Last June, I was walking on Rose drive where I live for 21 years..I took a picture of the road (gravel road)being damage by someone riding an ATV, when he saw me, he came at me while on ATV to grab my camera and if I did not move he would have run over me and I could be badly hurt or die.
There are so many fatalities when I research about accidents involving ATV's..Right across the Ice Skating Rink, where a few roads are private..these individuals, I don't know them, but they go up and down the road with trucks, motorcycles and ATV's any time of the day or night. This has been going on for 3 to 4 years. When it rain hard, they go to Rose drive and go "mudding' where they tear up the gravel road and the people that live here don't even bother to fix the road anymore because they messed it up as soon as we get done fixing it..
I love to walk and its an exercise for me..Our mailbox is on Indian Trail/Fairview Rd.a good 7 to 8 hundred feet from my house if I get run over and get hurt will be awhile to find me..I am scared but still walk my road to check the mail and walk my dog..I would like to be an advocate to stop these individuals from ruining the privacy of these residents..mostly over fifty five and older..We just want to have peace..