As a person currently job hunting, the most frustrating thing is when an employer says you have to fill out the online application. WTF? Will you be hiring me or my tablet? Second, I don't have a real computer and not all sites are tablet compatible. Third, if people weren't so f'ing lazy the internet application wouldn't have ever been invented. No it doesn't make the business more efficient because the same person that would be reviewing the paper application still has to review the online one. It doesn't help find the best person for the job it does the opposite be cause sometimes the best person doesn't have internet access. It's just one more reason why this country will never rightfully regain its place as the best country in the world. Too many people want to take too many shortcuts so in the end they can save a dollar and sacrifice quality, the only thing that ever really mattered to our founding fathers. Yes quality, the thing that we are supposed to be using technology to better I.e.: quality of life, product quality. Now quality is just a catchphrase in the English language, but about 20 years ago it was a way of life. Everything that was done, built, sold from the good old US was of the best quality. Now we wonder if there is even a product available that wouldn't disgrace us other than tools and guns. The internet is a great invention but jobs are a personal experience and do not need to be diluted with making your future employee/employer guess what kind of person they will be interacting with by checking their info on Google. EVERYONE LEADS MULTIPLE LIVES. Meet me in person let me fill out the application with my pen and see the type of person you will be working with. Don't try to characterize me with my faceless online application and a few tiny fragments of my personality that you happened to find on the internet. I'm a fucking human and I want to get a job based on that condition. If I sound emotional I'm sorry but this is just another example of why my country, that I went to war for, is going down the tubes and everyone is just worried about how much net worth they'll have at the end. Well let me let you in on a little known fact, it doesn't matter! What matters is how you treat your fellow man and the pride you take in being an american and how you express that pride. How about we go back to when we were "primitive" but honest. When we still ruled the world instead of being its pincushion. When we knew john and bill, not by their Facebook profile but by the quality of their character. Can we please just go back to being what made us what everyone else wanted to be instead of what they strive to avoid? Most of all let's go back to having paper job applications because human interaction, even at this insignificantly small level could just be what will set us back on the right path.