Is New Year's Eve more important than St. Patrick's Day and Earth Day? What will be the lucrative lyrics of New Year's 2012?

As we know, the holidays are a time of depression and loneliness for many who do not have friends and family to celebrate with or the means to reach big time party events such as the BB King Blues Club night.

So who's going to Planet Hollywood? Who's staying in and watching the precious Hollywood (USA) movie "Mystic Pizza" (1988)?

As for myself, in the under-rated tradition of romanticized post-Halloween networking depression, I'm going to pretend I'm the special archer Green Arrow, stay at home (my folks are out, my sister's with her man, my girlfriend may be with her kids), drink, make fake music, and enjoy mom's coconut chicken.

What will New Yorkers do? Everyone needs to know. Times Square, the Theater --- these are buzz words. Aside from your standard OPEC terrorist woes and regretfully forgotten Mayan apocalypse stalls, perhaps New Yorkers will watch "Bright Lights, Big City" (1988) on Netflix or eat rum cake in Times Square.

Are they printing movie posters on hemp/recycled paper yet?

God bless!