J.J & Julie Pritchard
what a joke

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#70 Oct 23, 2010
Just heard bill fleamen aka billbill just got 4yrs in prison what a joke he should get life for the pervert he is!

Ironton, OH

#71 Oct 23, 2010
It's not the narking that we're upset with as with the previous post...it's the fact that no matter what JJ and Julie do...when they get caught at it, they nark to get out of it....just look at how much time JJ got when he was busted for stealing copper on 243...look at the times they were pulled over, picked up, etc, and the things they have done in Huntington....what happened to the time they should have served???? They didn't!! Narked on too many people!!
what a joke

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#72 Oct 23, 2010
Look bill has stolen more stuff from hard working people that pay for what they have,I also know him evidently better than you do.And believe this he is safer in prison and on the streets.Sells pills to kids and takes avantage of young girls after he hooks them on oxcees he should be in jail for molestation and i know a parent that wants to TALK to him when he gets out.stop with its every one elses fault bill was there selling pills and got caught its over-go to sleep
From a distance

Elkins, WV

#73 Oct 25, 2010
Missy Johnson wrote:
<quoted text>I work with julie every night i am here partener we work to gether and that is a bunch of bull!!! we go in every room together so yu are a damn lier and a sick one if that!!!! that just tells me that you mind is very very sick!!! julie is a good person she would help anyone!!! any time i need anything she is always there for me!!! and i would do the same for her!!! have you not seen julie lately she looks really good!!
So, you agree, she did look like shit at one point?? You are not aguing her side very well. This is funny. I never have heard about this site until last week. Reading all this stuff is funny towards JJ an Julie because they are adults, and yes, their time is coming. As far as these kids are concerned, it has to be a very hard and trying time. They have gown up with this their own lives. I used to be good friends with Julie back in the day, now its so sad to see her life. Everytime I USED to see her she would play her sad songs about how J.J. did it all to this whole family and she was trying to hold them together. I USED to fall for this, now almost ten years later, its still the same song just a different tune. Thank God, these boys should only have about three years left and hopefully they will run as hard as they can and get away from all this that their parents are caught up in. I haven't seen the boys, nor Julie, for years. But from behind the sidelines, it is a lesson for all others to learn, don't ever start drugs, because sometimes, you can't quit. Julie used to be a good, fun girl...now look at her friend selection and her hang outs. Everytime her name is brought up around my house, thiers plenty of people to remind me to stay clear. I was even talked into taking a "drug test" for her. She's been at this for some time and she knows all the ins and outs. I didn't see all this at that time or I wouldn't have helped her. I did it for the boys and Julie, she promised she was trying to staighten out. So, I know first hand, how she "passes" drug test. I pray that one day she will be a better mother and that its not to late and most of all, the boys will learn from the parents where leading the wrong life style will lead you down the wrong life.. period. It was funny in high school but at some point you have to grow up. I know one day I will hear the news about something bad as gone wrong., Sounds like they have messed with to many wrong people too many times. So, I will pray for them from a distance. Not judging, just praying for them all.
this is tiffany

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#74 Nov 2, 2010
tiffany wrote:
These ppl are somethin else trust me. I know for a fact jj has stolen his son's 4 wheelers and dirt bikes xboxes and everything To trade for crack. I saw them ridin bikes last week lookin for new ppl to snitch on. I hear they rolled on jeremy thats FUCKED UP. Both of em need help. If they were more woried about there boys maybe they wouldnt be goin and jumpin a boy with 5 other kids with them cuz he ripped them off on some weed. They need help.
dolly newcomb u need to not be puttin my name on ur post if u cant say it with ur name then dont say it. U just told me u saw them @ ur house on bikes. Dont say $hit with my name on it. I dont got anything to say about them except i hope they leave me outta there lives

Ashland, KY

#75 Nov 2, 2010
Missy Johnson wrote:
<quoted text>I work with julie every night i am here partener we work to gether and that is a bunch of bull!!! we go in every room together so yu are a damn lier and a sick one if that!!!! that just tells me that you mind is very very sick!!! julie is a good person she would help anyone!!! any time i need anything she is always there for me!!! and i would do the same for her!!! have you not seen julie lately she looks really good!!
Whatever! Shes so messed up all the time! And you where always right by her side and I guess you still are like two partners in crime. While Juile is sucks the dongs you have your hand in there wallet. NASTY NASTY girls! For Shame!!
Snow White

Richmond, KY

#76 Nov 4, 2010
I use to work with Julie and one thing I know for sure is that she loves her boys more than anything. And as far as mud slinging goes why doesn't anyone start at the top and work their way down. Start piss testing the judges and attorneys, you will be in for a big shock. And from what I heard 99.9% of the people brought in talks.

