Should the Indian Trail Town Council ...

Should the Indian Trail Town Council Vote to remove Allen and Luther

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Indian Trail, NC

#22 Jun 24, 2010
Think about it wrote:
I ask again
A) What is it that the current leadership is not doing to fulfill your needs as a resident?
B) Have you ever had an actual dialog with the council or mayor with your concerns ?
I believe the proposed budget had been made available to the public for a few months prior to the council voting. When did make the council aware of your objections ?
If you have legitimate budget concerns questions etc I respect that and believe you have the responsibility as a tax payer to address your leaders but it appears this is more of a personal attack.
In response to your question.
1. At current, two council members are breaking the law and continue to do so. I’m not making it up look it up in the NC State Statures. The female of the group is still married to her husband. The both took an oath to abide by and support the Law's of North Carolina. That person that spoke to them at the council meeting had the details and it was correct as I looked it up also.
2. You misunderstand they are not the leaders. They are to serve the people, for the people, and by the people. I think you have started out your second question a little confused. They work for me and you and all the people of Indian Trail so let’s be clear they are not leaders. The matter of the Budget is that they are cowards to allow a public forum to have the conversation. They do not want discussion from anyone as they have an agenda and the people of Indian Trail are not one it.
3. Personal Attack? You are kidding me right. This is a public forum not a personal forum. The Constitution of the United States, which most people don’t understand or seem to care about anymore, gives me the Right under the First Amendment to speak my mind. The Second Amendment ensures that all other 26 Amendments are protected. If you don’t know and most people today don’t, there are 27 Amendments to the Constitution. The 21ST Amendment repels the 18th Amendment.
4. Politicians should remember that they live in a glass house without the ability to place shades and blinds in front of them. They are to be LAW ABIDING, HONEST, and HUMBLE SERVENTS TO THE PEOPLE THEY SERVE. They are to EARN the respect of the office (this is not a given process). They are to listen and make sound decisions as an individual contributor with respect to the voting power. What we have is a group of people that feel drunk with electoral voting power and disrespect for the Laws. They have illegal meetings to talk over next agenda move. You must realize it only takes three council members to have a meeting and you see two that are never alone.
So you tell me what personal attack I’m leading?
Think about it

Wauseon, OH

#23 Jun 25, 2010
"Servent" is not a word. If you mean servant I prefer leaders in my government and servants to clean my toilets.

Indian Trail, NC

#24 Jul 1, 2010
TO "Think about it", If that is the only comment from what you read then. I'm so sorry that I did not take the time to run the document through spell-check. But I don't think that your leader or leaders in government are even qualified to clean toilets either even though they want us to eat what is flushed. I retract my misspelling of the word “SERVENT” and with your blessing and with the upmost apology to you with the hope to aspire to your intellect, ask to be forgiven……Not!!

So in the famous words of your leader you speak of like she is fondant, please fill in the Blank ___uck You. I take the First Amendment stand on the last statement.

Indian Trail, NC

#25 Jul 4, 2010
I am all for the right of free speech but it is slander when you tell lies about me and Darlene. Also the person who wrote that I stole Teresa's money is also writing slander. Darlene and I did have a friendly relationship but no sex when we first got on the board. She tole the man from the paper that we started having quote "a relationship" after I left Teresa". Notice she didn't say Sex relationship. He put in the paper that we were having a sexual relationship and gave a date before I left Teresa which is grounds for a lawsuit against the paper. The money I took out of the bank was my money. Money that I earned. It was not Teresa's family money and it was not money from the Bear. Yes, when my business folded and I could not fine work Teresa gave me money. She did that of her own free will. I did not beg for it. Darlene and I are on the council and we intend to stay there. Some people just need to wake up and smell the coffee.

Indian Trail, NC

#26 Jul 4, 2010
You are so full of crap. All the information is public access so how is it slander. Wake-up you lying sack. Go crawl back under the rock you came from. You are not worth the time to debate the lies that you spread and crap that you and your mindless parrot spin. By the way Nice to see how you and it support the Indian Trail Fourth of July parade. Great Job Loser continue to be the scumbag that continue to say you are.

Indian Trail, NC

#27 Jul 5, 2010
I am pretty shure I know who this scumbag OutOFTown is. I will fine out for shure and if it is who I think it is...well just be careful of spreading falsehood or you might end up needing a lawyer.

Indian Trail, NC

#28 Jul 7, 2010
Wow go for it. Open that Can -of - Whoopass.
DL Parker

Nicholasville, KY

#29 Jul 15, 2010
Robert-- I don't know if it is really you but the way you write it sounds just like you. If it is you then you know who I am. You still owe me and I have not forgotten it. I don't care one bit about this mess over a woman. You need to get some business things straightened out.

