A 'hell on Horton Road' for family of...

A 'hell on Horton Road' for family of murder victim

There are 1124 comments on the Newsday.com story from Feb 14, 2006, titled A 'hell on Horton Road' for family of murder victim. In it, Newsday.com reports that:

It hardly matters anymore to Richard and Victoria Tinyes that the Golubs will be leaving Horton Road in Valley Stream." /> Long Island A 'hell on Horton Road' Pending sale of the home of their daughter's killer ...

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Denver, CO

#1053 Mar 4, 2013
Justice must include John J, The father who had to help with the clean up / cover up and anyone else who knew or assisted with this terrible crime. In reading TLBS blog it is apparent that something along those lines is what really happened. What a disgrace how badly the NCPD botched the crime scene and investigation. I feel for this family. We must never lose sight that this was a child, an innocent child that surely did not deserve this.
Aunt JoAnn

Hauppauge, NY

#1054 Mar 4, 2013
Hi XXX, thanks for posting. The time is right, right now.

Please say what you have to say. We are good, decent people. We will do whatever you would want us to do as far as what you know, but please tell us what you know.

It's confusing me when you say you do it out of the respect for the family. If you have any respect for yourself or the family you would speak up now.

A burden would be lifted and you would live a better life.

It's ok, contact the Tinyes family.

Justice for Kelly!

“We get what we anticipate...”

Since: Aug 09

Long Island, NY

#1055 Mar 4, 2013
Anyone who has ANY information at all about this crime, its investigation, and/or the process around its prosecution, PLEASE SPEAK UP NOW.

Just as Kelly's brother stated, if it was YOUR daughter, YOUR SISTER -- wouldn't you wish to see politics put aside and have the truth be told?


Since: Mar 11

Location hidden

#1057 Mar 5, 2013
Today CBS news did a story on Kelly and her parents fight for justice. I hope this link works.


Lynbrook, NY

#1058 Mar 5, 2013
JoAnn, you know who I am. I lived on Horton Road, just didn't want to use my real name on here. With the anniversary of everything and everything I see online just had a angry venting moment on here. I will email you thru Facebook.

Since: Mar 11

Location hidden

#1059 Mar 6, 2013
Triple X, please keep posting, my thinking is the more people post, the more eyes see this board, and the more chances of someone coming forward. If you lived on Horton and knew Kelly, leave a Kelly story. Kelly Tinyes isn't just about what happened, I think its important that people who aren't connected to this, understand that she was more than just a story in the news, she was a real person. Thanks, Ankona!

South Plainfield, NJ

#1060 Mar 6, 2013
John works at TGIF in Springfield NJ
joey snacks

Newington, CT

#1061 Mar 7, 2013
KVM why does he bounce around to all different places?
Joey snacks

Hyattsville, MD

#1062 Mar 7, 2013
John J I know you come on here and read this but let me ask you how did it feel getting raped by your brother haha..And your father molesting your sister hahaha how are your sisters kids?

You ever think when you told all your bullshit storys about Kelly and how she ended up in the basement that its all bullshit..Kelly might of stepped in the house but after how she saw it was a pig pen do you really think she would of went to the basement it looked like a tornado hit down there..you got away with what you did for now but I hope when you and your animal brother attacked her I hope she got you good with a kick scratch whatever and I hope it haunts you for the rest of your life...

Your an animal too look at yourself in the mirror you look like a devil..I dont know what girl would even go by you with your short self you look like a turd....

Your mother and father lived in a house where a young girl was murdered they never even cleaned the mess up after years blood stain still on the carpet marks still on the wall..
Your mother and father were tormented for years for what you and your brother did you made them proud..They were creeps also your mother looked like a troll and your father with the gimp I was hoping one day he would fall and.crack his head open..They deserved all the torment they got thru the years cause they use to.scream sick shit to family members and friends.

Just remember I know you look over your shoulder all the time and make sure no ones behind you but guess what one day someone might be there.The only difference is this person isnt kelly and its not someone the great one is gonna push around....Hooters Paramus TGIF West Orange TGIF Springfield you could run but cant hide...
Joey snacks

Hyattsville, MD

#1063 Mar 7, 2013
Oh and your brother will be getting a visit in jail also.gonna see if I could get thru to him...its worth a try...so think about that for awhile..

