magnolia assisted nursing home

magnolia assisted nursing home

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Meridian, MS

#1 Nov 10, 2010
can someone please tell me about this place! all i know is it is high dollar and has no workers to "assist" help me here!!!!!!!!!!

United States

#2 Jan 4, 2011
I have family in Southern Magnolia Estates Assisted Living if that is where you are talking about. It is a wonderful place.

United States

#3 Mar 7, 2011
This place is terrible. They do not take care of our elderly people. They are not clean. Employees steal clothes and personal belongs from the residents. It's really sad and very expenive.

Saltillo, MS

#6 Feb 2, 2013
You should report what happened with your elderly family member and what you know to local law enforcement officials. If you feel apprehensive about doing that, I totally understand...considering mississippi law enforcement has always been behind in doing the right thing for peoples civil might be concerned about your safety and perhaps should be. nobody wants to be scarred for life. It might actually be better to take this to a federal level. I'm sure they would help. Sorry for your experience. There's not much of anything worse than doing bad deeds at the expense of our elderly.

United States

#7 Feb 2, 2013
It's a freaking joke there! Families pay out the ass for their loved ones to be taken care of & in all reality, their loved ones are neglected. How can 1 aid on night shift in each building take care of everyone's needs? Residents go from early evening (around 4pm) to 7am without food unless the aids take from their own pocket to bring them snacks or another meal. There's always a big meal "plan" posted for families to see, but in reality the residents don't typically get that to eat. The owners are just money hungry and don't care how the elderly or their employees suffer.
concerned citizen

Nettleton, MS

#8 Feb 5, 2013
I have had a loved in Southern Magnolia Estates in Iuka & was VERY pleased with the care & meals there. However, no matter how good the food is, you cannot please everyone. Regarding the employees, if they are stealing from your loved one, doing drugs, or mistreating them, it is YOUR responsibility to notify management, instead of coming on TOPIX to vent your negativie attack on the owner, who cannot be there 24 hrs a day 7 days a week. Mrs. Clark is a very compassionate person. The night my loved one passed away Mrs. Clark sat with her until she took her last breath. Are you aware that there are some "loved ones" there who are seldom visited by family? Since you know so much about SME, could you be an angry ex-employee who has been fired for your unacceptable behavior? I believe that Iuka is very fortunate to have a place like Southern Maagnolia Estates for our elderly loved ones.

United States

#10 Feb 12, 2013
So....... "stepchild". Considering all of the above, it must be an awesome place!!!

Fulton, MS

#12 Feb 16, 2013
What a liar not only have you sold drugs your husband is a dope cook. Your a welfare drawing crazy b that has let a dozen guys run train on her just to say she was in a gang. But then again I know for a fact you and your hubby had threesomes with ppl for dope alcohol and just cause your a hoe. And much of this was done with ur kids in the house. You sleep with anything willing but can't keep a man god knows u been with a bunch. Nobody likes u except other fat ugly nasty chicks or your cousin who has nobody else. And this is the first job you ever had more than a month. Or that you ain't got into trouble for stealing. So lie some more your pathetic and should be locked up.
Too sad

Fulton, MS

#13 Feb 18, 2013
Background Checks, and regular hair strand testing should be required of all nursing home and assisted living staff. The items going in and out by employees should also be monitored. Things like this occur way to often. And those guilty will have to deal with their actions in the end. But anyone having proof of this needs to report this to the state board.

Carthage, TX

#16 Feb 18, 2013
People grow up. If you hate this girl so much and she is so bad why are you letting her take up so much of your time? Spend your time with what matters more and let this be about the question was in the first place.

Booneville, MS

#18 Feb 18, 2013
Yeah wrote:
Christ I hate when morons get on here pretending to be police or para-police. Nobody's impressed, nothing ever gets taken to court, and these dipshits wouldn't know how to obtain an IP address from any user on the planet.
You can't get an IP address just because someone else visited the same page you did unless you own the server or have already gotten a subpoena through the system. I seriously doubt that some dumbfuck PI who didn't understand that slander/libel does not carry jail time could have gotten a judge to sign off on a subpoena in 5 days. I believe that mostly because none of you morons know where Topix is headquartered at, and you have to have the subpoena issued in the state where Topix's agent of action is at.
I seriously doubt some drooling tard in Alabama drove all the way to Massachusetts to get a judge to sign off on a subpoena and then drove back so that they could get paid a whopping 100 bucks for PI work over some dumb fuck on the internet.
Jesus, people, really, are you all actually this dumb or is it a giant play that I have stumbled on and am not aware of?
Well said, Yeah. I don't know anyone on this entire thread, but hate to see the cyber bullies talking about recording someone's IP address.

