Cornell Embezzlement Coverup

Cornell Embezzlement Coverup

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Where the justice at

Painted Post, NY

#1 Nov 18, 2013
Comments from Craigslist - they will not allow anything to do with this matter now. Posts are flagged and removed immediately.
Disappearing Posts RE: Cornell Embezzlement Coverup (Glad I moved)
Doesn't this just show you all that Ithaca is Cornell's sandbox ? They own everyone from the Police Dept., Mayor down to the lowliest janitor.
I got this in an email today from someone who had c/p it before it bit the dust. Wow is all I can say.
Yep pretty sure I know them. The whole living way above their obvious means. The toys, the parties, the extravegence (I know I spelled it wrong STFU).
The mystery men in black - their coming to take her away haha. Nobody was told why.
The abrupt departure from her job.
Hmmmm. minimum wage flunky now, no job husband, 2 kids and the mother. How in the world are they getting by? Ooooh Mommmy works at Cornell......I call for an audit !!! LOLOL
I won't name her or them, that's not playing fair.
Ya know what ???--??--? if you read this SHAME SHAME SHAME and where you got the money stashed ?
ORIGINAL POST IS BELOW, read fast Cornell has eyes everywhere.
Embezzlement coverup (Re: Money for free)(Groton)
Re: money for free
Coming on here I never expected to read a posting on this subject. I know the person of whom you speak. Watched as they spent money like there was no tomorrow but yet cried poverty at the same time. When asked where the money came from it was always one explanation or another. And still to this day spends money well beyond what she's earning. What the hell is going on here? I check the newspaper and search the internet for mention of this crime and always come up with nothing! Unbelievable is all I can say. Maybe a call to the local news channel?
Yeah yeah I know her too.
I have read the police beat for years and see people arrested for taking $20 and less ! WTF ?
Nobody employed by Cornell will go to the media, it's obviously being covered up so no one is going to risk their job. They have no choice but to keep quiet and watch this skank escape justice.
So Chris, was it all worth it? You fucking had it made. What,$14 an hour and you didn't even have to roll your fat ass outta bed.
$14 an hour with NO gas expenses.$14 an hour with NO child care expenses.$14 an hour with NO clothing expenses, no wait, you had a closet full of designer clothes and shoes. Most likely you got to write them all off.
Let's ask that other poster what her $14 an hour really is after all those expenses she has to pay.
Mine works out to $9.50.
No sympathy whatsoever.
You were so fucking greedy and thought the personal Bank of Chris would never close. Throwing money around, 4 wheelers, snowmobiles, cars, parties every weekend, buying friends and family.
You didn't even have the smarts to pay your mortgage and the bills.
Hide the assets now so you can file bankruptcy and never pay back a penny.
I think myself and a whole lot of others would have done your job for a hell of a lot less.

Painted Post, NY

#2 Nov 22, 2013
One word : ALUMNI
That's where the money tree grew. Cornell doesn't want their distinguished alumni to know they fell asleep at the switch and allowed someone to use their funds to live a life of greed and gluttony.
Those girls better hope what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

United States

#3 Jan 6, 2014
Same thing happened in another department around 2005. Another woman let off practically scot free (she was fired) after using her Cornell credit card to steal an estimated 35K (Cornell never really could tell the extent.) NOT arrested, NOT jailed.
Where the justice at

Painted Post, NY

#4 Jan 6, 2014
I so want to work here ! I will be smart about it though and not get greedy.

Obviously someone in HR throws darts at the wall in deciding who gets hired.

Please please hire me. I promise to only take just enough and then I will quit so you won't have to fire me.

C------- C------ T-----, you ruined a sweet deal.

Painted Post, NY

#5 Jan 14, 2014
I have not spoken to these guys in quite a while but anyone who knows them and reads this would say ' I see' All over the place I hear people saying i knew there was something just not what.
Even family knew that what they spent was way more than they made esp. since she only actually physiclly went to 'work' once a month orso.
Lots of trips tho and she would never take her husband.
As far as her mother working there and maybe doing the same thing I don't know she paid all her sons bills for years. Dont know what she does there. she knew tho she had to, just sayin. His father to.
Why can someone get away with this and not others?
Where the justice at

Painted Post, NY

#6 Jan 28, 2014
Well maybe...

I just read an article about a school cafeteria worker had been stealing upwards of $500 a day.
For 15-20 years !!!!

Speculation: that money was shared with someone higher up that could help cover it up.
Maybe thats what we have here.
Might go a ways to explaining how this happened especially with a least 2 people as CNY posted.

off topic-why does my post say Endicott when I registered here I clearly typed Cayuga Heights ??

Since: May 14

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#7 May 9, 2014
There's just a little old fashioned karma coming down

Just a little old fashioned justice going round

Endicott, NY

#8 Jun 10, 2014
So evidently she was arrested/charged at some point because her sentencing is coming up (Friday?) They are actually discussing whether or not to send a rep for the school.
What????? Aren't they the "injured party" ?

You just know she's gonna get off with a asinine slap on the hand, lawyer is now painting her as the devoted mother and loving caretaker of a sick husband.

