Linda Delong
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Waterloo, Canada

#61 Jul 25, 2010
neighbor wrote:
Well Ms. Katie, how the hell can you say your not related to her? Hello your married to her brother so that would make you a sister in law or did he wisen up and leave your ass???? Donnie has really changed and not for the good since he got with you. Second of all She DID NOT live with you guys for no 6 months when you guys moved in with her within 2 weeks she was out and living in Hanging Rock down by the old school and never came back to the trailer until the end of May when Kimberly moved into her parents house and Linda moved in there casue you guys were 3 months at least behind on the payments. She was there a whole 2 weeks cause after Donnie put his hands on her she moved to a place in Ironton by bob clyse. Let me say Donnie isn't much of a man if he puts his hands on females much less his own sister. You need to grow up and stop starting shit cause it is hurting Eddie and Peggy big time. All I can say is thank you for moving away from here.<quoted text>
your more than welcome cause as far as I was concerned we didn't bother anyone up that road we stayed to ourselves so how was us living there a problem for you. Your to big of a chicken sh*t to even say your real name. You must be one of those back stabbing people. U didn't live with us and you sure weren't in my house at any point so what makes you think you new what was going on. All u know is hear say on the street. If you have any beef with me then tell me or even with donnie. He has changed you are right about that but he has changed for the much better. He no long gets walked on my people he cares about. That may be his family but as long as they treat me and him like sh*t then they aren't anyone to me. And there is nothing you can say that will change they way I think about any of them at this point. But thanks for your concern for his family. I'm sure they appreciate it so much. Or one more thing if it has hurt his mom n dad that much then why haven't they tried to even call donnie or say anything to him when they see him. Explain that to me if you know so much that goes on in that family.

Ashland, KY

#62 Jul 25, 2010
Well I do know for a 100% fact that Linda did NOT get evicted from South Point or any where. She left the apartment when you guys were about to lose the place cause she kept getting phone calls about the payment not bein made by the two of you. Donnie asked her to help that is why she moved in which she wasn't even there except from the end of May to the middle of June. So she was only there a total of 2 weeks and out of the two weeks she was at Johns house 98% of it. And when you guys moved in there she was only there less than one month cause you guys were more or less kicking her out when she moved into Hanging Rock. She hasn't done nothing to no one. You asked how her parents are affected well lets see that is there daughter your talking about, Eddie works with Donnie and he don't say hi, bye, kiss my ass or nothing, you think there family not getting along don't hurt????Well anyone that is a parent knows that it hurts when there is trouble in a family and nothing can be done about it, cause of stubborness. Katie, you need to grow up and just go back to WV where you belong, cause it sure isn't around here anywhere. Lets see how many people have you guys screwed over since you have been married. Oh yeah you guys did the exact same thing to Donnies uncle Homer. You two need to just stop screwing over people cause your jealous. If you can't stand what you say is his family than why did you come into the family?

Waterloo, Canada

#63 Jul 25, 2010
Ok let's get this straight I married donnie not u or anyone else. Unless this is linda you don't know shit and if it is then you still don't know shit. Why wouyld donnie ask her to move in with us. Please. We didn't want her to and I can tell u exactly when she moved out and back in and bak out again. She was losng that place long before she asked us to move in there and take her payments over. Were u there nope so where u getting your info from cause its all wrong. And still no name. I will live where ever I want to live if its here or there. Unless you work with donnie how do you know he don't talk to his dad. He talks to him almost everyday at work. So concerned then why don't they talk to him. Not a single one of them has even tried to talk to hinm for a very long time so don't put all this crap on him. Phones work both ways. We lived in that house for 2 years and never seen his parents. Not once did they come down just to talk or anything like that. Everything works both ways. So unless this is his month or dad then in that case you have no clue about what happens at work. I'm gonna say it again I married donnie only when I said I do and if his entire family wants to treat him like crap then we don't need them. Only thing I can say is so glad my family is nothing like this. They are people we can count on no matter what. What's sad my parents live 3 hours away and we see them more than we see his family. Why don't they try and make the effort to talk to him. Don't keep putting Don down look around its far from him. I know this has to be a family member so u talk about family and all you can do is bash him. U are the one who needs to grow up. We are very happy together and I don't plan on going anywhere with out him. How would they feel then if we moved and he never spoke to them again. Kinda like they are doing to him. His whole family not just 1 or 2 of them. Guess that's what family is for. Guess when they need something they will come crying to fix a vehicle. And as far as homer we didn't do shit to him. He knew we were moving out cause we found a cheaper place than his. So keep bringing family up cause we all know your must be a hill or a knipp. Just to chicken shit to say your name on here

