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#21 Nov 3, 2009
MISS wrote:
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My husband works for Brown in Ionia Michigan. They got their notice yesterday that they will no longer be Brown employees as of Friday, November 6, 2009. No promises of jobs from Matcor but it is a possibility. Wondering if anyone has heard anything about Matcor's intentions with the Ionia facility?? Will it remain open or will they remove machines and close the shop???? Looking for any answers. I can't find anything on the sale on line.
My husband got a letter stating that they will monitor the activity of the plant and customer orders during the next several weeks and see if their "customer requirements will maintain our current production levels" basically if they have enough business to keep the doors open. Again this is for the Moberly location only, don't know anything about the others.
Poor Boy

Minford, OH

#22 Nov 4, 2009
At the Waverly, Ohio plant, Van-Rob has been there all week having the current employees filling out new paper work so they will be Van-Rob employees on Nov. 7th. They promised all the employees there that they would be keeping their jobs at their same pay-rate and no one would loose their vacation time.
Mini me

Chillicothe, OH

#23 Nov 5, 2009
Looks like they are laying off most of the plant from what the paper says.
Former Brown Employee

Ionia, MI

#24 Nov 5, 2009
I got laid off in Feb of 2009, there was NOTHING to do @ Corporate.
Goodbye Browns, Sorry to the employees and their families
Poor Boy

Minford, OH

#25 Nov 6, 2009
The Chillicothe paper's story is very misleading. It read like the doors will be chained-shut come Friday night. But the end of the paper's story says, "For more on this story, see Friday's edition of The Chillicothe Gazette".
I presently work there and every person were told to report to work at the Waverly plant Monday morning as usual.
Mini me

Chillicothe, OH

#26 Nov 6, 2009
I just wonder why they can't make a profit paying so what they do. Are they going to make something more profitable.
Former Brown Employee

Ionia, MI

#27 Nov 7, 2009
Mini me wrote:
I just wonder why they can't make a profit paying so what they do. Are they going to make something more profitable.
I looked up Matcor, who bought Browns, and it said they do most of all the same things Brown already does: Engineering & Design, Logistiscs, Painting, Metal Stamping, Phototyping & tooling, Heavy Metal Fab,Welding & Assembly. When I worked there, we were told by the CEO, that he wanted to do business with Boeing, and work on other projects with Toro...well..nothing ever came out of it. Talk is cheap, they never acted on any of their "dreams".
Mini me

Chillicothe, OH

#28 Nov 7, 2009
Could be that they didn't warn anyone of the layoff and now they have to pay a month of salaries they might as well get the work too.
xBrown employee

Greenville, MI

#29 Nov 8, 2009
I also looked up Matcor. Matcor seems to have a much broader book of business. Perhaps this will give Matcor a fighting chance in the long run. The problem with Browns is that they never really listened to good ideas from anyone outside of the "circle." The company relied on a faulty good ole boy network for to long. Hard to keep a business alive when you keep making the same mistakes year after year.
Former Brown Employee

Ionia, MI

#30 Nov 8, 2009
xBrown employee wrote:
I also looked up Matcor. Matcor seems to have a much broader book of business. Perhaps this will give Matcor a fighting chance in the long run. The problem with Browns is that they never really listened to good ideas from anyone outside of the "circle." The company relied on a faulty good ole boy network for to long. Hard to keep a business alive when you keep making the same mistakes year after year.
Couldnt agree more, thats exactly how it was. If you weren't on top, your thoughts & ideas meant nothing. Which I believe I had been told in numerous meetings that we were a "TEAM" and were supposed to work together? Only about 5% of us actually were a Team, otherwise it was every man for themselves. I dont know if they're going to open a corporate headquarters for Matcor (the Ex Brown half) up here or what, but if they do, they need to hire all new staff. Start fresh, because as shown, who they had in charge, wasnt working out. As far as the plant workers, I don't know why they let them go? They werent in charge of any decision making as far as I am aware, so they weren't to blame for the downfall. Why lay them off?

Arlington, MA

#32 Nov 8, 2009
van Robb may be a good company but, im positive a organized Van Robb would be better! Remember we can be terminated without cause according to our employment aggreement! that's great job security! We are told we make competitive wages but what are they comparing us to? Taco Bell, maybe? Like to see enough people send a message that southern ohio isn't little Mexico and the cheap labor and Bs employment agreements will not be tolerated! Why not support a Union? Ford, GM and Chrysler does.

