Listening to the 911 call from Lindsay Nichol's boyfriend - had to comment on the 911 operator.
I was appalled hearing her tell the boyfriend to stop yelling at her - he wasn't yelling at her - he was beginning to panic. I have listened to the tape and honestly, the 911 operator was just plain rude. All the boyfriend said was "hurry please" twice - he never yelled at the operator.
She should have informed him that the cops were on the way, prior to snapping at him - instead she says "the police are on the way I'm talking to you as they are in route okay so, you don't need to be yelling at me just answer my question."
She had no business talking down to him.
From the beginning of the phone call, she sounded very disinterested. Listen to her.
She needs to improve her bedside manner. When people call 911, they are probably going to be upset! To take it personally and snap at him was irresponsible as, it's not about you the operator - it's about the caller and their emergency. Man, she was horrible!
The operator needs to listen to herself and learn from this. Ask her if she'd be happy with dealing with that attitude when she needed assistance the most. If she says yes, she's in denial.