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#21 Oct 3, 2011
BWC pays decent money not alot. Thay have really good workers. Nice rigs. The people that work there r really good people i know alot of them and also they do work you hard.
pack mull

Marion, OH

#22 Jan 2, 2012
i live close to i would like to know what the drivers make. my former company sold them all those
used petes.
pack mull

Marion, OH

#23 Jan 2, 2012
do they get paid by the ton or by the mile?

Princeton, WV

#24 Sep 5, 2012
Is this a place to ask questions and get answers or just somewhere for 2 or 3 of you to argue about what you think you know?

Saint Albans, WV

#25 Sep 5, 2012
Are any of the drivers hot

Ironton, OH

#26 Sep 5, 2012
Hot? Hahhhaa you should see the owner

Ironton, OH

#27 Sep 7, 2012
My uncle works their. They get paid by how much they haul. Last I heard he made over $800 a week usualliy. I no he liked wat he done, just not the people he works for. To much familey he said they are alwaiys fighting with each other and yellin and stuff. Rich spoiled people he said.

Ashland, KY

#28 Sep 20, 2012
i dont know about the drivers being hot but that one guy that works in the shop is hott! I think they call him drew!

Ironton, OH

#29 Sep 20, 2012
Is he the tall bald guy or the black kid?

Greenup, KY

#30 Sep 21, 2012
not the bald guy, and i dont think the guy is black........i went to school with drews wife....and remember them dating our senior year.....they are both lucky!She is still beautiful too..and if she sees this she will know who it is! CT

Ironton, OH

#31 Sep 21, 2012
I herd they were closeing down at the end of the year guess they got sued? I no they have sold part of they're garage to pay sum bills because it was at the courthouse. I new when the owner lost his house that it was true. Herd they had to move in with fam? I fell sorry for the guy really

Ironton, OH

#32 Sep 24, 2012
RedmenTOWER wrote:
I herd they were closeing down at the end of the year guess they got sued? I no they have sold part of they're garage to pay sum bills because it was at the courthouse. I new when the owner lost his house that it was true. Herd they had to move in with fam? I fell sorry for the guy really
Really?? Clean up your own back yard before making false statements on this site.

Ironton, OH

#33 Sep 29, 2012
I heard the EPA came last month because the laid back took pictures of salt in the river and paid to have the levels tested. Watch the tribune for the lawsuit

Ironton, OH

#34 Sep 29, 2012
I was at fun day with my two grand babies and their Barney fife cop was running people off all of their property so no one could park close. I brought a fold out chair and had to pack it from the police station with my babies. I understand if you don't want to take any part in the community, but don't be rude and refuse to let others enjoy. I'm sure the owner is a nice enough guy but today he looked like the biggest jerk in town.
Defensive Lineman

Columbus, OH

#35 Sep 29, 2012
Coming from the village he may not have been there but he donated to us like he has every time we have asked him for something and sometimes when we haven't asked. As far as looking like a jerk, well his company has been broken into several times (thus reason for the security) they also wash the trucks on the weekends and sometimes the trucks are working on the weekends coming in and out or being worked on like when they are being washed being moved all over the lot, not wanting someone to be hurt or run over does not seem like being a jerk just being cautious. Besides if you think it is tough finding a parking place for an automobile what do you think it would be for about 45 trucks coming in to park up only to find their lot full of vehicles. Bottom line it belongs to him whether people like him or doesn't like him he has a very successful clean business and just like something that belongs to you .....you have the say so over it. Reading some of these comments it is crazy what people make of things....if you seen at the courthouse he sold the garage behind him you are right so if you were smart enough to look that up why not look up that he sold his home in happy hollow only to buy one about twice the size at Vesuvius Estates and he did not move in with his kids they moved in with him. Look whose name is on the deed. Also look at all the new trucks rolling onto his lot doesn't look like any intentions at all of closing up anyways soon. As far as the salt going in the river how long have they shipped salt from there???? Long before BWC took it over! So people instead of being so negative and jealous be glad there are people out there that wants to work hard and run a successful business like all the employees of BWC does it only trickles down in the long run to help everyone in Lawrence County....I would be proud to say I worked there, i have yet heard any of the employees say they are ashamed where they work. To everyone at BWC a large thank you for all you do! Be Safe and keep on trucking!!!!!

Columbus, OH

#36 Sep 29, 2012
The thing with the Laidback. Is salt worse than beer bottles and cigarettes and who knows what else from the bar is running in there! I'm sure when the snow is on the state treats the roads and bridges that crosses t he river does that salt know better than to run in the river? LOL
Bouncy room

Ironton, OH

#37 Sep 30, 2012
I'm not here to say mr. Kelly is a good guy or bad guy but my sister text me and said to read this. I've been involved with anything and everything in the village for 20 years. I have nephews on the fire department, a family member as a trustee and I'm close friends to the police. I help plan fun day and I hope every kid and adult had a great time as it was a huge success this year. It is true years ago the trucking company helped out by giving money and even sent over a tractor but for whatever family member said that last night you are just wrong. I'm won't talk bad about him but he hasn't given a dime or done a single thing for the village in 5 years. He isn't a bad neighbor but he isn't the village king either. I think Chris said it best when he said he isn't friendly enough to win as mayor and has ticked off too many people to get the votes so he shoves his power and money around to act like mayor. I can't say anything about his personal business or his security but as far as his help towards the community I can attest there has been none for years. Which truth be known once people make it big they usually forget where they came from.
Laid back

Ironton, OH

#38 Sep 30, 2012
Lineman which family member are you? Unless you do deed research and appraise homes how would you know what name is on the deed and that the new house is twice the size of the old house? I could care less if he lived in a camper by his salt pile but I do care about the salt he's putting in the river. If you are such a good estimator of size would you please tell us how much more salt is there now than when Tom had it? I'd guess 3x as much if not 5x more. It's piled higher wider and closer to the river than ever. In all the years I've drank at the Ole River I've never seen people pushing junk in the river like this guy does. I know for sure there is video of two employees shoving salt and junk in the river.

South Point, OH

#39 Sep 30, 2012
all i know is that in my opinion there lame security is a joke.

Columbus, OH

#40 Oct 1, 2012
Ok mr or miss bouncy room call mrs goldcamp and ask if there was not a donation given to the village again this year this can be proven, you know nothing of what you are talking about. Because of people like you i wouldnt donate if i was him I am not a family member I live in the village but I am not jealous and everyone should not sit and pass judgement on people who have done well. Grow Up! It has come with years of hard work on his part and his employees. Mr Laidback if you are smart enough to figure out the Internet you can go in under the auditor, type in his name it will bring his property up. Sorry you think you have to do home appraisals to figure that out you must not have any property of your own! You probably summed it all up yourself when you said "in all the years I've drank at the Ole River" What a life to be proud of!!! Lol. Speaks for whom you are. JEALOUS. JEALOUS. JEALOUS. As far as lame goes if you are not paying the bill why do you give a $hi! If it makes him feel better about his place so who cares?????
Myself living close I appreciate how very nice he keeps the place looking. Thanks Mr. Kelley for all you do try to overlook all the other morons, even such a great upstanding guy like our great mayor!!!! Funny. Funny. Funny.

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