I was referred to Shawn, the owner of E-Waste Electronics Recyling by the gentleman who maintains my PCs, a very reputable and talented individual, to replace the glass screen on my daughter's Ipad. Looking back on the experience, there were a lot of red flags that should have kept me from doing business with this person, however the long and the short of it is this:

•The computer functioned fine when delivered to Shawn; the only problem was broken glass. It was returned after three weeks instead of few days indicated at the time of its delivery.
•The new glass is not entirely re-attached, having gap of several 32ths of an inch at one end of the screen.
•The new glass also has what appears to be a finger print smudge on the inside of the new glass that extends across the entire width of the glass. In addition, there are a number of small pieces of debris between the new glass and the screen.
•A number of the external functions such as the lock button no longer work.
•Certain touch screen applications no longer work or do not function properly; for instance, the number pad only works for certain numbers in one orientation and the rest after the pad is rotated 90 degrees.

I have talked to staff at E-Waste Electronics and Recycling requesting the owner, Shawn, call me to discuss a resolution to his poor workmanship, however since he has not returned my phone calls, it seems he is content to leave the situation as it is while keeping the $120 I paid him to fix this unit.

In my opinion, this individual is incompetent and dishonest and I do not recommend doing any kind of business with him or his company.