Toronto, Canada

#33 Nov 10, 2009
How is everyone here talking about Matcor and Vanrobb when noone knwos what is happening. I think it be better to wait and see if these companies do buy Brown and then what happens. Everyone that is posinting here is just feeding negativity and speculating which is unfair. All that we do know is that Brown is given a second chance at life and even if 1/2 the current employees are re-employed that is better than the company going brokje and everyone loosing jobs.

Charleston, WV

#34 Nov 10, 2009
Anyone heard what's going on at Brown Corp/Greenville? I heard they may be shutting the doors.
Mini me

Chillicothe, OH

#35 Nov 10, 2009
Could it be a new owner speaking among us.
laidoff employee

Cincinnati, OH

#36 Nov 10, 2009
Layoffs just a rumor

Midwest Stamping to continue operations
Times Business Editor
Tuesday, November 10, 2009 1:08 PM EST
EDGERTON — Despite reports to the contrary, Midwest Stamping LLC in Edgerton is operating as usual, and its employees still are working.

According to Tim Oeschger, vice president of human resources for parent company Brown Corp. of America — which is part of BHM Technologies — the sale of Midwest Stamping to Matcor, a Canadian company headquartered near Toronto, is expected to be completed within a few days.

“Everything continues as normal,” Oeschger said of the Edgerton plant.

Some confusion may have resulted from a warning notice filed by Midwest Stamping with the Ohio Department of Development on Nov. 2.

The notice states Midwest Stamping “will permanently lay off approximately 198 employees” on Nov. 6. The letter further states the layoffs “are the result of Midwest Stamping’s failure to obtain capital and business over the last few months ...”

As a result, the letter states the company “had little choice but to agree to sell the company to Matcor.”

“We had to (file the notice) because the employees were terminated by Midwest with the sale that will be, and then they’ll be rehired by the new company,” Oeschger explained.

“We’re still in business — a viable enterprise.... And so everything goes on as normal here, and we will have new owners very shortly.”

According to the company’s operating plan, no employees will be laid off, he added.

However, he noted,“This is a tough economy right now and there may be a few people that get laid off not because of the sale of the company to the new employer,(but because of) the lousy business conditions ...

“We’re certainly going to continue to be a part of the community,” Oeschger said Monday.“We’re a valuable enterprise, a very productive plant (with) a great work force, and we’re moving forward. This is not a plant shutdown.”

The Edgerton plant manufactures metal stamping and complex welded assemblies for the automotive industries.
Poor Boy

Minford, OH

#37 Nov 10, 2009
I know that all the employee's a the Brown plant in Waverly are very excited about Van-Rob buying them.
Former Brown Employee

Ionia, MI

#38 Nov 10, 2009
Blah Blah Blah, first we heard Brown was closing its doors, now everyones jobs are being "Saved", and they'll all be rehired by the new company? Well thanks for "saving" my job BROWN!

Bethpage, NY

#39 Nov 24, 2009
Just received a posting for an engineer needed in the Waverly plant. They are Hiring, that's good news. My questions is, should I apply? This would requre moving my family from New Orleans back to Ohio (home). It's tempting, but I don't want to get myself into a bad situation.
Poor Boy

Minford, OH

#40 Nov 24, 2009
Some of the Van-Rob people have been out in our (Waverly) plant this week. They have mentioned putting $3 million into the plant. Updating the computer & data systems... Putting another huge crane in our press-room... Cleaning up, fixing up and painting the plant, inside & out. The past few years, Brown Corp. was owned by BHM Tech. They didn't want to spend any money on the Waverly plant (or the other plants too, I would guess). BHM Tech. was too busy taking away anything and everything from the hourly workers. The worker morale was very down and they didn't care about quality. Now, the workers are liking what they're hearing from the Van-Rob people. It seems like over night, most workers are talking positive and taking interest in their jobs once again.
Time will tell... keep your finger crossed!

Independence, MO

#41 Nov 25, 2009
Writing again regarding the Moberly, MO plant... They asked for voluntary layoffs. My husband works for them, and he didn't volunteer because we would rather get a paycheck and save the unemployment for a time when it is really needed. A few days later, the people who stayed got job offers from the new owner.

I am pretty pleased with the whole thing because they got to keep all their vacation, insurance and such. They credited everybody with the amount of time they had been with Brown, so the 401k account should be OK. The holidays are going to be the same as with Brown. So far it's been a positive experience at this location.

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