We lost a hero last week, but not the kind our society worships – a real hero. We live in a society that loves heroes – a football star, a movie star, a great politician, a great soldier. But the hero we lost last week lived a simple, but powerful life. His name was Michael T. Maliniak of Iselin New Jersey. Michael loved his family, and he loved his community, and through him all have multiplied and flourished. He worked hard every day…and never complained. He gave his all, and always with a smile and love. While we often honor those to take bold action in crisis or accomplish great deeds, we also often neglect to recognize those who quietly uphold honorable and dedicated values every day of their lives. But, it is those quiet heroes who inspire others to live with love, dedication, generosity, respect, and integrity. And Michael Maliniak was one who deserves particular recognition. For he set the example for all of us to follow – and we will miss him.