Since: May 10

Waxhaw, NC

#30 Aug 22, 2010
I want to start by apologizing to Darlene and Robert for my original posts in May. I have been extremely close to Teresa Allen for a year now until recently. I was wrong about most of everything. The attack and accusations presented against the two by Teresa have been planned to demise and destroy since the beginning of the campaign. Teresa has from day one wanted to destroy them. Even to the extent of hiring a private investigator to try and catch the two in an inappropriate manor. During this very time Teresa herself was participating in the same manor as she accused Darlene and Robert in acting. It just so happens Teresa Allen has a major attraction to married men. In the past two months she has managed to lose and insult two of the extremely few people that has stuck by her and supported her through all her deception. "A lie will come over night. The truth may take a year to get there but it will get there" To Darlene and Robert I deeply apologize for being so ignorant and harsh with my judgement. I deeply believe in commitment and family so I was in my heart on the right side. A year later and now that the truth has arrived I know i was in great error on the side of values. Teresa your greatest mistake you made was accusing to customers that your employee was stealing anyway. The customers were there for her. You wouldn't believe the calls of support from the patrons and willingness to pick up arms against this severe slander and direct attack of character. We thank you for your recognition of true integrity. Robert and Darlene you have my word that as much as I was against your situation that was greatly misrepresented I will be for you in making sure every shred of truth will come forth as to the corrupt, deceitful and hypocritical way Teresa Allen has acted. The army continues to grow on an hourly basis. I truly regret my actions and will right my wrong.

New Philadelphia, OH

#32 Aug 31, 2010
For the record, the posts supposedly written by "ROBERT ALLEN" were NOT written by Robert Allen. I printed them and it was acknowledged they were not authored by him, as I suspected as evidenced by a style of spelling and grammar that made me question its authenticity. This stupid site is so bogus. Whoever is doing that you need to stop. It's not the right thing to do. The only one you can guarantee is really written by the same person is Union County Original because he is the editor of the site which his posts are highlighted in color. On another note GLAD YOU FINALLY OPENED YOUR EYES to what was revealing itself around you at Bears Lair, Union County Original.
IT Real Deal

New Philadelphia, OH

#33 Aug 31, 2010
I wish I could say that the recent ABC charges against Teresa Jacob-Allen surprised me but I cannot. When you believe you exist on a higher plane than mere mortals your pride and arrogance normally in good time trip you up. She saved $3.75 per fifth by pouring unstamped booze into stamped bottles.
I believe the headline for the Enquirer Journal article should have read “Holier than Thou Sells Tarnished Halo for Paltry $3.75” instead of “Bar owner, ex-mayoral candidate runs afoul of ABC laws”.

Read more: The Enquirer Journal - Businesses, news, classifieds, events in the communities of Union County

There is no limit to the depths she and her cohorts will go.
When two of her most trusted confidants saw the light and could no longer tolerate her lies, slander and malicious actions they quit.
Then four days later, fearing what they would reveal, Teresa Jacob-Allen appears at the Magistrates Office and swears on a Bible her false accusations, and get warrants issued for both of them for “Communicating Threats” and has them arrested in front of their children.
I’m sure this was a near Oscar winning performance as no one plays the martyr like Teresa Jacob-Allen and in all likelihood co-starred her constant companion and alleged investor Hal Jones. This is what she does to look blameless and look like a victim. She takes out bogus lawsuits against people, or presses charges on them.
There were no physical threats made by the two former employees but they did say they would no longer cover her lies anymore. One of the bomb shells she was reminded of in front of a full bar of patrons was that she was sleeping with her married Private Investigator that she had hired to follow her husband while he was conducting the investigation.(The hypocrisy of it all is she claimed her husband was having an affair, which he was not; he was separated and his relationship was legal.)
I bet she’s wishing she hadn’t sent those text messages to her employees. Would have thought Hal Jones would have taught her better than that! He himself said he makes it a practice not to put anything in writing ever. Of course, Hal Jones also told me he always wanted a Sports Bar and “would never get a divorce because he didn't want to lose half his shit.”
In the words of Hal Jones,“There’s more coming!” Only difference mine is the Truth!

New Philadelphia, OH

#35 Sep 2, 2010

Monroe, NC

#36 Sep 16, 2010
So what is Hal Jone's involvement with Teresa? Whats the relationship there?

Since: Sep 10

Location hidden

#37 Sep 17, 2010
.....The only one you can guarantee is really written by the same person is Union County Original because he is the editor of the site which his posts are highlighted in color.....
DANG!!!! My posts are highlighted in color too! I'm an editor and I didn't even know it. Ok, you slimy retards. Get the copy on my desk pronto or you will be writing obits and classifieds for the rest of your life. You can call me editor peons.

New Philadelphia, OH

#38 Sep 22, 2010
Sounds like Mike Stegall is one of the losers going on as other people, getting off on this stuff. You can tell just by his nasty attitude.

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