Sunrise River Energy Station holds pr...

Sunrise River Energy Station holds promise of hundreds of union jobs for Chisago County

There are 35 comments on the Workday Minnesota story from Jul 28, 2009, titled Sunrise River Energy Station holds promise of hundreds of union jobs for Chisago County. In it, Workday Minnesota reports that:

Union members in Chisago County are organizing public support for a national power company's plans to develop a natural gas-fired electric plant in Lent Township, which, if approved, could mean hundreds of new building trades jobs.

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United States

#1 Oct 27, 2009
GOOD ! Bring it on....

This County needs a kick in the ass, it's been scaring off businesses for years. We need the businesses tax money here in the highest taxed County in Mn, it'll help lift the tax burden off the back of the home owner.
I look forward to any business locating here, local jobs or outside jobs, what the hells the difference? Theses Dad's have hungry children at home and get the same foreclosure notices we do, don't be so damn self centered!
lent township tradesman

United States

#2 Nov 21, 2009
I do not want this thing any where near my house..I would rather drive to the Twin cities everyday! Is that being self centered mr.

United States

#3 Nov 21, 2009
Yep it is Mr.

Why don't you want it here? is it because you see signs? Is it because you are not well informed? This plant would be in my opinion a pretty good addition to this already struggling over taxed County. It has no adverse affects on the environment, it will bring in 25 or so permanent jobs, which would then bring those folks here to live. It will also have direct and indirect benefits caused by local spending. The plant will bring an increase in spending to our local businesses, the very same places you spend money, Do you want these businesses to close or continue struggling? I for one would like to see them here in another 20 years. These are just a few things in which reflects direct and indirect benefits here in our own County.

This plant will benefit this County in more ways then just monetary, it will help clean up the Sunrise River that everybody complains about. It will stop our waste water treatment plant (Chisago City) from dumping 1.2 million gallons of treated water into the river. You see what I mean by you being a little self centered, remember it's not all about you mr.

Lineman 23

Plymouth, MN

#4 Jan 4, 2010
People should take the time to get the facts. I have looked at various web sites that have untrue and inflamitory statements. Don't believe me check it yourself. The influx of money to the county, Lent township and the North Branch schools will help. The plant will be good for the area. Knee jerk reactions are not the way to go. Don't believe everything you hear!
Local Boy

United States

#5 Jan 14, 2010
Way to go Lineman 23, you're accurate in saying the money will help. The schools all but begged for more money and were shut down because people can't afford it. If this business should be turned away by the county they may have a hard time getting elected back in on their next term. Here's why, we have the 3 new (bare) libraries and operations cost, the county court house, daily operations cost, wages and over a million dollars on health benefits for the workforce, not to mention the day to day maintenance of this county that is draining every last dollar from it's residents.
To top that we have in the making a new jail house, 800 mhz radios for the fire and police departments, roads that need major help and I'm assuming other infrastructures as well that need attention. Now, how are they keeping all those expenses covered? Yep, us the tax payers and to decline the power plant would be negligence on their part. We have a business that wants in, it’s not asking for any tax abatement for ten years like Anderson Windows or Polaris did, they willingly want pay the property taxes just like us poor folks are. They’ve also added $225.000.00 extra to the agreement that will be added to the host agreement and taxes paid, about 2.4 million total that stays here in the county. I just can’t believe that this is such a tough thing to decide, the developers agreement is final, the property has been targeted by the state and Xcel is right next door, what the hell do they want?

Sorry, got a little carried away.
Resident chisago city

Long Lake, MN

#6 Jan 19, 2010
Jobs to build this thing probably won't even be people from here and will only last for the construction term. The 25 permenant jobs may not be all locals either,if any. I don't like how the land was cleared and the power lines put up and all the preliminaries in place before they even asked permission to build it, what did they know that we didn't. Local jobs yes, power plant no. If you want a job get a job cleaning up the river,or start a buisiness here of your own like we did. I wouldn't want this thing in my back yard. I'd rather pay more taxes and I'll bet the folks closest to the plant site would say the same.
Resident chisago city

Long Lake, MN

#7 Jan 19, 2010
By the way,Local boy,where did you here LS Power will not take the TIF? The last I read in the Press is that with out it they will not build and the "adjustments" or concessions they make in size or transmission lines are just to get their foot in the door, they can increase any time they show a "need" once they are here. Where will it stop?
Local Boy