United States

#77 Nov 29, 2010
i know when jj was selling crack, he didnt get in trouble but we didnt hear bout him snitchin until recent. He is wearing a lil camera with a mic so anyone that has ever hadhim over just to get that high with a buddy then ur bout to get busted. He has gotten in to too much and he doesnt want prisen time, he has turned his back on family friends just to save his rear. He ripped the copper out of there home in crabtree and now lives with his mom in ironton. One of his kids HAVE been busted in school for being high and having a bag of weed on him. Family knows family best

Staunton, VA

#78 Nov 29, 2010
See who he's been hanging with now? The brother n law Jimmy. So don't tell us hes clean cause Jimmy stays so f'd up all the time!!! I would never trust either one of them!! One of these days JJ will actually get caught up in everything and not be able to blab his way out, and watch out when he does, he will cry like a baby!!!

United States

#79 Jan 7, 2011
Well i just decided i'd put up some *hit i know since they cant leave me out of there drama. Everytime miss julie goes with that old bald guy with one tooth to get hi*h jj calls me up to pis* her off then she likes to play phone war but wont come meet me to get her a*s beat. Did you all know that when there kids were two years old miss julie ann pritchard aka julie ann stormes had an abortion! Thats messed up. His mom told me her self that she caught her fu*ki*g his DAD!!!!! Wtf they should grow up untill they leave me alone im ganna post everything i learn about them. She told me herself he snitched i got the txt still. He also told me that she has been on the needle too. Nasty!! Thats all for now.

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#80 Apr 25, 2011
if you want to go to the pen just sell to jj or julie then in about a week the cops will be knocking on your door this is no bull shiti can show it in black an white papper from court

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#81 Apr 25, 2011
brandy yes they stop julie at the door told her to take a drug test she waik out not came back at jolin

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#82 Apr 25, 2011
jessica wrote:
<quoted text>why don't you people give it a rest i mean you must have some really bad sh*t in your closet to pick on them so much dumb a**!!! jj and julie are good people and only you trashy people are talking sh*t!!! have you been reading the other comments they are good people and if your are on here complaining about bill bill getting in trouble then you must be trouble!!!lol....that's why you won't put your real name...bill bill and his sister are trash and druggies so who really cares what happens to them besides other trash like you!!!!!
you holding up for good old jj an julie you be back on here crying goodold jj put your ass jail hurt you or anything jj is a pice of shit
pieces of ship

Richmond, KY

#83 Apr 26, 2011
these too are worthless , both there boys are addicted to drugs because they give them to them let them smoke dope steal from there parents, and yes i no for a fact jj mom is pressing charges for stolen checks just a few dauys ago , burn in hell u mother fers

Portsmouth, OH

#84 Apr 28, 2011
is julie in jail

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#86 Apr 28, 2011
i hope both of them get lock up with someone that they snitch on but i think jj will snitch on someone else and he will walk again

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#87 Apr 28, 2011
wow wrote:
is julie in jail
i heard julie an jj both was in jail for stilling check book an cashing them it was his mom checkbook

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#88 Apr 28, 2011
Julie Pritchard wrote:
<quoted text> I think it's sad when people make up things and don't even have the nerve to put there real name!!!!! we are not on drugs and you need to leave my kids out of it you must not even know them or you wouldn't say something so stupied my kids have never done drugs trust me i would know i live with them!!!!!!!! next time you have something to say since you know us so well just give me a call because this is a bunch of bull!!!! and for the narks of coal grove why don't you try looking at travis waulk!!!!!!! and a couple of other peopl i don't care what people think or say about us i know what we do and that is nothing!!!!!!! so next time your bored with your life and feeling bad about something that you have done wrong pick on somebody else to make your self feel better!!!!!!
look julie you just snitch on travis waulk two words for you sorry snitch

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#89 Apr 28, 2011
shanra frasure wrote:
leave the twins out of this.. they are KIDS! and they shouldnt have to read this bullshit about their parents..how could you bring kids into this? and your calling them trash?? wow if you have problems with julie and jj take it up with them NOT THEIR KIDS!
jj did not leave my kids out of shit and far as to take itup with jj he run like the bitch he is when he see me he go the other way

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#90 Apr 28, 2011
i got kids i love all kids even jjs kids it is not the kids prouble its jj snitches bullshit not his kids

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