Hate what evil cling to what is good be devoted to one another in brotherly love furthermore we are told not to repay anyone evil for evil be careful to do what is right in the eyes of everybody doing good to our enemies instead of trying to take revenge can bring about our repentance be not overcome by evil but overcome evil with good..
John J I am the sheep that got lost during that whole process I think you were too..
Aunt JoAnn

Hauppauge, NY

#1064 Mar 7, 2013
All that is true, Joey snacks. I don't know whether I should say this or not, lol, but I liked your posts.

I saw Liz the mother in the laudry mat a few months after the murder, I was like omg, I was so upset, the people were saying, what is wrong, I said her sons killed my niece.

She was shaking and coming close to me and saying I'm reading the bible, I said you need more than a bible sicko. I told her you have no remorse.

I said what are you doing in a laundry mat, you can't go downstairs in your house, your afraid after what your horrible sons did. Get away from me, get away, you're evil just like your sons.

She's a disgrace and very scary. She smells like old stinky perfume and lipstick all over her teeth. Her five inch heels were curled up at the ends like a witch. Image doing laundry with 5 inch heels on.

Your day will come. You probably stink like your mother. The guilt will eat you alive.
Aunt JoAnn

Hauppauge, NY

#1065 Mar 7, 2013
Vent all you want. This is a great place to do it. It will bring out posters that would be interested in what you have to say.
You don't have to be afraid of John J anymore, he can't hurt you. He's more afraid of you now.
I know when you were young, he was a big bully in his little ugly body.
Stay strong, he's the one that has to look over his shoulder.
C'mon John, come after me, you know who I am, you dirty bastard.
If your innocent, talk.

Lynbrook, NY

#1066 Mar 7, 2013
Let's talk about John Jay... Like back before the murder, he tortured kids on the block by hitting them, breaking their toys, locking them up in garages and scaring them with masks. Helping Robert in taking out their BB gun and shooting at animals, even a neighbors dog. The nickname The Great One, full of himself and thinking everyone on Horton Road was beneath him and their for him to mess with. An ugly kid from a filthy house that was hanging out of a window of his home while Kelly's body was leaving in a body bag, laughing, smiling and waving to people he knew like nothing at all was wrong.

Funny how after that day, he fled... And has been running ever since. Just to wind up in NJ being a manager at shit chain restaurants to sexually harass girls because he can't get laid otherwise. These girls even pressed charges on him. But of course, he gets away. He even won money at poker in the borgata using his new nickname, Johnny Gloves. Wonder how he thought up that one?

John Jay can think he got away with the perfect crime. But that can only last so long. Everyone knows he was involved, and only idiots who can't read or were living under a rock back then think he's innocent. He is only free due to Nassau County screwing up on the case and covering their own asses. His luck is going to run out, if not from Kathleen Rice having a guilt trip into finally bringing justice and doing the right thing, then from someone else. And I hope I am their to witness it. I'll gladly do the honors on anything I can do to that murdering piece of trash.

As for the dirty low life Golub parents, who obviously raised a great bunch of kids... They laugh about the whole Kelly murder, to even the faces of the faces of the family and those who loved her. They even stalked and harassed witnesses of the murder at their schools. Infact Liz use to sit outside one of kids school and watch the kid the whole lunch break. The police had to be called on the schools behalf. The father took aim with his at trying to run over members of the Tinyes family and young kids on the street. It's no wonder innocent people become a victim to a family like these savages. They all deserve slow, horrible, painful deaths. And if anyone thinks different, save your post response for the stupidity board.... The one I which you'll be the only member of.
Aunt JoAnn

Hauppauge, NY

#1067 Mar 8, 2013
There you go, that's the only way to do it. Say what is on your mind.

People say, why don't you just let it lye? It's so many years ago. To all those who feel like that, I say, would you let it lye if it was your daughter? NO, we won't. Justice has to be served.

This is a tough time of the year, all year is tough but this time of year my head starts thinking all over again. WHY, why dear god did this happen?

Because two fucked up boys from a deranged family had to destroy many lifes.

On facebook, my daughter, posted for Kelly's birthday, she wrote "Dear Kelly, I will love you for eternity! I'm forever thankful that you were part of my life. I miss you all the time. Until we meet again in my dreams. Love, Jamie"

My heart broke once more, my eyes teared up. My sister Vicki, felt the same way.