United States

#8 Jan 21, 2010
TIF'S are an means used to give shelter to certain properties taxes from increases in assessed values, which is far from the give away like an abatement. A "Tax Abatement is used in the interest of new development or to encourage businesses to relocate, expand, and more so to keep businesses in a particular community" Of which most end up leaving before the time period is over. LS Power hasn’t asked for either one of the above nor have they shorted us on property taxes. The personal property tax portion has been allowed by the state, because that part goes to the state, not the county. If they’re ok with that so am I.

Minneapolis, MN

#9 Feb 1, 2010
10 years ago we built in on acreage near the proposed power plant site. We built into our home a highly efficient heat pump system that cost an additional 10m in the building costs. We thought that energy would be a good bet to increase in cost in the years to come, we were correct. Now the irony we see today is that our 300 % efficient heating and cooling system is dependent on one item in order to operate, ELECTRICITY yep! its takes about 30 amps to run just one of them pumps, and without electricity we either swelter or freeze depending on the time of year. As resident of the county and user of electricity, the plant makes good sense, as Chisago County, the plant makes even better sense considering the benefit to Cities, Townships and Schools. I wish the local revolutionaries would pick up their signs and just give this one a rest.
Stop this Project

Eden Prairie, MN

#10 Feb 2, 2010
Typical, you all supporting something that does not produce anything that provides benefit for our county other the some small tokens of bribes to a school system that can get their act together.
1) The public is overwhelmingly opposed...
Citizens of Lent Township oppose the Power Plant…(Learn more)
Citizens of greater Chisago County oppose the Power Plant…(Learn more)
A County Commissioner’s own online poll shows Lent Township citizens oppose the Power Plant…(Learn more)
The Minnesota Legislature gave the township and County the opportunity to “enable” the ultimate construction of the Power Plant…(Learn more)
New legislation could require proposed generating plants to meet local comprehensive plans before going to the PUC…(Learn more)
2) There is no evidence of need...
A power plant is not inevitable at this location…(Learn more)
Xcel Energy does not need or plan to buy additional electric capacity…(Learn more)
Xcel Energy does not have any near-term plans to build new gas-fired “Peaker Plants”…(Learn more)
Existing “Peaker Plants” are running far below their current capacity…(Learn more)
There is no evidence that future demand for power in Minnesota and western Wisconsin will exceed our current capacity…(Learn more)
New technology could render traditional distribution and generating facilities obsolete…(Learn more)
3) Alarming risk to our environment...
The proposed site is NOT designated for industrial use…(Learn more)
The proposed site is in close proximity to unique natural and recreational facilities/resources…(Learn more)
This would be the fourth largest electric generating plant in the STATE…(Learn more)
New pipe lines and water lines will require reconstruction of numerous public roads…(Learn more)
Transportation of fuel oil will damage public roads, create traffic/public safety concerns and environment hazards…(Learn more)
On-site storage of fuel oil creates serious environmental and public safety hazards…(Learn more)
Burning fossils fuels creates air quality and health risks…(Learn more)
The proposed plant will require the transport, storage, and use of large volumes of ammonia…(Learn more)
4) The hidden costs far out weigh any financial benefit...
There are NO substantial long-term gains in local employment…(Learn more)
Sunrise River Energy, LLC has NO contracted customers or committed investors for this facility…(Learn more)
New distribution lines WILL be needed to carry this facility’s power to other locations…(Learn more)
There is NOT adequate existing natural gas capacity to support this power plant…(Learn more)
It is unclear how much total tax revenue will be returned to the local units of government…(Learn more)
LS Power has stated they will NOT build this facility without the 90% personal property abatement…(Learn more)
Property values will decrease for hundreds of Chisago County residents…(Learn more)
This project represents a theft to Chisago County environmental resources and our quality of life and MUST be opposed
See through the Lies

