Gangstalking in Kansas City, MO

Gangstalking in Kansas City, MO

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Columbia, MO

#1 Oct 25, 2011
I have been on this forum for a week now and so far, I think I have read four posts of Targeted individuals being stalked in Kansas City, Grandview, MO, and Farmington, MO. The posts are from Journey, Kathileen, Pam Mata, and Uncle Buck. I would like to begin a support group if possible because I too am a TI. I have written several posts, but they appear on Colorado and Columbia, MO.

My ordeal began several years ago. God bless everyone as I will pray for you.

The difference with my story is that this person is targeting my 15 year old daughter with raping her, beating her and throwing her in the thrash. He is not on her cell phone yet, but he threatens pornography and says he wants to kill me and go after her.

He uses various voices and theatrics and is threatening. He knows my identity, my social security number and most of my personal history. He states he can see me and has access to me 24/7. I know now he is using Radiofrequency, microwave, microphone, and a doll that he states he created with a bug implant inside the doll. He also uses magnets. This person threatens me to turn my cell phone on, then turn it off so that he can access the phone number.

I too have gone to the Kansas City, MO Police dept. and because of their ignorance and disregard to listen to people, they have done nothing about this.

This person has given many names which I don't know are of importance, and so many different stories of who he is or where he is, but he has stated that he is in Los Angeles, then Oakland, then back to Kansas City, MO.

I do know that to use radiofrequency, you have to be in close proximity to the victim. I called the Police last night about the radiofrequency, and they said to call FCC because they don't know how to handle this situation. This person listens, and taunts, and demeans, and belittles, and threatens violence for me currently; but continues to threaten to access my daughter's phone and use radiofrequency to see her in the nude.

The names this person has used are Gary Weaver Jones, Thomas Moore, John Thompkins, Steven Young, Marlon, Gary, Damon, Larry Grinham, Lamar, Clifford Giles Jones, James Leonard of Leonard, MO, Charles Jones, Joseph Moore, the list goes on and on.

This person is using a doll to push drugs through using radiofrequency or some other form. This doll he has made is magnetized in order to hack into cell phones.

Beside the support groups, I would like where there is some Legislation against spy companies selling this type of equipment?
What Congress can do about this type of stalking or any stalking. Where you a citizen can go to get real support besides the Police Dept.

Houghton, MI

#2 Oct 25, 2011
Here's some support for you, in a sentence, the word "police department" is not capitalized unless you're formally addressing a specific police department. The word "legislation" is not capitalized when merely used in a sentence, nor is the simple word, "congress". Get some psychological help before it's too late.

Overland Park, KS

#5 May 27, 2012
bedknobs wrote:
Here's some support for you, in a sentence, the word "police department" is not capitalized unless you're formally addressing a specific police department. The word "legislation" is not capitalized when merely used in a sentence, nor is the simple word, "congress". Get some psychological help before it's too late.
. You have 'dispicable' advice for one who is a victim of an obvious hidden crime. I agree with her, that this is happening in Kansas City as, I, too, am a victim of gangstalking tactics involving the use of electro-technologies of many forms. You must be one of the bullies involved damaging innocent people responding as you have!
Melvin the Masher

United States

#6 May 29, 2012
look who is mayor of KC. and his family get the point.. thank goodness I live far east of KC area thank GOD

Shawnee, KS

#7 Sep 20, 2012
NKC and Erma:

I know for a fact it is taking place in Kansas City. Very sorry I just found this site...wish I could have exchanged with you guys while the topic was still active.

I was a target...and a KC police officer who attended my church confirmed that gangstalking is taking place in KC.

I will check back in now and then to see if you two are still around.

In the meantime, take care!

Lenexa, KS

#8 Nov 1, 2012
It's true. More later. Go to the news paper. Or a media person who will take your story. Trust me. Many who deny or a part of. I suspected a friend . It was finally confirmed that it does happen.
Ronnie Rantoul

Kansas City, MO

#9 Nov 1, 2012
Does anyone know of a great apple pie recipe? I need it pretty soon for the upcoming holidays.

