Islip GOP names Ronkonkoma lawyer as ...

Islip GOP names Ronkonkoma lawyer as town chairman

There are 21 comments on the Newsday story from Mar 24, 2009, titled Islip GOP names Ronkonkoma lawyer as town chairman. In it, Newsday reports that:

Putting years of infighting behind them, a standing room crowd of 100 Islip Republicans unanimously by acclamation elected Frank Tantone new town GOP chairman, who proclaimed the party was back and "the calvary is coming." "This committee is not dead," said Tantone, of Ronkonkoma.

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Former Islip Republican

Greenwich, CT

#1 Mar 24, 2009
Frank Tantone? Give me a break. Pete McGowan appointed Tantone to the planning board a few years ago. Bill Garbarino? Hasn't he been part of the Islip GOP for "decades"? These guys make me cringe. The so called leaders are all the same cast of characters. I am so disgusted with the whole bunch of them. Nothing changed. Nothing.

Wayne, NJ

#2 Mar 24, 2009
The time has come to look to the future.
I love the fact that Nolan feels it necessary to go on the attack and try to link the new GOP with Pete McGowan.
Is that all you have Phil, that's right that has been your whole campaign in the last two elections. Well Pete was not there. He is gone. New people have put themselves out front to restore the GOP to the proud organization it once was.
Try a different line.
Let the rebuiding begin and by the way Phil we are coming for you next!
john schettino

Union City, NJ

#3 Mar 24, 2009
Over 100 Republican Committeemen/women...And Over 100 Republican Club Members from various parts of the Town of Islip present last night...

All on the same page...all moving forward in the same direction...with common ideology...

The energy and enthusiasm at the Islip Republican Convention last night is just the beginning...
apocalypse soon

Shirley, NY

#4 Mar 24, 2009
john schettino wrote:
Over 100 Republican Committeemen/women...And Over 100 Republican Club Members from various parts of the Town of Islip present last night...
All on the same page...all moving forward in the same direction...with common ideology...
The energy and enthusiasm at the Islip Republican Convention last night is just the beginning...
All busy with energy and enthusiasm rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.
Now Thats funny


#5 Mar 24, 2009
apocalypse soon wrote:
<quoted text>
All busy with energy and enthusiasm rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.
Former Islip Republican

Greenwich, CT

#6 Mar 26, 2009
John Shettino, Frank Tantone, Bill Garbarino and Al Graf. 4 new faces? You have got to be kidding me. John , aren't you one of the McGowan appointees to a cushy appointed board position? What about you Frank? Planning Board Chairman ? Al, you were dumped from the youth board...but it was a nice ride while it lasted and names? 4 republican attorneys trying to hang on to a piece of the tax pie.
mary finnegan

Lake Ozark, MO

#7 Mar 26, 2009
Islip Republican is right on the mark. Shame on those four, trying to pull the wool over the eyes of honest, long embarassed Republicans in Islip. Their actions will expose them however and their real relationship with Pete McGowan will come out. Bill Garbarino.....a denizen of the boneyard, always lurking on the edge of anything of consequence, still smarting from his defeat for county legislator many years ago.


#8 Mar 27, 2009
Democrats all. Blah, blah blah,McGowan,blah, blah, blah, McGowan, blah blah blah. It's getting old. Think of something else please. Ok, it worked in 2006. Now think of something new.

Selden, NY

#9 Mar 31, 2009
Pete Mc Gowan, unfortuately, is not remember for all the good he did and he did alot, i.e. affordable housing, just to mention one. The beloved Jeanette Messina devoted her entire adult life to building a strong Islip Republican party, she held two positions,and did both well!! and as far as I am concerned should have a momument built to her at Brookwood Hall.
The problem is you still have a house divided, no compromises, no real leader, no focus on the issues, such as all the illegal rentals in the town for one.
The inability to recognize committee men/woman as the "grass roots" of any party. The failure to attract and keep young republicans, involved. It has come down to "egos", not, what are the issues/solutions, that made us the party of choice for over 30 years? Yes, there is "old guard" who work hard, but they need to mentor, rather than dictate.
One solution, Hired a public relations firm to rebuild the party/ message in Islip Town, and attract republicans in areas such as Brentwood (highest spanish population outside of New York City)as well as senior citzens who vote, more than any one group.
How can someone like Phil Nolan get elected, when he hire's someone for a high level position, he met at his son's Smithtown,school parent night?
GPS installations, that builds morale. Phil do u have one in your vechicle?
Digby the spy