United States

#11 Feb 3, 2010
If you look close at the jobs how many will really come from Chisago county. Not many. The fact is that most of the contractors that work on these plants have there own people and contracts in place for parts and labor. They will not bring in locals to do the job and if they do it will be few. The next lie that has been told is that we must except the development agreement or we will get nothing if another plant comes in in the future. The Fact is that with the agreement in place the county, township and schools with loose Millions every year. Personal property tax is the same as property tax and is distributed in the same way. If LS Power wants to Build in our Front Yard Let Them Pay to do so. See the Facts At
See through the Lies

United States

#12 Feb 3, 2010
Local boy Next time you want to build a house as the county to let you do it without a blue print or a clear plan on how you want to do it. Thats what they are letting LS Power do. I would like to see some facts first. Is 3 years worth of temp jobs and thats what they will be worth the price some of us will pay. This plant will be in my front yard. Want it in yours think about it then tell me if its good for the county.
Local Boy

United States

#13 Feb 3, 2010
People, look past your selfishness and self interests and look up “Certificate of Need” Then get back to me on that will ya? You don't even know how it works and yet you’re on here complaining. Do you get sucked into and attach yourself to all the unreasonable groups or just the unintelligent ones?

I say if someone from Iowa gets a job great, or don't you think they're people with families in need too, selfish bastards you all are.

The physical designs you've been told about and haven't checked out for yourself, because you got sucked in again, may change. The state guidelines regulate that portion, they also say what can and can't be built or allowed there, and you need more input sir.

90 % exemption, this is given by the state and can't be negotiated by local government entities. No exemption, no plant and that won't happen with the state involved.

Hey "Stop this Project" you wrote a lot of nothing above. Give me one reason you’re on here suggesting faults and yet have no answers. The complete list you call unclear, well it's covered. The state, the PUC and the MPCA are all the ones with the last word, if it's doesn't fit or isn't needed it won't happen.

You drive a car? Then you too are creating an air quality and health risk, as well as the other millions of people on the planet.

You say "The public is overwhelmingly opposed" are these only the ones that have been misinformed and all hyped up by people like you that don't apparently know the answers? Do you know how many people live in Chisago County, never mind, you don’t.

Example of a fact that you don't tell:
"Use and storage of large volumes of ammonia" it’s the same stuff you clean your windows at home with, scary isn't it?

"A power plant is not inevitable at this location" The hell is isn't, why do you think Lent has the most powerful substation in the state? Just for fun maybe, this has been in the making for a long time.

"New technology could render traditional facilities obsolete" When is this going to happen and where are you going to give the state permission to build hundreds of acres of flipping wind generators?

"The hidden costs far out weigh any financial benefit" What hidden costs? Or are these just more scare tactics?

Well enough said, you ask questions and have no answers, which undoubtedly means that you don't research anything, you just spread doubt.

I hope it gets approval, I and many other union workers need jobs, and we'd love to build a power plant in Chisago County.

Learn more!
Lent Township Resident

Minneapolis, MN

#14 Feb 4, 2010
Couple of points to think about:
1. If there is a need for this power plant AND
If your support for the power plant is about jobs AND
If you need a job THEN
This plant could be built anywhere and the above 3 items would be satisfied.
Build it somewhere else!

Don't get tied up in the many opposition details.
You can't get tied up in the support details as there aren't many!

2. Tax relief is NO reason to build this plant as the government will just over spend that money too and continue to come back to us for more!
Local Boy

United States

#15 Feb 4, 2010
You're right, if the state would let plants build just any old place they wanted that would work. But from what I've read a power plant has to be within a mile of two gas pipe lines, two waste water treatment facilities and close to a sub station. Pretty much dials it right where it’s purposed don't you think?

The benefits are plenty, use of the waste water for cooling, that stops approximately 1.2 million gallons a day from being dumped from the treatment plant into an already polluted river. The tax revenue is a plus and the need for power is also a necessity.

Remember, if you're one of the opposed, it’s easy to make up all kinds of things because you don't have to prove any of it. Prove some of BS that's being thrown around out there. Think on your own people, don't get so wrapped up in what’s being spread without checking into it yourself.

For instance,
Costs out weigh the benefits, what cost? What is the county or township going to pay for? The agreement has all the costs from now and into the future paid for by LS. Read the agreement for crying out loud!

Evidence the power isn't needed, call the PUC and ask, you'll be surprised what you hear, I was.