Kansas City, MO

#10 Feb 5, 2013
KCPD is actively participating in Gangstalking along with the fire dept. I have complained many times about the crimes committed against me. Such a waste of time to think that law enforcement will investigate..I have found there are a many bad cops that influence the few good cops..and when they are called to investigate the Perp Cops show tamper with the investigation.....I have learned u must RECORD all communications with law enforcement and stalking activities from Gangstalkers. Basically record everything and GET A LAWYER!! It's illegal no matter what anyone says!
End Of Watch

Overland Park, KS

#11 Jun 12, 2013
Kisha wrote:
KCPD is actively participating in Gangstalking along with the fire dept. I have complained many times about the crimes committed against me. Such a waste of time to think that law enforcement will investigate..I have found there are a many bad cops that influence the few good cops..and when they are called to investigate the Perp Cops show tamper with the investigation.....I have learned u must RECORD all communications with law enforcement and stalking activities from Gangstalkers. Basically record everything and GET A LAWYER!! It's illegal no matter what anyone says!
While there may be somethings of this sort be careful about comments on Law Enforcement. There are a lot of weird things that happen around us everyday. As far as gang stalking what is it really? have heard of the term and have done some research on it.
According to some reports its apparently hundreds of people out to get you. First why would people be out to get you? Who has the time to literally chase someone around?

Understand that what you think it is may not be at all. Basically you have enter into a world of the unknown. Is it happening or is it not? It could very well be> But can you prove it. If so how do you? You can record document take pictures what ever. You have to have leads to point to a particular case of a crime. In other words you cant say someone broke into my home without proof of forced entry. Even if something is missing. You may get a report but you wont have enough information to lead to an arrest. If you install an alarm system or video it will somehow be deactivated. The battle is in your mind. If you are a Christian understand this this is what Satan wants is your mind. You have to try and stay positive even through frustration. In all things give Him praise. That its hard to do I know but pray before you go and at all times.

Understand that documenting and keeping record is for you. Its not to prove a case but to you that these things are really happening that why you put date and times, place situation. Store them in a safe place make several copies. Refer back from time to time to look for things that repeat. You may begin to see patterns.

This will help with stress and panic attacks. You prove to your self that its real. With todays technology symptoms can even be created. In other words if you have just fallen asleep and suddenly someone bangs on a wall 15 minutes into your sleep it will startle you a cause your heart to be out of rhythn which over time can lead to heart problems. This usually occur in apartment complexes where walls or thin or someone lives above you. The thing is to understand and try to be two uo.

The things is to stay happy and dont worry. Knowledge is power but dont get so caught up that you become paranoid.

You might also want to talk to a professional. But I would recommend that you bring your documents but make sure they are written in order with as much detail.

Have the read it first and ask if it sounds like something they may have heard of. If not end of discussion. If its not familuar then it wont do you any good. You are trying to define something not diagnose it. Much prayer. Keep the faith.

Now the question is is it real. The answer is. Is Satan?

Kansas City, MO

#12 Jul 8, 2013
I like to blow up white people. I already killed 5 whites.

Olathe, KS

#13 Sep 12, 2013
*Page 1*
Many people experiencing psychosis/schizo symptoms follow orders from the voices to stalk people with intent to verbally harass them about something private. These kind will trespass, vandalize property, ruin equipment/transactions at work, harass customers, target specific people to date+ruin AND scheme to get coworkers fired. The shrinks claim psychosis is a natural occurrence but it is not. The shrinks refuse to help gang stalking victims resulting in insanity, suicides and many of the armed rampages by psychiatric patients just to push the psych pills + care. Kansas City is FILLED with people who gang stalk. The cops will throw you in mental hospital at your own expense for months sometimes for a normal-acting person if you report this kind of behavior from even identified persons without video evidence. Many people who get forced psych evaluations lose their employment and end up homeless…………….these make the best patients for mental care after being ruined, forced onto disability payments and treating with mental care forever while hounded by the mental health social workers who arrange housing and handouts.

