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quil hollow parent

Washington, NC

#21 Nov 1, 2012
i heard he suspended a child from school for 4 days for not giving him his phone isnt that a bit redic

Logan, WV

#22 Nov 1, 2012
quil hollow parent wrote:
i heard he suspended a child from school for 4 days for not giving him his phone isnt that a bit redic
As you can see by this thread, a lot of people have "heard things." Yet they can't provide first hand, indisputable proof.

Still waiting.
Your stupid

Lebanon, KY

#23 Nov 4, 2012
what wrote:
<quoted text>
As you can see by this thread, a lot of people have "heard things." Yet they can't provide first hand, indisputable proof.
Still waiting.
no one has to give u proof of anything why would a parent make things up get over yourself truth is the truth he's a jerk

Logan, WV

#24 Nov 4, 2012
Your stupid wrote:
<quoted text>no one has to give u proof of anything why would a parent make things up get over yourself truth is the truth he's a jerk
If you are going to call someone stupid, make sure you use the correct version of "you're." It will make you look less, well, stupid! Yes, we do need proof. If you make such outrageous claims, you better damn sure be ready to back up what you say.

Why would a parent make up such things? Because it's the internet and they can be anonymous jerk offs, to try and run someone's name through the mud, because their precious baby would rather take the easy way out and lie, rather then take responsibility for something they have done.

Still waiting for proof.
wats the story

Charleston, WV

#25 Nov 4, 2012
When a principal takes a cell phone, there is a reason. By the way, it is there for the parents to pick up. Must have been a reason.
A lot of children are jerks because of the way the laws have changed. I have never saw such bratty children and adolesence in my life.
Like I said, there has to be a reason for a principal to give a student ACR. I just don't believe that he is this big evil villian that is going around picking out him or her and deciding that no good reason punishment will be for them just because he feels like it.
Grown-ups have seen and heard it all, children.

Logan, WV

#26 Nov 4, 2012
Mr. Fletcher is biased and prejudiced against anybody who is not nice and sweet to him. He needs to grow up and relaize that everyobdy does not agree with him 100% of the time. He needs to stop acting like a child, but I guess that won't matter so long as his daddy Mark Blackburn keeps him under his wing.

Inez, KY

#27 Nov 4, 2012
Lol wrote:
Honestly he is not a bad principal. He cares about the students but gets mad when kids don't care about anything. That's why he gets mad. So maybe it's not his fault.
He acts like he is a judge, but he just decides what he thinks and uses kids to try to make himself look good. to show power over the other students. He doesn't care if the student he is using is innocent. He doesn't listen to the kids or ask them their side. He just yells at the student. He will tell the parent a totally different story then what he tells anybody else, he writes in his report. To make it look like he is taking drugs away from the school, and then he also lies to the cops to make it look bad. He is causing innocent kids to get a record when they have done nothing to deserve it. Kids that are really trying. He destroyed the hope of a good, straight A. A student that another kid was getting rid of the evidence and put it in another boys bag. The other boy even admitted that the boy where he put the drugs was innocent, but Mr. Fletcher still told the cops that the innocent student was traffeting which the innocent boy didn't even no it was in his bag until Mr. Fletcher stopped him and started yelling at him. He just accused and didn't ask the boy anything just damaged the innocent boys future and reputation. A boy that has never had anything to do with drugs, was just doing the best he could do in school. A A student But the school he missed and the work he missed since he cannot get his grades back up and in doing so has damaged the students changes of getting a scholarship and going to college, which this student was working so hard to do. Mr. Fletcher, make sure your facts are true and listen to the student, just don't make judgements, you are not a judge, or GOD. This student was innocent just like if someone had put drugs in something of yours. Don't destroy another kids life. Listen to the students, find out facts, before you judge.

Logan, WV

#28 Nov 4, 2012
Yet another lying, BS story. Still waiting for proof. And when a "parent" or "former student" comes here to post another story, a word of advice, try not to make up a story with so many contradictions and holes in it that you could drive a mack truck through it.

Lexington, KY

#29 Nov 7, 2012
This thread is honestly ridiculous. Personally, I never had any trouble with Mr. Fletcher - I can't say he isn't unfair, because it is, well, possible, that I was 'favored'.

However, there is absolutely NO REASON to think so. Just like What has been saying, evidence. If you want to convince someone of something as extreme as the claims in this thread, you need some corroborating evidence. Otherwise, how is it any different than something you or someone else made up?

If you want people to take you seriously about Mr. Fletcher being unfair / biased, provide evidence. Yelling "no one has to give u proof of anything" and "ur stupid" doesn't help.

If you don't think you need proof to get Mr. Fletcher kicked out of his position, how would you feel if I came to your job and made up a story about you to get you fired? You'd be pretty pissed - because they fired you without proof.

