I did

Prestonsburg, KY

#109 Sep 10, 2012
Random wrote:
Its not always our fault. The customers are the biggest problem. They are a pain in the a$$ and when we need them to slow down they act like are dumb. Seriously we are usually doing more than one thing and we can't help that you decide to run your order off at a ridiculous rate. Its pretty sad also that when everyone gets their checks at the first of the month instead of going and buying groceries or paying their bills first stop is McDonald's. Also you think that the restaurants are dirty?? I've seen ten times worse and also if you would see the cleaning lists that we have plus what goes on in our inspections you would know otherwise. I know for sure that no one on this post has a perfect kitchen. Its also pretty hard for us to keep up when all everyone wants to do is come to Mcdonalds at the same time. Oh yea and if you're going to order for more than a few (meaning 3)people why don't you idk be considerate and call your order in! When we're busy we don't always have the time to spit out 30 doubles at the snap of a finger bc we are busy! Seriously before you judge come work one day in our shows and see what its really like. We don't get paid nearly enough to deal with some of the likes of you.
I used to work at McDonalds...not this one but I do know what it takes to get your job done.
I was a closer at the one I worked at.
I dont see the Inez McDonalds any different fron any other. The only differance I see is when the heavy set manager works thing usually go wrong and are slow but when the tall blonde girl works manager everything works like a clock.
Food is always great and the workers are great too.
Specially fond of one of the girls that work there in the mornings, shes just as cute as she can be and is always so friendly. I just like her but thats beside the point... I just dont see what the big deal is, I think they do a great job and the food is only wrong every now and then... but its ok I can deal with it.
turtle buffer

Pikeville, KY

#110 Sep 19, 2012
so whos the best worker at night?
I did

Prestonsburg, KY

#111 Sep 19, 2012
turtle buffer wrote:
so whos the best worker at night?
Is that a question for me or in general?
And night shift does that start at 5pm on?

Wheelwright, KY

#112 Sep 19, 2012
lol wrote:
So freaking sooo! It shouldn't be considered a fast food joint. They always forget the straws too.

poor baby, take off the lid. I'm sure you won't brake a nail in the process.
turtle buffer

Pikeville, KY

#113 Sep 20, 2012
i guess it starts at five. i dont know. i wasnt askin anybody in particular. i dont have anything bad to say either. i just want to to talk to somebody. i also think the nightshift workers i know are hard workers. and i have never worked there or had a problem there.

Williamson, WV

#114 Sep 22, 2012
Heard that one of the workers there has Hep b & c

Whitman, WV

#115 Oct 6, 2012
citizen wrote:
Heard that one of the workers there has Hep b & c
well than you heard wrong random citizen
probly aids

United States

#116 Oct 6, 2012
timmy wrote:
<quoted text>well than you heard wrong random citizen
prlby the aids 2.

Tomahawk, KY

#117 Oct 7, 2012
if i were u i wouldent be rude too the workers there.i heard they will pee on ur food or spit on it.i will not eat there.

Inez, KY

#119 Oct 10, 2012
i work there & nobody will pee or spit or do anything nasty 2 your food. We couldn't get away with it even if we wanted to.
stevie m

Whitman, WV

#120 Oct 10, 2012
lmfao wrote:
i work there & nobody will pee or spit or do anything nasty 2 your food. We couldn't get away with it even if we wanted to.
doubt it, dropped like 5 pattys last week no one caught on.

Logan, WV

#121 Apr 25, 2013
Usually I don't complain about eating fast food because I don't eat it very often. However, if you eat at McDonald's you need to check to make sure your order is right. I had an apt and I had to wait so long to see the Dr. that I ran to McDonald's and I was given the wrong burger. I asked for a regular cheeseburger and ended up getting a double cheeseburger, the one with only one slice of cheese.I did take it back and got the correct burger.Later that day I ran through the drive thru to pick my mom and my brother up a sandwich and asked for a cheeseburger and a grilled cheddar-burger and ended up with two cheddar-burgers. If I hadn't already been home before I realized the mistake I would have taken it back.