In 1990s in Wichita, I was befriended by an incest victim who was feeding new women and teen girls to the family abusers. She introduced people to the abusers immediately then tried to scare the innocent women into submission or silence – some of the women were violently assaulted, other people gang stalked for 25+ years with tens of thousands in vandalisms by members of this family and strangers this group worked over years before who now do favors for the group in order to be left alone. Worst – this woman admitted she had driven some friends crazy… The FAMILY BUSYINESS WAS PSYCHOSIS. More than one suicide resulted from this mess. Many people who did not discuss the family’s bragging of illegal activity and hurting victims because they lived alone went into an unnatural PTSD about these people’s dirty laundry. When the memories returned at once, a nervous breakdown resulted for more than one person.
Voices started for me on my 30th birthday in company of this woman. It was her sexual abuser talking. This has gone on for 9 years now, medicated or not. I, too, suffered the PTSD, complete malpractice from several mental health providers. When I cut ties with this woman, her abuser started stalking me and was seen trespassing at my home to break tens of thousands in property to leave me unable to afford attorney to handle this. This woman is a complete predator and nothing but an enabler to feed her family sexual abusers new people to mentally torment or gain goal of sexual submission. This family’s abusers came into a lot of money and do not work, just run around stalking people and trying to get a sexual conquest from some poor woman. Cops refuse to help and abusers are regulars in restraining order court but given preferential treatment and ignored.

Olathe, KS

#14 Sep 12, 2013
*Page 2*
This witch bragged about ruining a man with whom I went to school because he wouldn’t submit to a relationship with her. He moved to KC to get away and was tortured by crazy strangers. He couldn’t leave the house without some nut coming up to him and talking crazy at the store/restaurants. It caused his wife to leave him. Man fled KC in a few years moving with him job to another city.
All former victims of this group are kept ‘for appearance purposes’ and refuse to help new victims by going to cops to get charges filed and restraining orders.
Wichita has several of these kind of scams running. Most start by trying way too hard to make friends. They tell a lot of stories with way too much content missing to even be possible. Then the bragging of illegal violent activity starts (with bragging resembles some unsolved murders but Wichita cops don’t care). This is where you need to cut ties with these kind, refuse to return phone calls, text messages and emails. If you are stalked, you are better off moving…………
If you experience the psychosis, sometimes it will stop without medications. Some psych doctors used to try 5 years of psych medications for persons with stories like mine, then reduce patient’s medications to see if they were still hearing the voices. It’s just too financially lucrative to keep the victims on medications forever so most psych doctors now tell the patient he/she will be on the psych meds forever. Anyone with a story like mine needs to cut off contact with these kind, refusing to return phone calls, text and emails. The kind will sometimes try to stalk you and you MUST tell the person you don’t want any contact. If you are stalked at work or your home, the only remedy is moving, especially if the strangers start to bother you which is called gang stalking or thought broadcasting. If you do not discuss your mental abuser’s dirty laundry, refuse to follow any orders from the voices and refrain from talking to yourself aloud, sometimes the voices quit but it can be 2-3 years. Be aware some gang stalkers follow orders from voices to target certain people for dating out in public and especially online. I had 75 men say hello to me on dating sites over one weekend and only 20 people ever talk to me in over 10 years on these sites…These were men who would never even make eye contact with me in public due to my obesity due to mental torment and psych medications. Many women who experience the gang stalking, trespassing by strangers and a little psychosis marry the man they are currently dating to make sure she is ‘with a good one’ as some of the gang stalking psychotic women are home wreckers and the men are frequently wife beaters. If you are still dating and dealing with gang stalking/psychosis, you are better served to return to old group of friends for your own safety or attend social gatherings for a long time before accepting offers for dates just to make sure he/she is okay.

