stands at a staggering 14.1 percent, a figure well above the already high national unemployment rate of 8.3 percent.

3. White Americans now have 22 times more wealth than black Americans, a figure that has nearly doubled during the recession. According to the Census, in 2010, media household net worth for whites totaled $110,729. For blacks, the figure was $4,995.

4. From June 2009 to June 2012, real median annual household income for blacks fell 11.1 percent from $36,567 down to $32,498. The drop for whites was 5.2 percent and 4.1 percent for Hispanics.

5. According to the Census, 26.4 percent of households who report receiving food stamp assistance are African American, despite the fact that black Americans constitute just 13 percent of the total population.

6. A study by the AARP found that home foreclosure rates for African American borrowers over the age of 50 were almost double those of whites.

7. High school graduation rates, which strongly influence income and job hiring, continue to vary widely by race. A recent study found the following on-time high school graduation rates: 91.8 percent of Asian students, 82 percent of whites, 65.9 percent of Hispanic students, and 63.5 percent of African American students.

Dover, OH

#3 Aug 29, 2013
According to a recent study published by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in February 2011,“Although blacks make up only 13.6 percent of the U.S. population, they account for 50.3 percent of all diagnosed cases of HIV.

Additionally, the rate of HIV diagnosis among black men is eight times that of whites and two times that of Hispanics, and the rate for black women is 19 times that of whites and four times that of Hispanics -

Dover, OH

#4 Aug 29, 2013
According to the most recent government figures from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,“72 percent of black mothers are unwed which eclipses that of most other groups: 17 percent of Asians, 29 percent of whites, 53 percent of Hispanics and 66 percent of Native Americans.”

PC ALERT! To be sure, these statistics do not imply that babies born to unwed mothers will be unsuccessful or devoid of opportunities. However, the data does bespeak of the need for more fathers in the home who are involved in their child’s life.

Ocala, FL

#5 Aug 29, 2013
What you talkin trash bout me for ? i aint done nuttin ta you. I hads to drop outta school ta care for my babies. They farthers left me an don't be givin me no money.

Dover, OH

#6 Aug 29, 2013
According to the US Department of Education,“Nearly half of the nation’s African American students attend high schools in low-income areas with dropout rates that hover in the 40-50% range.”“Dropout factories”(i.e., high schools that routinely have senior classes with 60% fewer students than their entering freshmen classes) are estimated to produce 73% of African American, 66% of Latino, and 34% of White dropouts, respectively.

Notice how 'they'(people of color) ALWAYS blame the 'system' for their failures but you NEVER hear that from the white population who make themselves accountable for their actions.

Ocala, FL

#7 Aug 29, 2013
White man do dat to us. We cant help if we born black. Jus gots ta deal wit it. I home school my kids cause I cant aford ta send them to school. They bees good kids but it takes lots a money an I aint got it.

Dover, OH

#9 Aug 29, 2013
According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics,“The racial composition of the US prison and jail population as of 2008 was 60.21%(African American (non-Hispanic), 20.29% Hispanic, 13.44% White American (non-Hispanic), and 6.06% Other (American Indian, Alaska Native, Asian American, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander American, and Multiracial American).”

Relative to black on black crime, the most recent government statistics indicated that “43% of all murder victims in 2007 were African American, 93.1% of whom were killed by African Americans.”

Ocala, FL

#10 Aug 29, 2013
So, statistically, my black boyfriend will probably kill me. Aint that sumthin. Guess I dont have to worry bout retirment, then.

Cheyenne, WY

#11 Aug 29, 2013
Many blacks are hyper-sexual; like the chimp raping the frog on YouTube, they'll screw anything.

Many blacks often steal from their employer. They were stealing $1,000 machines where we made them; they had to set up hidden cams and a sting. They then got jobs right next door at Dell computers(!).

It's about time for those "decent" blacks to take out their own trash (so to speak *wink wink*) before someone does it for them, and they accidently get mixed with the trash.

Dover, OH

#12 Aug 30, 2013
According to recent US Census Bureau data,“24.7% of all African-American live in poverty in comparison to 8.6% of all non-Hispanic White, 11.8% of all Asian-American and 23.2% of all Hispanic.” The Labor Department statistics still show the current unemployment rate among blacks hovering around 16 percent, PC ALERT! although the economy as a whole has shown some improvement.

Cheyenne, WY

#13 Aug 30, 2013
There are PSAs (Public Service Announcments) aimed directly at black sexual immorality, in a futile effort to get them to "abstain" and "think". Good luck on that.

Blacks boast and brag so much about how they are "Christian", but it is all part of the supreme hypocrisy that is the black race. They couldn't be farther from God if they tried; they couldn't be more ignorant of Scripture if they tried.

They can't even get the PSAs right. Several years ago, there was a HIV psa featuring some black personality (don't remember who; a rapper maybe). He spoke such pitiful ebonics that they had to remake the commercial (for the rest of America) into English.

"Ask me for a job and you might get one.'Axe' me for a job and there are none". It doesn't cost a solitary cent to speak decent English, but it will cost them countless thousands of $$s if they don't. In some states like Texas, it is perfectly legal to require English to be spoken in the work place. Since blacks made such an effort to classify "Ebonics" as a valid language, it now works against them.

Cause and effect. Black vanity always turns around and bites them in the ass. The black race is boasting itself into a deep, dark hole, and eventually they'll end in the deepest, darkest hole of all: HELL.

Old Bridge, NJ

#14 Sep 1, 2013
my dream --back to africa

New York, NY

#15 Sep 7, 2013
My dream-Back to EUROPE. BYTHCES

Queens Village, NY

#16 Sep 7, 2013
I have a dream too.

That we'll wake up from this impossible situation.

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