But, we have to stay strong, our fight will continue until we get justice for Kelly.

Denver, CO

#1068 Mar 8, 2013
Joey Snacks, You say what others on here think. I also like your posts. If Robert reads this I think it might be time for you to speak out. Tell what really happened, implicate the others who were invovled. Why take it all yourself, you will feel better just to tell the truth. Your brother, his freinds, your father who had to help with the cover up. Tell the world what really happened that day. Your going to die in jail, if there is 1 ounce of remorse in you tell what happened so the family can get the justice they deserve! It is not all your fault, you had sick parents. They are going to hell with you and your evil brother. Justice is over due! Aunt Joann God bless you and the family. There are many of us out here pulling for them.

Since: Oct 10

Location hidden

#1069 Mar 8, 2013
Because Robert HAS no remorse, it makes me boil when he says that he is a victim too, but that was the way those boys were raised, no consequence for poor behavior. Johnny beat up the area kids, terrorized the area and was never held accountable. I just get a giggle when I think of the BUTT jokes that must be going around the TGIF kitchen. And Gloved one, you know you told the secret to someone, a few people, you'd be surprised who reads here!
Aunt JoAnn

Hauppauge, NY

#1070 Mar 8, 2013
Thank you Nickyboy4. I know we have a tremendous amount of support.

The Last Boy Scout is someone I would like to thank for supporting the family and fighting for justice for Kelly. Thank you so much.

All the other people that post, you, All American and so many others that want to see justice.

It's been a tough fight, but we will never give up.


Farmingdale, NY

#1071 Mar 9, 2013
Aunt JoAnn wrote:
Thank you Nickyboy4. I know we have a tremendous amount of support.
The Last Boy Scout is someone I would like to thank for supporting the family and fighting for justice for Kelly. Thank you so much.
All the other people that post, you, All American and so many others that want to see justice.
It's been a tough fight, but we will never give up.
I admire your determination. I cant imagine the pain that you and the rest of the family have to endure. I will continue to hope and pray for the justice that you are all due.
The Last Boy Scout

Appleton, WI

#1072 Mar 9, 2013
Hello Aunt Joanne and Friends,

Your "thanks" is much appreciated. The Tinyes Family and all of their supportive friends are determined to get the Justice, once and for all. It WILL happen. A puzzle is never finished until you have all the pieces in place.

We have all the pieces in place. Don't believe for a micro-second what JJ's lawyer preaches. I think that it is great that he (Lewis) is so cock sure of JJ's innocence or that there isn't any proof of JJ'sinvolvement in Kelly's murder.

He isn't that stupid. He's doing the defense lawyer shuffle, I've seen it over and over again. Afterall, that's what he gets paid for. John J. Golub will need the best lawyer money can buy when he is indicted.

Nuff said! On that subject.

Katleeeen Rice will be running for her office again. Let's do everything we can to keep Kelly's story alive out there among the citizen's of Nassau County. Tell everyone you know about this disgracefull situation. Keep reminding everyone you know that they have the power to boot her red headed ass out of office.
Show up at her campaign appearances, ask questions about the Kelly Tinyes case and John J. Golub. If you sit on your butts and do nothing, that is what you'll get, another four years of nothing.
Put it on Kelly's Facebook Page, print it and post it anywhere you can. Call all of your Nassau County friends and relatives. Vote for anyone other than KATLEEEEN Rice. You have the power my friends, use it for Kelly!

Proof beyond a reasonable doubt? We have it!

Justice for Kelly and the Tinyes Family
If I can fight this battle from Wisconsin, you can do your part in Nassau County!

The Last Boy Scout
Grant Park By The Lake

West Hempstead, NY

#1073 Mar 11, 2013
I agree, hit her where she understands it the most, VOTES.
I remember the day a few years ago when I saw Kellys picture on the front page of Newsday, I wondered first if they finally caught up to the mystery three, but when I began to read, I saw where Ms Rice was spearheading the case, and then like everything else it went away. This and a few other forums are the only thing that keeps Kelly's story alive, dont ever let this stop, dont ever stop fighting for her, she deserves that!

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