This is to you Warrior

Mckee, KY

#63 Oct 27, 2009
If you must think so dumb ass we will all see where Kathy stands. When and if she gets better. How long have you known her? I have known her for many many many years I know that she loved Freddie and I know that when she looks at him now you can tell that she still loves him.And you want to start the name calling Dumb ass we can oh yeah by the way this is there family now who are you?

Frankfort, KY

#64 Oct 28, 2009
Oooops I meant Kathy
in the know

Pikeville, KY

#65 Nov 1, 2009
if ya'all think Carrie has to live off her gov't check then maybe you should ask her what she does with her nerve pills & pain pills every month

Macon, GA

#66 Nov 8, 2009
What some people dont know kathy was in the process of dropping the dvo before she got sick and for carrie if you know kathy you know what she thinks about her mom.
Your right

Mckee, KY

#67 Nov 8, 2009
We all know how she really feels about her mom. I mean the ones who really know Kathy and her mom..
Your right

Mckee, KY

#68 Nov 9, 2009
Every one keep praying for Kathy Freddie took her back to the doctor in Lexington and the doctor told him that Kathy had two strokes 1 on both sides of her brain...And the doctor is not sure if Kathy will ever be back to her self. Freddie also needs your all prayers Carrie is trying to do everything she can do to get P.O.A of Kathy.

Macon, GA

#69 Nov 16, 2009
i went to see kathy yesterday and she is beginning to talk and move her arm and leg.

Macon, GA

#70 Nov 16, 2009
and for all of you who puts freddie down he has been great with kathy he has not left her side. I am very impressed with him he has showed me alot since she has been sick
Wendell Hardy Irvine Ky

Mullins, SC

#71 Nov 18, 2009
personally i don't know freddy. but carrinell is my aunt. and from reading what some people are saying about my family on here is sadening. cat is my 1st cousin and she needs everyones support and prayers, not the personal trashing of freddy or carrinell. i just heard about the site today. so my advice to all you trashers out there, get the mote out of your own eye befor you trash my family. we've all had our ups and downs in this life time. if you can't say anything nice...don't say anything at all. end of story. oh by the way, cats doing much better, she's talking and feeding herself.


#72 Nov 18, 2009
It truely amazes me how people act during someone's time of need. If all of you would take all the energy that you have spent slamming Freddie and her mother and put that energy into getting down on your knees and praying for her, that would be the greatest thing for her. Whatever has happened with her mother in the past, that is between them and all anyone can hope is that she does what she needs to do, from her heart, now. As for Freddie, the same applies to him. Whatever happened with him and Kat can be dealt with at a later time. Right now, he as stepped up and is doing what needs to be done. I know for a fact that this is what Kat wants. So, spend more of your energy praying for her recovery and less time bashing everyone. Kathy needs all of our thoughts and prayers right now. All this bickering between each other is not doing her one bit of good and I know she would not like seeing what is being said on here.
Wendell Hardy Irvine Ky

Mullins, SC

#73 Nov 18, 2009
ty, jfa , very well said. tyvm
Wendell Hardy Irvine Ky

Mullins, SC

#74 Nov 18, 2009
i'm very please how freddy has stayed by cats side. it takes courage to do this. i know they were going thru a divorce, but he manned up and did the right thing. like i said earlier, i don't know freddy. so he must still love her or still has feelings for cat. and i know how much carrie loves cat. i only pray all the bs stops. too much drama. lifes way to short for all the drama. live and let live, and learn how to forgive and forget.and be thankfull for life itself. afterall it is thanksgiving.....

Goose Creek, SC

#75 Nov 28, 2009
To Kitten, If you would spend more time on yourself, If you would take a bath, wash your hair everynow & then you would have less time to worry about me. You call yourself kitten, I call you whore cat. And by the way you need to take one of those spam cans to scrape your teeth.

Dayton, OH

#76 Nov 28, 2009
What about her dogs? who is taking care of them? I love Madison she is the cutest lil thing Kat sure knows how to pick some cute ones. i hope she gets better

Richmond, KY

#77 Jan 7, 2010
How is Kathy???
allen jr

Nicholasville, KY

#78 Jun 3, 2010
warrior wrote:
lol, look whos runnin' their mouth, you are stupid. it just so happens i work for a living, every day. i have been to see her , in which it's none of your business. if you don't like what i say in's real simple...turn your computer off stupid. and by the way, kathy told me this , freddie beat and chocked her, that's why she got the dvo and epo on him. she was terrified of him she told me so. and as far as carrie, she only needed money for gas, she didn't want all the money, stupid. she lives on a small monthly pay check from the gvt. that wouldn't let anyone aford to go to louisville every day. and if kathy ever recovers from this she'll finish what she started. divorcing freddie, stupid.
lol funny ass peple/you know everything right.
kattie owens smithers

Bays, KY

#79 Jan 29, 2012
carrie is a witch that putting it in good text.....trying to be the perfect mother after all these years god help kathy all i can say.

Pikeville, KY

#80 Jan 31, 2012
kattie owens smithers wrote:
carrie is a witch that putting it in good text.....trying to be the perfect mother after all these years god help kathy all i can say.
Carrie is only after whatever she can get, yes, even from her own daughter. Her own son and grandkids won't have anything to do with her so that should tell you something.
kattie owens smithers

Bays, KY

#81 Mar 8, 2012
Well about all can be said is Kathy is very lucky to have a husband like freddy.The way she treated him she doesnt desere him he is a very nice person.She is very controlling and doesnt want him to have a life that is not so right maybe one day he will find someon that does love him and will treat him like he needs to be treated,

Lexington, KY

#82 Feb 5, 2013
Wow!!!!! I looked at this website for the very first time today and cried!!! How could you people degrade her as well as our family. Very sad to say the least!!!! Let me feel you in!!!!! To my Aunt Kathy there was never anyone she loved like me she was my heart and me hers as well!!! Yes she done wrong as do we all!!! As for my Uncle Freddie he is wonderful and I love him very a father!!!! He did not beat her I was always there!!! The time that everyone was referring to he came in drunk with my little brother she started screaming like always and they got into it!!! He did have his hands around her neck but I got between them. I was the one who called the police not because I thought uncle Freddie was going to hurt her but that she would kill him. Alot went on during that time that no one knew about!!!! As far as Nana goes well this is her granddaughter and I love her very much thank you but admit i don't see her very much. She is by no means a saint and has definitely made her fair share of mistakes. Two years ago I would say no that Aunt Kathy would absolutely not want Nana there but now she is different. I went and seen her last week and she said to me.........miss mom!!! Nana is no longer allowed to see her but I swear I think she wants to see her i know its crazy but don't know what to say or do! My Nana loves us all in her own way. No one knows what she lived through and how much it affected her!! I know she has done and said some very mean things to a lot of people......but since this has happened I think she finally realized how important each of us are. Now Ian not saying this to take up for her I have not been to visit with her for more than six months and I am ashamed!!! Not because she is perfect but because no matter how you and I feel.......Christ still loves her. How to love one another with Christ's love, forgive one another, and support each other are the things we need to strive for. With forgiveness there will also be peace!!! God bless you all!!!

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