Prestonsburg, KY

#122 Apr 25, 2013
Mary wrote:
Just so you all know....McDonalds is not that bad of a fast food place....we just have a hard time sometimes and if RUDE ASS people didnt come through and act all BAD ASS then we woulnt have that bad of a time...people take it for granted that the customers are always right but in my own experiance i have NEVER seen a right customer in my year and a half working there.....
You know how they ask u to pull up and wait on your food? Yeah i did that one night after paying for my food and they forgot me, and im always nice, so dont tell me its so wonderful
just me

Prestonsburg, KY

#123 Apr 25, 2013
Keshia wrote:
I think if all you ppl are going to talk about McDonald's like it's the worest place to eat at then why in the hell do you guys come back.. I work there and the employees don't do what ever the hell they want. I see most of the people that call and complain come right back to McDonald's. If you don't like it so much stop coming there.. We don't care...And for all you ppl that store is not nasty we work our asses off to keep that place clean... I think you ppl should get off your asses, stop complaining and Work one day of your life...Oh that's right if you work then you can't draw your ssi checks and food stamps. All you guys are lazy ass Bitches..
Ive worked all my life and trust me they do mess up your orders a lot then act offended when u ask for it fixed, and no i dont spend my hard earned dollars there the food all taste the same to me no matter what u order, they all are the same
just me

Prestonsburg, KY

#124 Apr 25, 2013
SCbig_13 wrote:
to all u ppl who think mcd's employees r rude.........SUCK IT HOMOS IF IT WASNT FOR UR STUPIDITY THINGS THERE WOULD GO MUCH BETTER!next idiot who throws somethin at one of us were gonna get togeather some inmates and get u gang banged, u aint gonna like it neither, queers! hey hamburgler from wat i here ur little wimpy self leaned threw the drive through window and slapped him not punched but SLAPPED him like some sort of chick, then u drove off as fast as u could to get to mommys for some milk and cookies.
If it wasnt for customers u would not work for that wonderful establishment, yeah your gonna get rich there alright, hey you can probably get food stamps because u cant be making enough to make ends meet unless your a kid living with your parents
just me

Prestonsburg, KY

#125 Apr 25, 2013
I wish wendys was in inez
~just wondering~

Prestonsburg, KY

#126 Apr 26, 2013
After reading all the comments from the staff there i dont think i will ever eat there again, i went online and reported all this also, good lord people u are better off staying home and cooking
~just wondering~

Prestonsburg, KY

#127 Apr 26, 2013
just me wrote:
<quoted text>If it wasnt for customers u would not work for that wonderful establishment, yeah your gonna get rich there alright, hey you can probably get food stamps because u cant be making enough to make ends meet unless your a kid living with your parents
How retarded it is to threaten to get someone gang banged? Thats it,they have a bunch of tards working there, thats why they don't know how to act at work or on this site, awwww poor babies, hope you have a nice week
does not matter

Inez, KY

#128 Apr 27, 2013
it is bad they can't get anything right, because they have people that don't know what they are doing or just don't care and sure not trained right. Won't eat there again
customer service

Princeton, WV

#129 Dec 6, 2013
After visiting my family in Inez, I am truly upset with this McDonalds. They either need to shut it down or get new managers. The red heavy set woman complained about her life to everyone in line. Another short heavy set manager was laughing and carrying on without a care in the world and fondling other employees. I seen all this just standing in line! When I come into somewhere to eat I don't want to hear your life story. I just want to enjoy my food. Then my food is wrong. They finally made it right. We go in on night shift. What a freakin joke. One little girl on front working by herself while others seem to be having a party in the back. They finally noticed they had customers and came up to try to look busy. Some looked high to me and one had stuff hanging out of their nose, pill maybe. Shut it down in my book. I will never eat there again!!

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