The five Hyksos kings/administrators ...

The five Hyksos kings/administrators in Egypt

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#1 Feb 23, 2012
Chronicle of the Pharoahs written by Peter A. Clayton shows only five Hyksos Canaanite kings/administrators reigning over Avaris, Egypt. Perhaps these are the missing years archaeologist are searching for.
Hyksos leader Sheshi lead the Canaanites into Egypt during Senusret III's reign (Biblical chronology)1724-1685 B.C. The Hyksos entered into Egypt in 1702 B.C. the same time Jacob entered Egypt. They exchanged their horses peacefully for bread.(Genesis 47:13-17)Horse skeleton found at Buhen dated to Senusret III's reign.
Hyksos king Yakubher reigning at Avaris in Amenemhet III's reign 1685-1640 B.C. Yakubher name =(Yakov/Yakub/Jacob)reigns after Jacob and Senusret III die in 1685 B.C.
Hyksos king Khyan at Avaris has trade with the Minoans on the island of Crete. Amenemhet III has trade with the Minoans on the island of Crete. Khyan rules during Amenemhet III's reign after Yakubher dies.
Hyksos king Apepi I fights Thebean king Kamose for 3 years in queen Sobekneferu's 3 year reign. Apepi I also warred with Kamose father Seqenenre Tao. Apepi I Amenemhet IV reign 1640-1631 B.C.
Joseph dies 1631 B.C. Queen Sobekneferu reigns 1631-1628 B.C.
Hyksos king Apepi II or Khamudi is driven out of Egypt by Thebean king Ahmose who reigns 1628-1603 B.C. Hyksos spent 91 years in Egypt and 3 years at Sharuhen, Canaan.
Archaeologist were looking for a way to match Canaanite, Egyptian, Hyksos and Minoan history together. Here is the research. Seems interesting after the Hyksos leave Egypt's delta the Minoans and Hebrews become good friends. The Minoans are the mixed crowd in Exodus 12:38.

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#2 Feb 23, 2012
Minoans bring Amenemhet II tribute-the Tod treasure in his 28th year of reign. Minoans build Senusret II his temple at Lahun. Minoans and Canaanite/Hyksos migrate to Avaris,Egypt during the global famine (Genesis 41:57)in Senusret III's reign. Minoans build the Labyrinth on the island of Crete. Amenemhet III builds the Labyrinth in Egypt. Amenemhet IV and queen Sobekneferu continue trade with the Minoans.

Egyptian king Ahmose drives the Hyksos/Canaanites out of Egypt. Minoans and Hebrews become friends in Egypt's delta in Amenhotep I reign.

Jewish historian Josephus stated Thermuthis (from the Thutmose family)saved infant Moses. She is princess Hatshepsut who took over the sickly Thutmose II reign. Thutmose I Hatshepsut's father was the Hebrew male baby slayer.

Queen Hatshepsut worshipped the cow goddess Hathor,
Minoan boys loved jumping over bulls and after the Exodus the Hebrews in the wilderness worshipped the golden calf.

Thutmose III was the Exodus pharoah. Archaeologist Manfred Bietak found pumice and Thutmose III's artifacts in the same strata. Pumice (Volcanic material)happened when the island of Thera blew up creating a darkness which may be felt-(Ash)Exodus 10:21-22.

Minoan frescoes no longer appeared in Egyptian tombs after Thutmose III died. Why? Thutmose III was the Exodus pharoah and the Minoans were the mixed crowd (Exodus 12:38)leaving with the Hebrews in the Exodus.

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#3 Feb 23, 2012
Lujack Skylark

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#4 Jan 6, 2013

Joseph lived for 110 years 1741-1631 B.C.(Genesis 50:26) Joseph age 30 (Genesis 41:40-46) became governor of Egypt in 1711 B.C. There was 7 years of great harvest and the second year of famine Joseph age 39 in 1702 B.C. met his father Jacob age 130 (Genesis 47:9) in Egypt. Global famine 1704-1697 B.C.(Genesis 41:1-57)

(1) Jacob brought the starving Hebrew people into Egypt settling near Biblical On (Genesis 41:45) Heliopolis, Egypt in 1702 B.C.

(2) Starving Hyksos Canaanite chieftain Sheshi lead his people into Avaris, Egypt trading their horses for bread (Genesis 47:13-17) in 1702 B.C. during the world famine.(Genesis 41:57)

(3) Starving Minoans from Crete also settle in Egypt’s delta in 1700 B.C. Other Minoans migrate to mainland Greece in 1700 B.C. spreading their Minoan culture there.

(4) Starving Indo-European Sealanders invade Amorite Babylon king Abi-Eshuh 1710-1684 B.C. settling in southern Babylonia in 1700 B.C. Abi-Eshuh dams up the Tigris river trying to starve the Sealanders out.

(5) Starving Indo-European tribes invade Dravidan dominated India in 1700 B.C. Indo-Europeans destroy the Dravidan Mohenjo-Daro civilizatin in 1700 B.C.

(6)Starving Indo-European tribes invade western China in 1700 B.C. Chinese archaelogist discovered Indo-European mummies in western China. The Indo-Europeans introduced the Chinese to the horse driven chariot. NOTE: Indo-European Kassites were first to use the horse driven chariot attacking Babylon in the reign of Amorite Babylon king Samsu-iluna 1750-1711 B.C. in his 9th year in 1741 B.C. NOTE: Joseph age 30 was given the Egyptian pharaoh’s 2nd chariot in 1711 B.C.(Genesis 41:43)

(7) Chinese Shang Dynasty very early in the dynasty recorded a 7 year famine verifying Joseph’s account of the 7 year global famine in Egypt.(Genesis 41:57)

(8) The American agricultural Indians establish the Poverty Point Mound Culture in Louisiana in 1700 B.C. building their first city in North America during the world famine.

(9) Olmecs migrate into the Yucatan Peninsula in 1700 B.C. Archaeologist state the Olmecs invented plumbing and the Olmecs were interested in water conservtion at this time in world history.

(10) Joseph’s account of the world famine (Genesis 41:57) is supported by archaelogy and the migrations of ancient people’s in 1700 B.C. Why not pass this information along to people who are interested in Biblical history.

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#5 Sep 22, 2013
I absolutely love this! I've just of lately began to find this out. It answers a whole lot of questions, and will put many nay sayers to silence. Thanks for posting.

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