Olathe, KS

#15 Sep 12, 2013
*Page 3*
Lastly, locks are easily compromised. It is simple to get into most locks but this fact isn’t admitted. Once the trespassing starts with frequently trash being stuffed into odd spots like dresser drawers,/kitchen dishes/ purses/ pockets, crap coming back from outside garbage, hair left around toothbrushes, ruined clothing/furnishing/electronic s, mistreated pets, it won’t stop living where you are. No number of lock changes will make any difference. Let the lease run out and move. Locksmiths are not immune so you are wasting your money. It is possible to have thousands in electronic possessions ruined repeatedly when the gang stalking first starts or you break up with a mental abuser. It is possible for anything electronic to have glitches timed with the voices including having your only vehicle ruined by a crooked repair place…schizophrenia forums are filled with these complaints and there is no remedy besides keeping only basic belongings and buying stuff used. Keep your money in the bank.
Driving someone crazy is a very big fad for some wealthy people. This is frequently happening to more ex-wives and girlfriends of wealthy men, and sometimes potential mistresses. These go crazy as ‘something to remember him by’. Other people are driven crazy to reduce college and workplace competition.
You should be aware schizo symptoms involve all senses including hearing, visual, skin sensations without cause (tactile) and smells. Many even have severe migraines when voices announce it and heart palpitations. Staying calm, reducing stress by eliminating negative people in your life, maintain some employment/social contact, maintain your physical/emotional health and frequently indulge in some hobby/activity you enjoy are the only ways to be okay.
Psychiatrists/therapists are sometimes abusers themselves to keep patients, putting angry or overly assertive patients in the mental hospital for the weekend for ‘attitude adjustments’. This is the not the place to air much anger or frustration or some doctors will make you pay………..It you don’t like the care, just make an appointment with other doctors until you find a good fit.
Obama regime and even conservative republicans tolerate this injustice to the point of taking the government to bankruptcy to indulge the sick mental abusers. Vote another direction at the next election and do not bother with the complaint letters. The respectful but off answers from current politicians are disturbing.
I hope this helps you. I was told a lot by the family of mental abusers. I was also allowed to work at government mental health clinic and saw a lot of patient mistreatment so I share my knowledge to help. So far, anyone who claims the mental abuse is man-made has had their websites crashed by hackers so there is no organized resistance so far but some NAMI (National Association of Mentally Ill) groups0 tolerate this opinion.
Oh My

Sedalia, MO

#16 Sep 13, 2013
Could you please repeat that?

Saint Louis, MO

#17 Oct 31, 2013
Delusions of persecution.

Chicago, IL

#18 Oct 31, 2013
There too much meth in missouri, whoever started this post needs to be cut off government assistance

Leavenworth, KS

#19 Jan 30, 2014
If you are considering a move to KC and you googled the term 'gang stalking', YOU ARE MAKING A HUGE MISTAKE. There are so many psych cases following orders to bother specific people, THIS PLACE WILL RUIN YOU. A good many of the psychotic nuts are very psychopathic and very mentally unstable, especially in their employment. Screwing up important transactions or ruining a coworker are normal crazy business.


Even the charities here are not okay...they give out the wrong information to some people or turn them away, next in line gets different information or assistance by social workers. Piss poor is a very real situation for many in KC and it is not-recoverable in this nutty environment. Looks like many of the really poor got stuck here and driven crazier by the psychotic gang stalkers and stress from their own problems/situation.
Guy up North

Kansas City, MO

#21 May 12, 2014
I am being stalked 24/7 and i work the Fedral Gov from what i hear someone makes up a lie about you and hand a file to the crazy gangstalkers they believ the lie and think they are doing some good services. I a former Marine with no record plus i work for the Gov. My email,cell, & home phone has been hacked and tapped. Wake up Gangstalkers You have been lied too. MAY 12TH 2014

Wichita, KS

#22 Nov 16, 2014
Leavenworth has groups of kids surrounding strangers and harassing people about being on disability check when information was kept private. This happened several times with different teens and 20-somethings including military joining in. Went to KC to work but the people are just too angry and nutty to tolerate alone; the local 20-something are so nutty KC business won't hire them so there is tons of work advertised to folks outside the area to move in outside people capable of working the professional employment. I would advise against this if you know what the term gang stalking or targeted individual means... Military people with roommates in Leavenworth were being run out by the town's population of nutty kids. Sometimes the violence follows the harassment, crazy violent stuff in KC or burned out of your apartment.

Denver, CO

#25 Dec 7, 2014
Home entries should be made illegal when you have kids in your as T I. Barricade your doors!!!!!7744

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