Alarming risk to the environment, what’s alarming? It’s the cleanest fuel used today, it's a zero discharge system and will stop Chisago City from dumping waste water into the Sunrise River, what more do you want? Call and ask the MPCA for yourself, I did.

The one that gets me the most is the overwhelming public opposition. Well there are about 19000 voters in Lent and 31,192 in the county, show me overwhelming there will ya? A petition with 818 signatures, big deal!

Failure to prepare for the future, that’s being oblivious to the changing times, you might as well prepare for failure in this county right now.
Local Boy

United States

#16 Feb 4, 2010
Correction, Lent has 1900 voters, my fingers went too fast on that one.
see through the lies

Saint Paul, MN

#17 Feb 4, 2010
Maybe it is selfish to want to keep farm land farm land, nature nature and our rural way of life. But who will feed you without the farm and who wants to buy crops that are grown next to a 179 foot smoke stack.
One fact you have over looked is that the two natural gas lines run at full capasity during pats of the year and it takes 150 tankers full of fuel oil to run the plant. The trucks will have to come down 14 which was not built to handle that amount. I don't want to fix the road but there is nothing in the agreement to make LS Power to pay.
this is just one of the costs.
Call the person on kable road who if there was an amonia leak would have to drive into it to get away from it, because there is only one way out selfish. Should they have to pay for another way out or will you with higher taxes.
Why not windmills why not a closed cell smaller plant not smoke stacks no 100+ tons of fall out.
Stop looking at the money end of this. There are hiden cost all around you.
Local Boy

United States

#18 Feb 5, 2010
That's quite the imagination, what IF the power lines get blown down across the road, OMG they can't get out. There’s a lot of what if’s being spread around that are very misleading.

Only the ignorant follow a fool into flight, and only the stupid still swear they were right in doing so.

Look at the front page of about every paper, what are the headlines? Job growth will be a big issue for 2010, Law makers face big hole, State cash flow crunch could affect school funding this spring, and then in most local papers the back 21 pages are of foreclosures, see a pattern here? Why stop a business that will pay that kind of money without the typical tax abatement for ten years?

Read this when you get time. This is from the agreement on Lents web site

"3-County Development Agreement Provisions"

This is the complete agreement, this is where I got and you can get the facts.
Local Boy

United States

#19 Feb 5, 2010
Another thing, the gas lines are not our concern and / or could be changed to support the supply needed. The trucks you talk about are smaller then the ones that haul the BIG transformers to the Xcel sub station, nobody complains about that and they're a hell of a lot heavier then any fuel truck.

Did you know that if you complained about Xcel, that you’d find you have no say whatsoever? They’re under the control of the PUC, which over rules any and all local government ordinances? You can’t stop them or change the way they operate, you can’t limit size, hours, noise or lighting, they do when and what they want. I think our officials are doing the right thing by getting as much control as they can when they can.
see through the lies

Saint Paul, MN

#20 Feb 5, 2010
so how many trucks do you think go to the substation I can tell you for a fact not many. Maybe you need to get off you high horse.
These are real people with real lives and all you can think about is a job that is still 3 years away.
As for LS Power and the PUC they won't even go before them till a Developement Agreement is signed. The won't spend any real money.
We asked them for a 3D design in July. Show us what you want to do how it will look and maybe you can change minds. Did they do it No.
They pay the lawyers they want to call the shots. There is no way I will agree to their ideas without knowing exactly what it is I'm agreeing to. The don't even have the money behind them yet. No one has said the would buy their power yet. excel said they wouldn't.
You can sell out. Not me maybe you should think for yourself and not let the unions do it for you. My Dad was union but he never let them think for him.
I have the facts and I know the trouble the people that have gathered them have gone to to make sure their right.
The difference here is I think for myself, I care that my actions affect my neighbors. I look at the what ifs in life. My children are willing to defend Your freedom. My freedom to say no to big companys that will not put their money where their mouth is. There is more to life then money. When land is gone its gone. When clean air gets dirty you can't wash it. When all the trees are gone.
Why did you move to this area, I bet it wasn't to live in an industial park. Our family moved here in the 40s to farm, to feed people. See farmers have a different out look. Simple things mean a lot. We like to hold it touch it. Show us more then a computer drawing that is not even true to what it will look like. If they want me to even begin to go along with them. Show me the facts. I see none.

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