Lake Ozark, MO

#10 Mar 31, 2009
Shane...the arrogance of GOP leadership in Islip started with Pace, continued with Cochrane in the county and Trunzo in the town. You recognize the offhand treatment of committee members, the lack of a real platform or message and what is most important, the lack of heart. A public relations person cannot change reality. The true perseption of the Islip gop is one of uncaring greed and that has to change from within the party leadership. Unfortunatly, this new group of new old players learned from those who have gone before and nothing will change. Your friend Pete used his office to line his pockets and no ammount of low cost housing can expunge that.

Aquebogue, NY

#11 Apr 1, 2009
First, Anthony Pace, was a leader, who held EVERYBODY accountable.
Pete Mc Gowan, fall from grace (which again he will only be remembered for, and I am not condoning his behaivor, was two fold: his arrogance and his dipping into campagin funds, however, the facts, are he kept taxes down, which will again not be remembered. I agree with you the "heart" of the Islip Republicans is on life support.
The failure to recognize committee people, some of who would have made fine candidates who are attracted to the political process on a local level, because they care about their community; was their biggest mistake. As far as greed, I can not disagree with you, smoke and mirrors.
Again, if you read my post, the failure is the "old guard" live in the past glory, holding on to their last grasp of power, in the form of part time jobs with full health benefits, many who are retired from other positions, instead of having a vision for the future.
Zone leaders failure to allow commitee people a say in the processes. No one ever asked those on the front lines, what they thought.
Your post, doesn't even acknowledge Jeanette Messina which is sad, again because she should have emerged as the Islip Supervisor given her leadership abilities, that other candidates did not have, except for Tom Barraga.

Milford, CT

#12 Apr 4, 2009
Mr Nolan had to smack the man in the face.

Could he not respectfully have wished Frank well.

Lets all work together for a better tomorrow.

God Bless.

John W Bugler

Milford, CT

#13 Apr 4, 2009
I have been a member of the Republican party for most of my life.

I started out as a Democrat. That was between 1957 and 1961.

I left the Democratic Party the day the Berlin Wall went up and we stood by and did nothing.

I remained a Republican until Richard Nixon went to drink tea with Mao.

I joined the Conservative party and was Political Affairs Chairman for the Bronx County Conservative Party.

Our chairman at the time was Tom Cronin.

Tom Cronin was the only Conservative Party County Chairman to vote no in the endorsement of Ricard Nixon in 1972. The vote was 61 yea--01 nay.

I escaped to Canada during the Carter
Presidency.[I traveled by balloon]

When the Gipper arrived in 1980 I rejoined the Republican Party and have been there ever since.

These are the times which try men's souls as Thomas Paine once wrote.

Lets put aside petty name calling and deck chair jokes and work together for a stronger and better tomorrow.



White Plains, NY

#14 Apr 4, 2009


Obama will save you all.

Bow your heads and pray for his forgiveness.
Digby the spy

Lake Ozark, MO

#15 Apr 4, 2009
Shane....The deserved praise for Jeanette Messina should include her reporting for work every day and running Islip while the borderline personality McGowan was supervisor, balancing the whims of 3rd Avenue with the needs of the gop grass roots and dealing with the employees of Islip town. If I were Jeanette I would have reported with an oozie. However Pace held everyone responsible alright, except himself. He was a petty tyrant and made decisions based on his own paranoia, discouraged two generations of young Republicans and bankrupted the party with needless political wars.

