Was Christina Korbe protecting her tw...

Was Christina Korbe protecting her two children?

There are 68 comments on the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette story from Nov 22, 2008, titled Was Christina Korbe protecting her two children?. In it, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that:

Christina Korbe with her husband, Robert, when daughter, Taylor, was a baby. When Christina Korbe heard a loud banging noise at the front door of her Indiana Township home early Wednesday morning, her first ...

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Rich Y

Pittsburgh, PA

#1 Dec 16, 2008
Were can we start about this scum of the earth (Christian Korbe and Robert Korbe). These lowlife's were not trying to defend there children. Her husband is a convicted drug dealer since 1991. When there is drugs it usually brings violence. There should have never been a gun in this home in the first place, because state and federal law states, convicted felons (Robert Korbe) cannot be around or possess weapons. Christina Korbe violated state and federal law by having a gun inside the Korbe's home , already knowing that her lowlife husband Robert Korbe was not allowed to be around one.

The police and federal agents did not put this family at risk, they were actually saving these children from there reckless, lowlife parents who don't want to work a real job and pay taxes like everyone else. Christina Korbe and Robert Korbe put there kids and family at risk by possessing a firearm and dealing drugs, when they both knew a gun was not allowed in their home in the first place. The Korbe's made their bed and now they have to sleep in it.

Also Christina Korbe made taped statements inside the county jail stating that she would kill several people and that she was a celebratey inside the jail for killing a federal agent. During these taped conversations she laughed about the killing of Agent Hicks and stated that you cannot screw with a girl from the suburbs.

May Agent Hicks rest in peace and my condolences go out to his family.

Northumberland, PA

#3 Dec 18, 2008
And to think that she objected to her mother-in-law watching the children because the m-i-l smokes and swears! What a bunch of baloney! Cocaine and guns are ok to be around but not smoking or swearing. I hope that girl never sees the light of day again and believe me I have no personal interest in this case. I actually felt sorry for her prior to hearing those tapes and her descriptions of Agent Hicks. She isn't a woman with any remorse at all. If she has any remorse, its only because SHE is behind bars where, by the way, she belongs!
some_one_that_kn ows

Littleton, CO

#5 Mar 19, 2009
why dont you put walk in her shoes...you dont know what its like....people like you should be behind bars

Gibsonia, PA

#6 Mar 26, 2009
I really feel for the FBI agents family and prays go out to the family...but I do feel bad for Christina and her family too! Why didn't the FBI just wait for her husband's hearing the next day??? I don't know if this is true...but someone told me if the FBI goes in early they get a paid Bonus for bring someone in...If that's true, that's not right...because and agent lost his life over a Money Bonus??? I really think I would of been scared too,(If i was Christina) even if they did announce they were the police...Anyone could say their the police...that early in the morning, startled and wanting to protect your family...I might of went for the gun too...to Protect my family...and the tape recordings they played for the public to hear... I think she was just acting tough so no one would jump her or attack her in jail. I really don't think they would be so hard on Christine if this wasn't an FBI agent. Now Death Row???? Common on...Sorry, but I do feel for Christina and her family too! I don't think they handled this right at all...

Gibsonia, PA

#7 Mar 26, 2009
...Just thought of something else...how about during WACO ...When David Koresh would go to town to pick up food every weekend...why didn't the FBI get him when he was in town picking up food??? Why did they have to bust in the house killing 54 adults and 21 children??? Another example of Not excepting Responsibility for Actions...sorry that's just my opionion!!! Didn't handle that right either!!!

Pittsburgh, PA

#8 Apr 28, 2009
If she thought it was a robber why the hell was her husband running out the back door and not protecting his kids. She knew what she was doing and deserves to be in jail. She may have loved her kids but not enough to stop her drug habits. She should be ashamed of herself. As for her family... They get to see her in jail. Agent Hicks family will never see them again because of her. Anyone who stands by and supports her is fooling themselves.

Johnstown, PA

#9 Apr 29, 2009
opinionated wrote:
If she thought it was a robber why the hell was her husband running out the back door and not protecting his kids. She knew what she was doing and deserves to be in jail. She may have loved her kids but not enough to stop her drug habits. She should be ashamed of herself. As for her family... They get to see her in jail. Agent Hicks family will never see them again because of her. Anyone who stands by and supports her is fooling themselves.
it all happens so fast they shouldnt have been there at no 5 am...u werent there u dont kno how it was...i stand by her...call me a fool!And for Hicks that was part of his job u take a chance.Every cop and firefighter out there takes a chance everyday for what they do!
Friend of Sam

