Oceanside Alpha Sigma Phi

Haledon, NJ

#43 Apr 22, 2009
Looks like this bash may be more fun than I thought can't wait!

Mahwah, NJ

#45 Jun 1, 2009
need to know more about the bash
WHemp Phi before reunion

Northport, NY

#46 Jun 23, 2009
Officers Meetings @ Sunny J 's make sure you have a partner to commune with after meeting.
Did Harry pull a Houdini.Whats become of Eddie Gooch is he still delivering Pizza.If I could go back I wouldn't because I did it and lived to tell.All my Brothers of W.H. Alpha Sigma Phi would say the same and then some.Can't wait to see them.1/2 keg at the Tunnel--1/2 keg at the Swing-1/2 keg at the rocks.Extra Police at Hempstead Lake (NOT COOL).
When the Res freezes over we will all meet at GOON ISLand.
P.S. I wore my jacket ,I still have my jacket.

Cornelius, NC

#47 Jun 25, 2009
omega gamma delta ruled long island

Freehold, NJ

#48 Jun 29, 2009
You run nothing but your mouth punk! Come to Long Beach and you WILL get BITCH SLAPPED!

Boca Raton, FL

#49 Jun 30, 2009
The redneckyankee never took Knights colors and actually one of those twins took your ear
Franklin Square

Boca Raton, FL

#50 Jun 30, 2009
Mike Sands was a Iori wanabe
Alpha Nu Theta


#51 Jul 10, 2009
VSCHS - OGD wrote:
lol...no love over here huh guys?
the old days of frat wars still seam to linger on...hah
PAYOR ASP OGD...those were the days-(VS)
I loved every minute of it and miss it dearly...i'll never forget my hell night...now days anybody can buy colors and claim false bs...we know back in the 70s, 80s, and 90s it was the real deal...those days no longer exist...the kids of today are nothings compared to the men of yesterday...the good ol' days have long gone-
no matter what frat you may be in...love to all frat brothers- it was a fun time!
Right back at ya brother, it was the best part of my childhood. As far as any one grabbing colors, it could happen if you went on someone elses turf, but if you were smart you knew better and showed respect. As far as being bad ass this is how i remember it. I was in the WH chapter of ANO in the early 70s and Basicly it was us, Omega Gama Delta, Alpa Sigma Phi and Delta Lambda Phi. Every one pretty much got along and in fact banded together to defend the border at white castle on one or two ocasions. The real problems were down in oceanside and island park. If I remember correctly there were some real bad fights down at nathans that made newsday. I will never forget my initiation, dog and hellnight, my ass was a color purle I cant even describe. Those were some of the best days of my life! The bottom line is if you were in any frat during that time period, you had the cut of the gib or you never would of made it in, you needed Balls!

Cornelius, NC

#52 Jul 20, 2009
we all wish long island was the way it was back then, good place to live and fraternity pride.
keep your memories alive and the reunions going, maybe one day we could get all the fraternities
together for a bbig party, we have alot in common

Mahwah, NJ

#54 Aug 20, 2009
Delta Gamma Rho (Freeport Chapter) here. All this tough talk on the internet. But I seem to remember just about "ALL" other Frats. rollin thru freeport at one time or another (Phi from I.P. & Omega from V.S. in particular), & when they did they were quiet, polite, and very docile. So if we're gonna talk, let's at least tell the truth here. Every frat had it's day at one time or another. So who gives A shit. Be proud of what you "were", & live what you are "today". Having moved on from childish things yet never losing the concept of Brotherhood, I am A member of one of the top 5 "Multi-National" 1% Motorcycle Clubs in the world, and now reside in Long Beach.I'd be more than happy to ref. any of these pissing contests if you guys really wanna go through with it. I got the basement of A bar all set up for just such events. Talk shit, get hit. Put ur money where ur mouth is. Respects to those who earn it.

San Jose, CA

#55 Aug 28, 2009
Well said KMC. I pledged AOT for no reason other than the social aspects of being in a fraternity. Yes I took part in violent exchanges but those are not the memories I would prefer to hold onto.. the fighting should have never been the defining element of high school frats. Every one of those organizations started as civil minded groups that shared a common goal and even bonded on occasion. Heck, I was even closer with members of other frats than I was with some members of my own. I still wear colors on occasion and think its great when people from AOT or other frats approach me to stir up conversation. Just dont stir up the shit.