Shirley, NY

#16 Apr 4, 2009
Digby the spy....I agree with you on the work ethic of Jeanette Messina, and having to tolerate, Mr. McGowan's tirades. Ms. Messina would have made a great supervisor, for the very facts you outline, she would have been a triple theat. Her best weapons her intelligence, poltical savy,(seeing the big picture) and her compassion. I don't agree with you that Mr. Pace bankrupt the party, that is the area that he was most adapt at, getting the party to contribute finacial to the party and candidates. Somebody had to be tough with the zone leaders, and he was.In addition to lay the blame totally on Mr. Pace is not accurate there are and were other factors at work, that brought Islip Republican Party to this point.
More importantly, where is the candidate pool, look around.....we are the party of linclon, gees... Levy is more of a Republican, and I would not be suprise, if he changed his party affiliation, although he would go to the opening of an envelope, to get a photo op. Look this is politics, name calling is expected and part of what sells newspapers, however, we have serious issues, in the towns that make up Suffolk County, that have develop over 30-40 years. We need to seek solutions.....Just one simple example the building of a 2 SEPARATE dunkin donuts in the heart of Islip, LESS THAT 2 MILES FROM EACH OTHER, 5 DRUGS STORES WITHIN 5 MILES OF EACH OTHER is horrendous one of them on a corner on main street. How did THESE get approve? Lets start with a simple issue like that. Don't give me the answer this will provide jobs.
Some one needs to stand up and take charge within the party, and I am not for playing nice just to appease. People came in with their own agendas, some seeking power for power sake, SOMEBODY WAKE UP......WE NEED LEADERSHIP. WE DON'T NEED A HISTORY LESSON. Everyone in the islip Republican party is feeling a sense of entitlement.
on another note, I find it interesting this past week(see my previous post) that Mr. Nolan had to dismiss to high level employees, one whose job it was to TRACK the use of GPS of Town employees, the other dismissed individual, a top commissioner, he was on the golf course, WITH THE OTHER GUY.

Coram, NY

#17 Apr 4, 2009
drastic times call for drastic action,

1)Revenue generating: toll booths should be setup on sunrise highway,(Conn. has them)(after hospital road) to charge people in they want to visit the "world famous" hamptons.Solution, jobs will be created, the money collected used to maintain highways.
2) Revenue generation: people who have more than two cars registered in the town of Islip, at any one address, will be charged an additonal "enviormental fee" for each additional car.
3)Reveune Generator:Town residents who rent illegal, will be pay fines on this may be in exsistance, however not enforced. upward basis, i.e. first offense, etc.
4)Revenue Generator: People driving INTO Islip MacAruther Airport will pay an :access fee on entering (over 1,000,000 people utilize this airport a year. no fee on exit. People pick ing up passengers, don't use the parking lots, they park on the side of the roads, causing traffic jams/conjestion until there flights arrive
Drastic Actions:Revenue Generator, In suffolk county, anyone caught driving while texing,or calling on their cell phone (not pull over to speak on their phone)there phone number will be charge a extra fee/charge in alliance with the phone carrier or they could pay by credit card at the time of the stop (the enforcement agency would carry a mobile credit card machine, no money would change hands)
Really drastic: Revenue generator: build a monorail system down the middle of the LIE, with patrons. being able to park in paid for parking lots.

No bridge from Conn to Long Island, unless it is in Queens or Brooklyn.
Digby the spy

Lake Ozark, MO

#18 Apr 4, 2009
the candidate pool was discouraged by Pace and the old guard executive committee which he controlled. Some of your revenue ideas smack of restraint of trade and are more tolerated by left wing democrats.

Medford, NY

#19 Apr 5, 2009
I am a conservative Republican, seeking solutions. Free Trade, I am not against, but when it breeds ongoing corruption then I raise my hand. I am also a businessmen, seeking new reveune souces

Selden, NY

#20 Apr 17, 2009
enacted this week see Newsday, fines on illegal rentals, will go up with inprisonment for repeat offenders. Some one is reading my posts and acting on them, is it u digby the spy Perhaps I'll run for a poltical office in Suffolk County.

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