Baltimore, MD

#10 May 28, 2009
Openminded, you are the scum of the earth, and I would like to think that you can one day experience the pain of Sam's family. It was a mass raid throughout the Pittsburgh area. There are no "Money Bonuses". Get your facts straight before you say things like that. The raids were carried out by multiple law enforcement agencies both local and federal. There were over 20 warrants, and over 20 arrests were made that day. Everything about the raid was legit. The Korbe house was outfitted with a steel door and security cameras. Do you still feel sorry for her. Or wait, maybe she had the cameras installed so she could see when the rest of the PTA members from her kids school were showing up for lunch? You are an idiot and I hope that you never benefit from the work of law enforcement officers that risk their lives for you everyday. Sam was a super hero to everyone he met, and he will never have the chance to raise his son. If you don't know the facts, how can you formulate an opinion? If you want to feel bad, her kids are the ones to feel bad about. Sam's son, as aweful as it is, will never know the pain surrounding his fathers death. A 2-year-old will never recall something like that, but her kids will. They will know that their mom is a cop killer and will probably have to experience her death when her judgement is handed down. The fact that she had her children living in a situation like that is appauling, and it sheds light on the kind of filth that she was. But then again, it sounds like filth is somthing that you can relate to. We love you Sam. May your dream live on.

Columbus, OH

#11 Jun 18, 2009
To all the ignorant idiots on this post taking Kristina Korbe's side.....you need to sit back and evaluate the situation. The Korbe's are lowlife, selfish people who want to live their lives through drugs and violence. I hope Kristina Korbe gets what she deserves....the DEATH PENALTY. I have no sympathy for her at all. I hope she rots in hell and I do hope her kids grow up to have a normal life.

My thoughts go out to Sam's wife and son.
Free Mumia

Westerville, OH

#12 Jun 28, 2009
Yeah you need to sit back and evaluate the situation. I can agree that the Korbes are alleged criminals but Mrs. Korbe's shooting of agent Hicks was 100% justified. Home self defense at its best. Ask any PSP trooper who's ever shot a 12 year old in the back, to death, sometime things get crazy and people get shot.

Mr. Hicks was shot after he entered a home because he had a search warrant. A search warrant that was obtained because a judge believed that there was enough evidence to place Mr. Korbe under arrest. Agent Hicks and company could have been much smarter about how they went about serving this warrant.

Why the big cops and robbers "kick the door-in" entrance at the Korbe's on that fateful morning? Possible watching too many reruns of Starsky and Hutch. The agents already had enough evidence to arrest and possibly convict Mr. Korbe didn't they?

Well I'll tell ya. They wanted to find more evidence before it got flushed down the toilet and that requires a quick, dangerous, surprise entrance. The kind that get people killed. The agents screwed this one up due to their lust for MORE evidence.

Mr. Hicks was sacrificed by a bunch of overzealous cops who behave like a bundle of cocaine is worth risking the life of an another human being. Obtain more evidence at any risk, this is how these guys want to roll and we're supposed to be shocked when someone picks up a gun and defends themselves? Naw I don't think so.

Serve warrants a little more sensibly and less people will die. Why didn't they pick up this guy on his way OUT the door? Or at his place of business? Or while he was getting his haircut?

Everyone wants to blame Mrs. Korbe because she threw the shots. The cops need to start taking a little responsibility for how they perform their job. Obtaining a little more evidence is not worth putting lives at risk.

If Mrs. Korbe gets a fair trial she will be found not guilty of this mans death. And lets not forget the double standard, if you have a badge you can shoot a child in the back and that is justified. Maybe Mrs. Korbe should have put on a badge before throwing those shots down the steps. The DA may seek the death penalty for Mrs. Korbe, but in Pennsylvania a PSP trooper can stalk and kill person without being charged with a capital crime? Can everyone say double standard for KEYSTONE KOPS.

In this case Mrs. Korbe can use her alleged criminal activity to her defense. "I thought we were being robbed because we had a house full of cash and drugs. I shot at the people robbing my home", there's your reasonable doubt. Not guilty!

So before we get ready to cheer on the lethal injection of Mrs. Korbe think about how that fateful day went down and how that arrest warrant could have been served in a much safer way.
Not sympathetic

Pittsburgh, PA

#13 Jun 29, 2009
Korbe was probably smart enough not to carry drugs with him to go get his haircut, hence why you raid his home. She knew darn well what she was doing. As for shooting a 12 year old... I use to live in Uniontown, maybe the 12 year old punk should have been at home rather than stealing cars on Christmas. Give his father all that money so he can use it for drugs.
Totally Sympathetic

Pittsburgh, PA

#14 Jun 30, 2009
Not sympathetic wrote:
Korbe was probably smart enough not to carry drugs with him to go get his haircut, hence why you raid his home. She knew darn well what she was doing. As for shooting a 12 year old... I use to live in Uniontown, maybe the 12 year old punk should have been at home rather than stealing cars on Christmas. Give his father all that money so he can use it for drugs.
I think you missed the points. Gotta agree that Mrs Korbe is going to get off.