Waterloo, Canada

#64 Jul 25, 2010
Tell me just one thing the word jealous keeps coming up but then why would we be jealous of anyone. We are happy and need no one else to make us that way. Unless you made the payments for us u know nothing. Ask linda why she wanted us to move in there cause she stopped makeing the payments long before hand and was about to lose the place all on her own. We are far from jealous of her or anyone for that matter. Get that straight and u don't know me well enough so say if I'm right for him or not. That is his choice not yours any anyone elses in the family. Have a good day to this one family member who she thinks she knows it all. But really don't know the half of it.

Waterloo, Canada

#65 Jul 25, 2010
I'm done with this I'm gonna live my life with my wonderful husband and you live your alls life a lone. We are happy and I'm sorry your not. I have cut all ties to this family what he does is his business hope you all have a wonderful life.

United States

#66 Jul 26, 2010
MissM wrote:
Seems to me if I knew that a house payment was x amount of $$$'s and that I paid z amount of $$'s in rent and that my landlord was responsible for the remainder and I also knew that my landlord was no holding up their end of the bargain I'd find somewhere else to live. Just saying. Also electric doesn't get shut off after 1 month of not paying a bill. It takes a little while and if she stayed with you for 3 months then the 1st months bill would not be her responsiblity as it would be for the month prior to her arrival. That leaves two months of bills. In all probability the power would have been shut off month 3 of no payment. Maybe sooner but it's more likely it was that third month. As far as charging $4000 down and $600 a month for rent, well the $4000 down may be a bit much however I'm sure you didn't rent under duress so that is on you. This is all really beside the point, Linda is your family and it only makes you look beyond trashy to get on here and air all your dirty laundry. I'm sure Linda isn't perfect but she's far from the she devil you are trying to make her out to be. Before you start yelling about how I don't know you, yes Katie I've dealt with you in the past and you were then and I'm sure are now a royal pain in the ass with an entitlement issue. I suggest you get over yourself.
I KNOW FOR A FACT donnie doesn't payhis bills..i think they had this problem before when they had a place in the country and other family memberspaid the back $$$$ owed and bought the home. for some reason this does show a pattern for both

Canal Winchester, OH

#68 Nov 7, 2010
This is in response to the person calling themself fact. We are the ones that bought the home in the country and no we are not family. Just wanted to get that straight, so whoever is saying that the family bought the home does not know what they are talking about.
Crazy Guy

United States

#69 Nov 8, 2010
Ha ha ha

Dallas, TX

#70 Nov 9, 2010
Did Donnie cheat on his wife with some girl?
know her

Newburgh, IN

#71 Nov 16, 2010
yes i know her she is a thief that is why she no longer works at rbhc she stole robbed the elderly she takes their pain med to yes and sells them thats where her money comes from she also steals money from her friends she smells and she is an awful person ha get what u deserve and also she should monitor her kids if she doent want them on this site take care of your kids linda quit the drinking and drugs

Pomeroy, OH

#72 Nov 21, 2010
Let me tell ya I know both. She is the one who works. He is lazy & won't hardly keep a job. They BOTH take care of the children. She has the younger ones the majority of the time. He tells people that she hardly sees the oldest two & that is a damn lie & HE knows it. He is not the most honest person that he leads on to be. hahahaha. She works hard loves her children & makes mistakes, but who doesn't

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