I have no clue if the Kid is guilty or innocent I hate to see wasted lives the victims and even this kid . The Bomber if guilty has not been on earth long enough to make up his own mind Media mind bending goes on all over the world . Kurt Sutter you make scumbags in the USA hells angel out to be cool when in reality they are cowards and punks and the God of the USA hells angels had showed that to you over years now and you are old enough to know and rich enough to control and you should not be using men like the USA hells angels on your show .

DO you watch Sons of AnarchY I don't but I have read about it.
Here is a question to for a big SOA TV fan

Now that the BoMber Kid has 3 Holes Like Sonny Barger the leader of the USA hells angels not be mistaken with the child porn leader of the USA hells angels David Burgess a real USA hells angel Hero and a True credit to the American People risking his life and freedom transporting thousands of child porn pictures across many states to meet with other USA hells angels at a hells angel convention a true American Hero . Back to TV

Do you think Kurt Sutter will get the Hots for this kid and put him on Sons of Anarchy. USA hells angels got a long history of horrible crimes against women and children that spans decades but this kid is off to a great start and maybe Kurt Sutter can pay him and help support him and his friends and his group and maybe someday they will be as big as the USA hells angels here in the USA and they can learn how to harm rape molest and murder women and children and be on Sons of Anarchy 2 It will be the Bomb

Dzhokar Tsarnaev as the young Sonny Berger then again the kid may not want to play the part of a young Jew.