Coral Theill vs Marty Warner

Coral Theill vs Marty Warner

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#1 Aug 30, 2012
Marty Warner, you've been "owned" by your ex-wife, Coral Theill, formerly Kathy Warner. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

Tulsa, OK

#2 Sep 3, 2012
Mr. Marty Warner, Everyone born into this world has the free will to choose to do good or to do evil. Jesus said by a persons deeds you will know what kind of a person they are. That's the litmus test.

You have tried to convince people that you were the good guy in your marriage, while making out your wife, Coral,(Kathy) to be the bad person. But your own deeds testify against you with perfect clarity and lazer like precision. Why is this? Because of the clear evidence and paper trail you've left in the court records. You see, the bible which you "claim" to follow says to love your wife as Christ loved the church. Did you? No. Even though you claim Coral lied and said that none of the things she said happened were the truth, again, the evidence shows that she is telling the truth and you are lying. How do we know that for sure? Again, because the bible, which you "claim" you follow says that we must forgive always, and not get back at people. So, therefore, even IF Coral was lying about what you did,(which she didn't),you went after her with a cruelvengenge...punitively,wit hout mercy, and have stalked her and punished her in the courts, financially, spiritually, and emotionally.

A man who is a real Christian, or any kind of a man at all, doesn't throw his wife under the bus like you did, trying to totally run her into the ground without any kind of support whatever. To destroy her.

Forcing her to live in poverty after completely stripping away ever morsel of subsistence she had. And with less compassion than you'd have for a stray dog. Yet, you were so ate up in your hatred and wickedness over loosing control over Coral that you even went after her- trying to collect child support from her when she was penniless and sleeping in her car, and that, after tearing away from her the thing she held dearest in this life, the only thing that gave her any joy at all, her children. You didn't need the money, because you were wealthy due to having control of all the assets Coral had helped you build up over the course of your marriage.

A real Christian man couldn't possibly do any of these things and still claim truthfully to be a follower of Jesus Christ, or someone who has loved his wife. No, you are a fraud and a hypocrite. You are an enemy of the Cross of Christ and an embarressment to the Christians who do serve the Lord in spirit and truth.

There are some of us who have the discernment to see through you and what you are. But, even the rest... the children you've brainwashed and the nest of vipers you call "brethren" who you run with, such as Betsy Close, who have not eyes to see, could know the truth about you by going to the very court records and examining the documents and seeing the punishment you've inflicted on your wife delibarately and methodically over the years. How can you expect to escape the judgment of God on your life after such atrocities?

Am I posting this because I'm a personal close friend of Coral's? No, I am merely an advocate who has worked closely with abused women, and as a Christian as well, I also recognise the truth when I see it.

Coral has all the sign posts of a severely spiritually, financially, and physically abused woman who deserves reparations. You must drop all charges and money judgments against her immediately, and restore her US passport which you unjustly stripped from her as if she were a common criminal. You must do this quietly and soon before any more time elapses.


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#3 Sep 23, 2012
Raping one's wife and keeping her perpetually pregnant, totally disregarding her need to regain her strength and health between pregnancies is very harmful and dangerous to a woman's health.

Depending on the circumstances, one could make a good case for a slow but deliberate form of attempted murder by domestic violence,spousal abuse, recklessly endangering the wife's health.


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#4 Oct 11, 2012
Massa Marty's house slave and bed wench done up and ran away. Guess she didn't like the hard work, rape, perpetual health endangering pregnancies, not to mention the beatings and spiritual and verbal abuse. SLAVERY.

Massa Marty, didn't you get the memo that slavery went out over a hundred years ago, and that a marriage license doesn't make it right either. Although it might be legal in what passes for the "justice system" in Oregon, God is going to get you one of these days. As it says, "your sins will find you out".

Better be a changin your ways Massa Marty, you ain't gettin any younger and you ain't lookin too good lately. I mean, not that you ever did, mind you.

Take care now, y'all hear~


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#5 Oct 20, 2012
I've never seen so many people coming out with their personal stories of abuse, having escaped from legalistic false Churches that bear no resemblance to what Christianity is supposed to be. It's staggering!

Before the Internet, it was the false church's "best kept secret'. Now, people are "telling". Just google in "Spiritual abuse" and you'll see what I mean. Men such as Coral's ex-husband are not as rare as you might imagine, but he could be the poster boy for that kind.