Mahwah, NJ

#56 Aug 28, 2009
Right On! Is this the legacy of what we want to leave? It's one thing to get into scraps when your 16 and bombed. It's quite another in your 30's, 40's, & even 50's (lol). I am Delta Gamma Rho class of 1991. When I first got into the scene, guys would get hammered, beat each other silly, and half the time end up partying together till the following weekend. But by the time I was A senior, things got really crazy, at least in freeport. the latin kings were just blooming, A couple of other gangs were coming around, and I was in A "greek letter fraternity" carrying A .22 with me every time I went out. By the time I actually left school, we were decimated by too much partying, and too many arrests. No one would join us anymore because we became "TOO" violent to be around. Our own alumni steered clear of us. And that fucking blows. What we should be doing, rather than going for the gold in the special olympics by argueing here on the internet, is plug the better side of who and what we were. Gangs, frats, etc. They're all A place for A kid to belong. If we're gonna sit here and argue over who's best, we should at least use the energy to give these frats back to the kids of today, and get them away from those fuckin lame ass gangs that will give them nothing but jail and death. Teach them how to interact. Fuck it if they get drunk and beat each other up. Those were good times. But at least they'll live to laugh about it in 20 years. ΔΓΡ (Till the end)
a changed way

Westbury, NY

#57 Aug 31, 2009
The problem today is that a fight is not a fight. 3 on 1 is not fair. Nobody fights fair now a days. Knives and guns are the choice. We all complain when someone we know dies by violance but yet I read people on here in some way think a "club,frat,gang" are a great place for kids to belong. When you as a parent get that call that your kid was in a fight and got hurt badly or died you complain that the cops did not protect your kid but yet YOU pushed them to join a group and did'nt pay attention to what thay were doing. When they get arrested and sent to jail you blame everyone else because you failed to take notice in what your child was getting into. Do we really want our children doing the same things we did? Remember, the days of a fight are over. it's kill or get killed and this is our kids I'm talking about.

This is just my thoughts...

Sierra Vista, AZ

#58 Aug 31, 2009
Wow! Reading this thread sure does bring back some good memories. I grew up in Island park. Graduated WHHS in 1981. I too was belonged to a frat/club that was called the "Dukes"
No, I never was a "tough guy" but, I sure did enjoy the parties & picnics we had.
a changed way

Westbury, NY

#59 Sep 1, 2009
RVB wrote:
Wow! Reading this thread sure does bring back some good memories. I grew up in Island park. Graduated WHHS in 1981. I too was belonged to a frat/club that was called the "Dukes"
No, I never was a "tough guy" but, I sure did enjoy the parties & picnics we had.
That's what I'm talking about. Tell the kids the good side not the violent side of it. The teens have enough crap to deal with with out having to live up to their dad's past.

Sierra Vista, AZ

#60 Sep 16, 2009
a changed way wrote:
<quoted text>
That's what I'm talking about. Tell the kids the good side not the violent side of it. The teens have enough crap to deal with with out having to live up to their dad's past.
Absolutely right "a changed way"
There was a lot of good that came out of being a member in a club/frat & back in the late 70's & early 80's when there wasn't a whole lot to do. I remember spending my weekend evenings hanging out in front of "Jacks" pizzeria, drinking beer in the parking lot, hanging under the Long Beach bridge, hanging out by the "Deep Six" restaurant, & dodging the police to avoid getting a loitering ticket! LOL!! I got a couple of those fines
Phi Guy

Cleveland, OH

#61 Sep 20, 2009
Was in WH Phi from 86-90. Surprised to see so much sh*t talkin on here. If you weren't in PHI don't talk sh*t. We were the tuffest f*ing frat around. To all the true brothers always remember Phi rules!!

Pleasantville, NY

#62 Sep 20, 2009
you rule sh*t. Long Beach does! No Frat a-holes just pure as* kickin. Get out/off the beach dirt bubbles!
Bryan V

Cortlandt Manor, NY

#63 Sep 23, 2009
Bottom line is Payor, Phi, and Omega were all a bunch of wimps. You weren't a gang, you were a bunch of little sissy boys. A real gang is the Crips, MS13, Latin Kings or the Bloods. People that will blow you away with an AK-47 if you look at them the wrong way. So quit talking tough over the internet. Anyone wants to knuckle up, come down to Miletich Fighting in New Hyde Park and ask for Bryan Vetell.

Cornelius, NC

#64 Nov 12, 2009
omega gamma delta valley stream ruled long island

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