You need proof, deal with it.
Secondhand Lion

Prestonsburg, KY

#30 Nov 7, 2012
Get Over Yourselves wrote:
I love it when people blame the principles and the teachers for the problems with their children, when in fact, probably 80% of the complainers are the problem themselves. "The teachers dont know what they are doing." No, its mostly you not knowing what to do. You dont help them with their homework, dont push them to do better, only teach them how to bully others. "The principal is bias towards certain students." No, the principal isnt. YOU are bias towards your child, therefore it seems the principal is. Take a long, hard look in the mirror b4 blaming someone else for your own mistakes and problems. I've known most of the teachers and the principal for many, many years. Went to school with some, had some as a teacher. GET OVER YOURSELVES and do what needs to be done. FIX things at home.
I think the two new school board members who got elected yesterday may help change things at the high school. Far as I know, neither one of them is in anybody's sockpuppet. I expect we'll have a new superintendent by June who may find it necessary to make a change in leadership at the high school, too. Know for a fact that the state is about two shakes of my tail from booting out both of these guys, anyway. But Get's right about sorry parents blaming the school for their kids' problems. Most are dropouts themselves, have never read a book and spend all their time watching goofy hunting and reality TV shows. Actually, if they give him time, Robbie's got enough sense to become a really good principal. Obama lost, so there's no charter school waiting to replace SCHS anytime soon. Don't think he plays favorites -- Mr. Cat Fletcher comes from pretty poor people himself -- he just has to relax a little, develop a sense of humor but stay focused, like he can.
Poor baby

Nerinx, KY

#31 Nov 26, 2012
He's a jerk!

Clay City, KY

#32 Nov 26, 2012
Poor baby wrote:
He's a jerk!
Is the reason he is a jerk is because your little bastard is no good?
Tosha Jude

Logan, WV

#33 Dec 1, 2012
First of all, people are stupid. Robbie does not give special treatment to students. I know that for a fact, I am his niece and never was favored. He was my principal for four years and if I did something wrong, my punishment was probably worse than most. All this bull crap about him thinking he is better than everyone else? His wife is a doctor and he has went to school all of his life to get to where he is. He knows what it is like to struggle and tries to help the kids that he sees in this same position. Robbie and his wife are good people, and DO NOT think they are better than anyone else. Where they are today, is because THEY put forth the effort and made it through life. And to those parents who say he is harsh on your children: Do you ever stop to think that it might be your children acting up? Yes, Mr.Fletcher can get hateful sometimes but it is because he cares about the students and it hurts him to see them not care about theirselves. If you want a principal who lets the students glide through doing crap, then he is not your guy. The reason all these kids get in trouble is because THEY did something wrong. He doesnt punish for no reason. I know he isnt perfect and he does make mistakes, who doesnt? He also cannot make someone learn. I know how Sheldon Clark is, you have to try to learn. The teachers arent freaking miracle workers. I know there are some bad apples in the bunch. But, Most students dont give a hum didly about their grades and will not put forth an effort. How do you expect Robbie to fx this? Do you ever stop to think you could change the problem? I graduated Sheldon Clark and now I go to Big Sandy. I know its not a top notch college, but I dont have the money to go away. But, my point is dont feed me this bull that it is impossible to get an education at Sheldon Clark. You just have to want it and try for it. This is something that your so called "horrible" principal cant fix. Its up to you, he will do the rest.

San Angelo, TX

#34 Dec 6, 2012
So today state police was at SCHS due to someone just walking in the door, prowling around the school asking students if they could pee clean for how irresponsible the school is. Sheldon Clark is a joke.

Prestonsburg, KY

#35 Dec 17, 2012
Maybe we should actually learn how to speak, read, and write english before we make accusing posts towards a principal. First off, I am currently attending SCHS, and I can say that there has been some favoritism shown amongst the student body, but the ones that Mr. Fletcher disregards are the ones that have shown that they just will not do as they are supposed to. It's a school, built for learning. Second, no I don't agree with everything he's done, but the school has come a long way in the past few years in test scores alone. He's kept Sheldon Clark from going under, and for that, I thank him.

Ivel, KY

#36 Feb 1, 2013
Mr.Fletcher does have his favorites ! If you went to school & had him as your principal you'd know. But he has his favorites such as the cheerleaders & the football team . How do I know ? Because I had a hole the size of an eraser above my knee & my mother had to bring me clothes . While there was preps wearing shorts that show their ass . But that was ohkay ? Yeah he's such a good person he doesn't have favorites . Ask anyone that does flaunt there money an see what they tell you .

Charleston, WV

#37 Feb 2, 2013
If his or any before where even close to being good at doing there job then over half the people that go or have been to that school would know how to read ,wright its a shitty school always has been always well be its a teachers job to lead and pull a child in making them want to learn there called kids for a reanson there to younge and dumb to make the right choices

Corbin, KY

#38 Feb 2, 2013
Everyone has a brain and they can think for their self so they can say what's on their mind that's called Freedom of Speech so everyone needs to get over it some people like him so don't Thats life!Get over it! Keeping this topix going is just giving him attention!

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