What he forgot,(or ignored), is that to be a follower of Christ one has to change and give up evil tendencies and practices. Yes, things like rape, beating and abusing your wife and talking to her as if she were a dog, or a slave.

It took a lot of courage for Coral to come out with her book and these articles, considering the price she would have to pay for crossing these people. You don't think they are going to ADMIT to it, do you? Of course not. They are Pharisees and have their masks firmly in place.

This is what being a Christian is supposed to resemble, plain and simple...... not to disable your wife with abuse and then throw her into a Fema Camp like "Wings of Love", for "re-education".

"Pure religion and undefiled before God the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world." OK, let charity begin at home Mr. Warner.

(SALEM)- "My physicians and counselors have accurately described my twenty year marriage as a prison, or sweat shop. I have stated to counselors that within the confines of my marriage I lived more or less like a legalized prostitute. Instead of cash, I was given shelter and food. Batterer’s objectify women. They do not see them as people. Overall, they see women as property or sexual objects.

Some people have wondered what was "wrong" with me. Why did I stay so long in such an unhealthy and abusive environment? My answer is simple. Abuse and trauma leave an individual in a state of numbness - you become the walking dead. When you are numb, you are not in a state of mind to be planning an escape. You think about how to survive the next day or you think about death and suicide. It is as if you are a soul neither dead nor alive wandering in a half-world seeking redemption without hope of ever finding it.

While living with abusers, hope is not within reach.

Today, I am appalled when I realize the desperation I felt to appease my husband, Mr. Marty Warner, during our marriage. My physicians and counselors have since shared with me the traits of "Stockholm Syndrome." Many aspects of my life were out of my control."

"During the years of our marriage Mr. Warner instructed me in what kind of clothes I could wear, how to style my hair, whether I could wear make-up or not, when and what I could eat or drink. Even body functions were monitored. His comments toward me were insulting and demeaning. I couldn’t do anything right, in his eyes.

"I was not allowed to speak alone with doctors or seek help “outside” my husband’s approved fundamental legalistic Christian counselors. Why? I believe the reason why Christian religious leaders, counselors and husbands fear women seeking help outside their religious supervision and structure is because counselors and shelters that assist battered women “will put ideas in her head.”

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#6 Dec 28, 2012
There are many heresies, false doctrines and evils that have been perpetrated in churches which are totally unscriptural, and have given rise to the abuses described by Ms. Theill in her articles here as well as in her book Bonshea. One of the churches "best kept secrets" until the advent of the Internet and the power of the printed word have been the shameful spiritual, physical and financial abuse against women. One such false doctrine is the notion of men being the "priest of the home". All Christians, if they have grown up in even a modicum of maturity in what they claim to believe, should know the "priesthood" was abandoned under the New Covenant. And in any case, the "priesthood" of the believer was NEVER A LICENSE" to beat, rape and abuse your wife in any way, shape or form, and teach your children to kick, disrespect and abuse their own mother. Why do these men do such things, clearly against the teachings of Christ? Simply because of the evil in their own hearts and lives...there can be no other reason. And then in order to attempt to validate their abuse, they cowardly hide behind the scriptures they've twisted beyond recognition. Please read Cheryl McGraths article here that clearly dismantles the lies behind such aberrant unsound and distorted doctrines: So, Ms. Theill and many others have rightly rejected such malicious doctrines and the abuses that go along with them? And have been persecuted because of it. Ask yourselves, is it any wonder that a woman would want to flee, to escape from such abuse "in the name of God" at all costs, when staying in it would have cost her very life? Even in the secular courts, people are serving jail time for less abuse of cats and dogs. But those playing the religious card due to the laws on the books about so called "freedom of religion"- wicked men get a free pass to abuse a woman worse than an animal. And their supporters run to their defense. The litmus test is love. As Jesus taught, the two great commandments upon which hang all the law and the prophets was loving God, and next, your neighbor as yourself. To you, Mr. Warner, as well as your supporters, such as Betsy Close, the Heards and fail on all counts. And to the Warner children, please read Cheryl McGraths article. How do the scriptural truths in this line up with what you've been taught by your father? You can't have it both ways. Somebodies been lying to you. Be honest with yourselves. You will be just as accountable as any of us for rejecting the great law of love. No excuses, no excep tions. Have you any empathy, understanding or compassion for what your own mother has endured? If not, then it's time for some serious self examination of what's in your own hearts. I say these things not to condemn you, but to cause you to "think and reflect" upon your actions and beliefs, whether they line up with the love of Christ and His example.
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