Can't wait to retire and get out of this crooked damn system and city.
money for free

Endicott, NY

#9 Jun 26, 2014
Posted originally on craigslist. Has anyone heard of the outcome on this matter? Far as I know she has had her sentencing. I'm very curious

Endicott, NY

#10 Jul 9, 2014
Someone had put a copy of her mugshot on the message board at work.

3 months ??????? 3 stinkin' months ???

Oh sure, there will be some probation (big deal) and restitution (as if) but 3 months jail time ?

I've seen people get more for a WHOLE lot LESS.

So, half a mill equals 3 months ?

Tell me where, then put the frickin' cuffs on and I'll go quietly. You better bring a bus because most everyone here is willing to do the crime and the time.

One more fine example of this crap hole town and it's most prestigious and upstanding employer.

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#11 Jul 14, 2014
She's in the jailhouse now
She's in the jailhouse now.....

Endicott, NY

#12 Aug 14, 2014
Ah Willie, you crack me up. Come on back and sing for us when she gets out at the end of the month ?

Don't take this as gospel, just something heard at work.

When she gets out, she is on probation. How long, don't know.

Cornell has a lien on her house and they and her PO will be monitoring her bank accounts.

Seems they are under the impression she has money stashed away some where.
Also rumored that 1 more person, maybe 2 was involved but no one has a name to put with that.

Either way, I am done here. This whole thing has left such a bad taste in my mouth. Gonna retire in October an leave this place, this city, this state to the crooks who always seem to win.

The really sad part is I am retiring with way less savings than this (b)itch got away with and I worked 25 years for it.

The stage is all yours Willie......
Where the justice at

Endicott, NY

#13 Aug 26, 2014
According to VINELINK she is out of custody/sentence served as of 8/22/14.

How very truly fucking heart warming.

Wonder how many Mason jars full 'o' cash they've dug up outta the backyard.

All that money for the taking and I wonder every day if I can make rent even with busting my ass 48 hours a week.

Happy homecoming you thieving bitch.

Since: May 14

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#14 Aug 28, 2014
And if you've got the money, honey I've got the time
And we'll go honky-tonkin' and we'll have a time
We'll have more fun baby, all way down the line
If you've got the money, honey I've got the time
Where the justice at

Endicott, NY

#15 Aug 29, 2014
C/P from Rants/Raves Ithaca Craigslist:

Wow, you have some balls - 27 (ithaca)

age : 27
Friend sent me a screenshot from facebook (putrid infection of the internet)

3 {THREE} Yes, 3 days after being released from jail for EMBEZZLEMENT, you post on facebook {festering cesspool) your little cartoony person saying


wtf ????

First of all, 90 days for 300G's is a laughable sentence at best.
No job - husband no job
Then you post that on social media ???

My grandfather once had a prize bull on his farm, I thought those cojones were huge.

You got him beat.....


Wow, just wow..........
Late Night Commenter

Endicott, NY

#16 Sep 1, 2014
Having followed this drama, I have to wonder.
Is there ever a good reason to do something like this?
Medical or legal bills?
How would most even know how they would answer that question.
Very few people are in the unique position to take such an advantage.
And if they were would they have the gall to defend their actions?
In all honesty I can admit that I would be highly tempted.
Mortgage, car payments, college funds to think of.
The spouse would have to be on board, wouldn't they?
Children? Parents?
Guilty by association and consent.
Why no consequences for them then?
That being said, this was not the case here.
No huge unpaid medical bills, no impending foreclosure.
No legal fees for a wrongful arrest.
Pure greed, gluttony and thrill fueled this crime.
Can it be defended? There was some defense, obviously for sentence that was passed.
So, I ask in all sincerity, can you defend your actions, here, to your peers?
Can you make us understand, make us feel any sympathy to your plight?
Are you reading this, ashamed? Knowing you lack the courage to face us?
Are you reading this, pizzed? More and more with each post?
Are you reading this at all? Do you even know we wait here, wait for a reason for someone to jump to your defense? Fifteen posts and not a one on your side of the fense?
All I know of this sordid tale is what I've read on here. I don't know you. not even totally sure of your name, as I looked and never found an article to tell me.
Still, I invite you, or I ask one of these previous posters to invite you.
I am totally fascinated with the darker side of the human psyche.
More so, how you connect and justify using it.
Meh, early morning ramblings of an insomniac desk jockey.
A good day to all who have that option.
Where the justice at

Endicott, NY

#17 Sep 10, 2014
Right here in good old Binghamton, today on Channel 12 news if you want to see for yourself:

Former Binghamton Parks and Recreation director sentenced for grand larceny

Admitted to $50,000, PAID restitution of $80,000
$5,000 fine
weekends in jail for 9 months. AND he's 73 freaking years old.

NOW do you see why people are upset at what amounts to a slap on the hand that this (b)itch got ?

I truly do believe what Idontworkhere has been saying all along.

She got a cushy deal because of Cornell keeping it quiet to avoid embarrassment in front of the alumni, past, future and present.

Hell, the city of Binghamton hangs 'em high for all to see.

For Late Night up above - you certainly have some lofty ideas floating around your brain my friend..
Never in a million years would she come to this forum.
Maybe we should just all run on over to Facebook and be her friends.

Not sure though if her name can be posted. It is a matter of public record, hmmmm
Gotta get the lawyer right on that.

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