Johnstown, PA

#15 Jul 1, 2009
What does it matter if she was a low life thats not a reason to give her the death penalty...why dont you put urself in her position im sure you would have done that same or something along the line of it.....i dont think she deserves the death penalty...those police knew what they were in for when they became police...before they go to the house they get all prepared and shit...ive met mr. korbe he is a very nice guy not everyone sits on a high horse like you
Friend of korbes

Pittsburgh, PA

#16 Jul 8, 2009
There are no video cameras in the house. There are no windows from the upstairs back bedroom to the front. Robert ran downstairs away from chrissy and the kids. His disappearance in the night made the situation more terrifying. All respect the loss of the Hicks family and the ultimate sacrifice made by this fine young agent. Its a terrible tragedy and not a murder however. Someone should really be asking who is responsible for sending law enforcement into that home the day before a hearing screaming Pittsburgh police while in Indiana Township. A supervisor bears responsibility for a headline grabbing stunt that cost our country a courageous and honorable public servant. I am sorry for the pain and venom that the people close to the Hicks family feel and display. It reflects badly on them and this mans sacrifice.
Ben L E

Severna Park, MD

#17 Jul 25, 2009
Of course she was protecting her family and her home.
1) A person protecting his or her family and home is a big priority over (yet another) counter productive recreational drug bust. Put me on the jury and the gov will have to go a long, long way to convince me that a person whose home is being invaded by heavily armed thugs at 6am isn't entitled to shoot first and ask questions later.
2) The biggest reason these busts are done is because law enforcement has a large number of bullyboys and bullygirls who get off breaking down someone's door, trashing the place, bullying the occupants, shooting the family dog and, if they're real lucky, shooting the homeowner. And too much money to spend on paramilitary toys which, once bought, must be used.
3) These are casualties of the mindless, unwinnable war on recreational drugs. Decriminalizing recreational drugs will remove most of the profit and that will remove most of the violence.
Kristina aka White Trash

Pittsburgh, PA

#18 Jul 26, 2009
Don't be fooled by this good-looking chick who stated, "It was early & I thought I was being robbed & I just wanted to protect my children". Looking past this statement, consider a few things:
First of all, she is a mother with young children. Chances are, she was already awake at 6AM. Don't tell me she was "surprised" at that early hour.
Second, her "upstanding husband" no doubt heard the announcement the police made that they were at the door. The first thing he does is run downstairs (a real man, huh?) to flush drugs down a commode. Don't tell me he didn't call up to his wife, that the police were at the door. She "didn't know" they were at the door? Yeah, right.
Third, if she was so intent on protecting her children, then why was she living with a drug dealer all those years? Because she liked the fringe benefits. She was more concerned about that, than her children. So don't give me the defense, "I was just trying to protect my children". No doubt, there will be SOMEONE on the jury who will believe her story. It's hard to argue with a good-looking woman who is "just trying to protect her children". Pulls at the heart-strings. What other defense can she have? I have been on a jury. There was a kook on my jury, and I predict there will be a kook on hers. Her defenders who claim she is justified because the cops should have taken action during the DAYLIGHT hours, well, tells you what kind of grade they received in "logic" in school. And I guarantee you: One of these illogical people will be on her jury. Her trial will be very interesting. But don't let her guises fool you; she knew exactly what she was doing. And I hope she spends a LONG time in jail, where she belongs. If you want to have sympathy for someone, have it for her children as well as the wife/child of the slain FBI agent. Kristina Korbe is white trash. Even white trash can belong to the PTA. I know some RELATIVES of Kristina Korbe & her husband, and even some of THEM agree with me.
Moss Berg

Severna Park, MD

#19 Jul 26, 2009
It was a righteous shoot. The cops should be put on trial for assault and battery with deadly weapons and endangering her children.
Please read

Pittsburgh, PA

#20 Aug 16, 2009
Christina did love her kids..I have to admit but she is one thing...trashy as they come. She was a coke head people. If anyone knows anything about people on coke it is that they are totally crazy and out of control. That is what she is..a fake coke head that her only drive was to outbeat others in meaningless material objects. That is what she strived on..what she woke up for.(trust me I know)
She disgusts me, always has. Hearing what she said after the incident just made it even more apalling! I know if I "accidentally", as she wants to call it, shot an FBI AGENT- I wouldnt know what to do with myself. I dont think I would even be able to speak I would be full of such remorse.
This lady and her husband put on a great show ( at least thats what they thought) and now its over. Thats really about it, and now they are paying for the way they went on iwth their lives, never thinking that any of it would come to an end or have any type of consequences. people that are thinking about standing up for them really need to understand this. I know this personally. Dont feel bad for her, if you knew her you would really understand. I just feel bad for their children. I know Nicki has autism and he will need alot of help and Taylor is definantly old enough to understand this all.
Free Mumia

Pittsburgh, PA

#21 Aug 17, 2009
Moss Berg wrote:
It was a righteous shoot. The cops should be put on trial for assault and battery with deadly weapons and endangering her children.
Amen Brother!
Im rubber your Glue

Gibsonia, PA

#22 Aug 18, 2009
Wow! There are some Mean, Nasty, People on here who really show how classy they are with all their belittling Name calling...Wow! your just so Classy...I am rubber your glue...what ever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you...or how about this one Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me...call me this and call me that and call yourself a Big Fat Jerk!!! Wow...Get a Grip People!!!

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