Greensboro, AL

#19 Feb 18, 2013
I don't understand all of the pi stuff. Bullying I do understand that part of this thread is crazy. I think all of them need to be deleted form this site. Did step-child ever find a good place for their loved one? I pray for all those that turned something for help into a personal cursed against or for that girl.

Fulton, MS

#20 Feb 18, 2013
Stayed away they had meth labs in their residence. Funny you think you can get an IP address cause if you have money for that stuff why are you living in public housing selling pills you steal from poor elderly people who depend on you to take care of them. And your PI is your pathetic friend AG and if you were good at investigating why couldn't you find out your husband was such a good guy before hand. And you have no clue what your talking about with IP addresses and stuff you looked up online but weren't smart enough to read the whole def. and the people wanted to know about the place they should know what kind of ppl they are dealing with. It's a small town easy to ask around about you. There is way more about this female then told here. As well as others there.
a residents family member

United States

#21 Mar 8, 2013
I have a family member at sme. My family couldn't ask for better care and love given to our loved one. For the employee you are talking about i have more than once go above what others have . I know for a fact that she has even went as far as to buy clothes for a resident who's family didn't even bother with showing up on mothers day. So has many of the other employees of sme Belmont. I have heard them all cut up but just joking. Its sad that some has a personal vendetta.
So if you have a tape or a video please feel free to call sme to show the management and post on her when you well be bring it. I would like to see your evidence.

United States

#22 Mar 16, 2013
Carolyn Busby don't let her fool you she is a complete liar!!!!!! Big Fake!!!!!! I have heard her lying to family members straight face lying!
A disgrace to society Carolyn Busby.

Baldwyn, MS

#23 Mar 17, 2013
Is she the one that has sex with the cops while she's working?

United States

#24 Mar 18, 2013
Jenn wrote:
Carolyn Busby don't let her fool you she is a complete liar!!!!!! Big Fake!!!!!! I have heard her lying to family members straight face lying!
A disgrace to society Carolyn Busby.
Dear "Jenn", You and I have a problem. I am one of the 3 Jennifer's that would come to the mind of anyone who knows anything about SME if they heard the name. You, sadly, are not. Of the three Jennifer's, I am known to be more outspoken and get to the bottom of a matter one on one. Clearly, you hope for the good folks here on topix to believe I am the one talking shit about Carolyn. This my problem. As I said, Trev, Carolyn, everyone who knows me knows I handle my issues face-2-face. Therefore, you have proven yourself to be an impostor. Yes, we are all laughing at you right now.(Te-he-he, Ha! Ha! Can you hear us? Rotflmao) You aren't the first and most likely will not be the last confused little girl who wishes they we're me. However, I will not sit back and allow you to use my name because you are afraid to fight your own battles. Keep my name out of your mouth and off the computer. If you have an issue with Carolyn, or anyone for that matter, face it head on and don't hide behind someone else's name and cower down behind a computer talking smack. Carolyn can handle herself fine as I have came to her in the past and she and I have discussed problems face-2-face. You are not me. You lack my quick wit and sexy swagger. You will never achieve the level of awesomeness that makes me envied me by so many confused girls. You lack one of the many things that make me so cool, Class! No respectable lady would ever go popping off their mouth via internet. Use your own name and approach your problems head on. Otherwise, keep your opinions to yourself because your actions have only served to prove you to be an ignorant, tactless, jackass. Please, in the future strive to make better decisions. If you chose to continue down the destructive path you are on, keep my name out of it. If you wish to discuss this matter in further detail, I'm not a hard person to find. I will gladly work though this issue with you face-2-face. You won't be the first jelious person I have been forced to manually deal with. In closing I must tell you, do not abuse exclamation points. They are reserved for the purpose of adding emphasis to a statement. If you go around putting multiple exclamation points behind each statement it tends to lose it's meaning and fade into a period. For your sake I ask you to please make better decisions in the future. Good luck!
Diana price

Fulton, MS

#25 Mar 19, 2013
JennIAm, as much as you seem to be trying to clear this up for your friend Carolyn, you seem to make SME look like a circus. No way with all I've read here would I want a family member there. I wouldn't want to work there either sounds like the employees need mental evaluations!

United States

#26 Mar 19, 2013
Diana price wrote:
JennIAm, as much as you seem to be trying to clear this up for your friend Carolyn, you seem to make SME look like a circus. No way with all I've read here would I want a family member there. I wouldn't want to work there either sounds like the employees need mental evaluations!
That's your prerogative. The only thing I intend on clearing up is this Psyco "Jenn" character isn't me. Maybe you should reread my comment. Carolyn can handle herself. I doubt she will have too because its so much easier for cowards to talk trash on the internet than actually go to someone and deal with a problem. Looks like business is fine without your "family member" there. SME, may not be right for you but clearly others disagree.

United States

#27 Mar 19, 2013
Sounds more like we are talking about tish manor to me

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