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Rochester, NY

#252 Mar 13, 2009
I read Timothy's complaint , but it's very vague and conflicting. He was asked if he was charged with an offense, he say yes...resisting arrest, then he is asked if he was arrested, he say "NO". That's not possible, if you were charged with resisting arrest then you were arrested. Seems like he has more of a complaint against the hospital than the police dept. Also seems like there are some things missing from his story.
The polic forced him to break into his own home ?????. Unless I'm reading it wrong, needs more clarity.

Sorry to hear his loved one is not well, but if she is at the hospital and being kept there, then a doctor or doctors made that decision.
major vic

Middlesex, NC

#253 Mar 23, 2009
are the xerox theif or gay dogdoo dead yet?
major vic

Middlesex, NC

#254 Mar 26, 2009
Hey there pcc, nice ploy for a pecksniffian if you're informing retards.

La Puente, CA

#255 Mar 30, 2009
All these people complaining about police treatment have one thing in common. That is that they are still alive to complain. Too bad they are not residents of Torrance california where the cops shoot first and arrest later.

Rochester, NY

#256 Apr 3, 2009
I got pulled over a mile farther than where I was saw speeding. A cop said he saw me on the bridge above. He didn't turn his lights on or do anything until I got onto my street. He said I was going about 80 and he put 80 on the ticket. Aren't they supposed to put the exact speed down.. IPD is filled with assholes. Then when I was driving in the city one time I got stopped and 5 cops came up to my cAr saying I was on drugs because my windows were dirty and my hands were shaking. They were asking what kind of drugs I wanted and said they know what house I should go to. Then they were like thanks to you were going to go find the house you were gonna buy from. Okay well *uck you Rochester city police, your all *ucking *ssholes.

Rochester, NY

#257 Apr 3, 2009
He said you were doing 80 and he wrote 80, so it looks like he put the exact speed down on the ticket.

You could say you were doing 75, 73 ,68, 62, it doesn't matter, you were still speeding. Only time the actual speed becomes an issue is when you are 20 mph over the limit such as your case, then you get more points if you get convicted of speeding, but if you get a break and only get failing to obey a traffic control device then you get less points but your fine could still be substantial.

I always try to tell people, don't get pissed because they are doing their job, every action gets a reaction. So if you are speeding, then expect some attention from local law enforcement.
law man

Syracuse, NY

#258 Apr 7, 2009
All I can say is REALLY. Mopar Nut and badge are tracking, the rest of you Really use your heads and stay in school.

Rochester, NY

#259 Apr 8, 2009
All I can say is REALLY as well, where is Mopar Nut tracking ?

United States

#260 Oct 5, 2009
that black dude Dan Collins who was on the news should work in irondequoit instead of the city! they need some brothers in there

Jordan, MN

#261 Feb 6, 2010
TO MOPAR NUT....SINCE YOU SEEM TO HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS...WHY IS IT THAT THE COPS IN IRONDEQUOIT DONT PATROL IRONDEQUOIT??? I only see them on the outskirts of the city like tops, Culver, Norton, Eastridge, and Hudson etc.? I have even seen them in the city with people ( usually a minority)pulled over as far as Bausch n Lomb! Also, walk into the Irondequoit court house on any givin day and all you'll see is black and hispanics who are not even residents of the town there to pay tickets!!!! I live in Irondequoit and frequently ride through the town to prove my point. usually not one in sight!!! A cop that is. Oh and one more thing, how many black or hispanics are in the dept. as of today? judging by the overwhelming minority count in the irondequoit courts they can sure use them!!!!

Charlotte, NC

#262 Jun 10, 2010
Screw Johny Law wrote:
Irondequoit cops are the worst of the worst city wide unless you consider state troopers. Irondequoit cops love writing tons of tickets and mess with people. I personally think that cops have to much power and let make make you realize something people THEY'RE VIOLATING YOU just my making you wear your seatbelt in your own car. Cops job is to f*$# with people and be dickheads its just the facts of life suck it up and deal with it...
whoever wrote this is a moran and should go live in a lawless third world country and see how fast your dumb ass comes crying back
mopar nut

Rochester, NY

#263 Jul 12, 2010
goliath your an idiot........Tops is in Irondequoit, Culver road (portion of) is in Irondequoit, Noton (portion of) is in Irondequoit, East Ridge is in Irondequoit, Hudson ave (portion of) is in Irondequoit. I think you need a geography course first before you start making some foolish observations. Are city residents not allowed in Irondequoit ? Be those people you see in the courts are black, hispanic etc does that mean that they don't live in Irondequoit ? There are plenty that do.
Did you ever think just because you see a IPD car in the city, does that mean that the violation wasn't first committed in Irondequoit ?
There are a couple of minorites on the force in IPD and IPD has been looking for qualified candidates for many years. There are very very few that even apply to the force.
So I would suggest before you judge, you take a real hard look at your ridiculous comments.

Keuka Park, NY

#264 Jul 30, 2010
Bill wrote:
Recently I was called by a police officer in the town of Gates Ny he left a message to call him back about an incident that occured at a local charity event that I attended with my wife. I was confussed as to what this incident was. but I made several attempts to contact this officer who then never called me back. Three days later I recieved a letter in the mail stating that I was being charged with Harassment 2nd .What I found out was a local attorney which lost a lawsuit against me was at this event and he falsly filed a report with this department. I have been harassed by this attorney in the past on several occasions with proof and witnesses. However when I tried to have him charged with the very same thing the police told me that the harassement law did not apply. Yet based on the word of this maalone I was finger printed photographed and could have lost my job! Where is the consistantcy in Justice?
Was the attorneys initials T.C.S ? If they were we would like to discuss

Keuka Park, NY

#265 Jul 30, 2010
Was the attorney's initials T.C.S ? If they were we would like to discuss,Had a similar experience.I will check the responses daily
mopar nut

Rochester, NY

#266 Aug 21, 2010
Just an FYI, if you got charged with Harassment 2nd, which is a violation of law you don't get fingerprinted or photographed. So either you got charged with some other criminal statute and not a violation or you are confused, but by state law, no one in this state gets fingerprinted or photographed for a violation.

Avon, NY

#267 Dec 29, 2010
To Adam.

Possibly, you should take some writing courses. You may be fairly new to criminal justice. But, I doubt any college will graduate you with the writing skills which you currently posses.
It would be dangerous to enter law enforcement with ineligible writing: I imagine a fine law enforcement agency such as the R.P.D would require a application essay. I wonder if yours would be accepted at this point.
IPD is a joke

Rochester, NY

#268 May 22, 2014
when being hassled by your employer and then the police is asked "am I being charged" the answer was no but bring in your bank statements. Was told needed to come in for "processing" but would never answer when asked directly am I being charged with a crime or arrested? A straight answer would be nice

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