Who do you support for County Commiss...

Who do you support for County Commissioner in Ohio (Scioto County) in 2010?

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Marion, OH

#1 Oct 11, 2010
pertuset just filed bankruptcy

Marion, OH

#2 Oct 11, 2010
dave wrote:
pertuset just filed bankruptcy
He needs our insurance because he did not have any.

Marion, OH

#3 Oct 11, 2010
Everyone knows this is Riffe country

Marion, OH

#4 Oct 11, 2010
great great guy!!!

United States

#5 Oct 12, 2010

Crooksville, OH

#6 Oct 12, 2010
Pertuset is a idiot that will not pay his own bills. BANKRUPT!!! Should not be allowed to run.
Democrat Woman

Marion, OH

#7 Oct 12, 2010
Skippy turned on the Democratic party. He stands in a Scioto County Democratic Party Meeting and tells the party to unite behind him and the party...what a laugh the Republicans would get if they won the commissioners seat and the state rep seat. THEN, a week later he votes for Jim Warren, the biggest Republican in the county for a spot on one of the strongest boards in the Southern Ohio instead of two loyal Democrats. Well Skip, this Democrat is voting Pertuset...at least EVERYONE KNOW'S he's a Republican. By the way, Hadsell and the other local Democrats better be watching their back if they are banking on this guy's support.
A True American

United States

#8 Oct 12, 2010
Pertuset use to hire mexicans to work his sawmill how patriotic..
to turth teller

Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

#9 Oct 12, 2010
i think he would be the best choice

Columbus, OH

#10 Oct 12, 2010
Pertuset is one who tried to declare himself to be a "sovereign citizen" to declare himself above the law so he wouldn't have to pay taxes. However, when his personal property was about to be seized, he changed his tune, then decided to run for Commissioner. The salary for Commissioner, of course, is from monies paid in taxes by non-sovereign citizens. Talk about an issue "flip!"
Too smart to fool

Marion, OH

#11 Oct 12, 2010
Riffe has bankrupted our county.. time for him to find a real job

United States

#12 Oct 12, 2010
time for a change

Brooklyn, NY

#14 Oct 12, 2010
A True American wrote:
Pertuset use to hire mexicans to work his sawmill how patriotic..
I work at taylor lumber and I'd rather work with a mexican than a meth head...take ur pick in this county. i'm tired of everyone playing the mexican card too. they do the jobs that everyone else thinks they're too good to do.

Brooklyn, NY

#15 Oct 12, 2010
bankruptsy? HAHA..Our COUNTY has been bankrupt for years thanks to Skip Rife! Oh, i'm sorry "fiscal emergency"...isn't that where the state basically comes in and says you suck and we're taking over?

Marion, OH

#16 Oct 13, 2010
The Pertusets are wonderful people, Very down to Earth. What has Riffe done for this County?? Time for Change! Time to get Pertuset in there and more will get done. Its time to throw away the Key on the Riffes" Make it a non Riffe county around here, Just because there was one great Riffe dont mean there all that great, Trust me I know!!!

United States

#17 Oct 13, 2010
Keep on supporting our jobs being givin' away and basically your saying outsourcing is ok as well giving an americans job away is giving an americans job away I don't care how you see it!!!...I highly doubt you work anywhere you probably own a business your one of those who expects americans to live on 7.85 and still pay taxes buy food and support and provide a home for a family!!!You and your kind are pathetic people deserve a decent wage and thats why these jobs aren't filled by Americans its because Mcdonalds pays the same money and of course business owners want to higher mexicans cause they can work for peanuts and still live good cause there are 30 to a household....and to anyone who thinks Americans won't work look at the high rises and corporate office buildings in NYC I guarantee you 90% of anything in NYC was built by an American Union member...you call yourself an American your not even human what kind of a person doesn't want more for his fellow man...or if by chance you do work at Taylor Lumber your just cheating yourself and your family by allowing illegals to come cut the rates for a sawmill worker..how do you ever expect us to have gainful employment in the forestry industry if you support a guy whos been working for 8 dollars a week and nows making 8 dollars and hour and sending it home to their families...while your struggling to pay your bills and live in a cost of living thats twice as much as their families are living in..I hope one of these illegals knocks your daughter up and runs off then you can support them some more...

Thermal, CA

#18 Oct 13, 2010
Where do you come off pretending you know anything about me or how I live? Did I make assumptions about you? NO.
No, I'm not a business owner. I work for a living. I struggle to make ends meet. I'm not mad at mexicans or the people who employ them because I'm not a racist idiot. I don't feel like I am cheating myself, what am I supposed to do, form a union at taylor's and strike? haha. I don't support outsourcing and I do want more for my fellow man...but does that only mean the man who's like me? I wasn't talking about America as a whole won't work, I was speaking of McDermott and most of our surrounding area. Take a look around. I personally haven't seen a mexican get hired over someone else as I know they make the same wages (at some places) that everyone else does. I'm all american because i believe in equality of all men. If for some reason you ever left this country to work, would you want natives there feeling about you the way you feel about "illegals" here? Would a green card for mexicans make you feel like less of a bigot?
Don't even get me started about union workers...yea the ones in nyc builing high rises doing dangerous jobs deserve respect, but if you look locally at our union jobs, they think they're worth millions for 2 men to a broom...then take a break for an hour.
I can express my thoughts and beliefs without wishing something distastful to you. However, that doesn't mean I don't want something unfortunate to happen, it means I'm respectful enough of my fellow man to let it go.

United States

#19 Oct 13, 2010
heres a history lesson all men weren't considered equal during the founding of this country only white land owners and I'm not a bigot I dont think its right to extort a country and if I were to goto another country I wouldn't expect them to throw out the welcome mat for me when I was cheating their economic system or I was threatening the common good of their country...and go right ahead and bash the union while you enjoy your 40 hour work week with overtime pay and a hire minimum wage, health care, vacations, and pension....regardless of what u think you have no idea what it was like and unfortunately will never have to live to see the day when noone stands up for your higher pay or your on the job safety or see that you even get a break at work or a lunch time...but why would you care you can reap the rewards and take all that for granted...
be thankful

United States

#20 Oct 13, 2010
There is not one employed american anywhere in the United States who isn't benefiting from the union..before unions there was no such thing as a forty hour work week..before unions coal miners died of black lung and wss givin' no compensation nor were their families...regardless of anyones beliefs of the unions they are the people who brought you state labor laws and OSHA...before the unions their was noone to stand up to the companies and go to bat for the working man...some people in unions are lazy but there are people who work in non-union places that are just the same..unions have been painted up and talked about by the media to the point that they are brainwashing everyone who isn't in a union...I am a union member and I have seen many jobs completed way ahead of schedule and with out a loss time incident time and time again....

Essex, MD

#21 Oct 13, 2010
I am personally voting for Riffe. He is very personable and I have never had any problems with him. Good Luck Skip

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