Herculaneum Fire department

Herculaneum Fire department

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Prairie Village, KS

#1 Apr 25, 2013
The house fire that happened Sunday at commercial and scenic was the saddest thing I have ever seen...what made it so sad was that it took Herculaneum fire department nearly 20 minutes to get a fire truck to the scene! For those of you that don't know...the Herculaneum fire department is about 2 minutes away! Even worse was when the fireman on herky's truck just walked to the fire hydrant! It's not like there was a fire or anything! Once Dunklin fire was called it took them about 3 minutes...it took Antonia less time to get there than herky! I literally watched the house burn because herky couldn't get a truck out! It's time to let dunklin take over...before someone gets killed.
Concerned citizen

Festus, MO

#2 Apr 26, 2013
It is time for change! I feel there is no accounting for the Herculaneum fire departments budget and funds. They get money and spend it on whatever they please, one thing they don't spend it on is protecting the citizens of the community. Why is it that they only had one truck at the above mentioned house fire??? I counted numerous other departments there. If you ask me a fire chief / mayor, assistant chief/ alderman is a huge conflict of interest when it comes to awarding a contract for $100000.00 plus dollars . Why is it that other tax funded districts have budgets open to the public but they have to show no proof of anything! Is it possible to annex into another district? If so I say we start the process. If they are going to come put out my house I may as well give them my tax money for it.

Festus, MO

#3 Apr 26, 2013
I would like to clarify this comment from someone that has actual data. I would like to start by saying Herculaneum Fire Department is a volunteer fire department. Meaning that these firefighters do not stay at the fire house 24 x 7. Volunteers respond to the fire house from their home to get equipment. They stop whatever they are doing with their families to provide a needed service to the community for no compensation at all! So first I believe these firefighters should be honored and not criticized for the job they do. The first alarm was dispatched at 12:16 and the first truck responded at 12:21 so total of 5 minutes. I believe this is quite remarkable for a volunteer fire department. Considering full time career departments are allotted 1.5 minutes to respond. This provides their firefighters to suit up in their firefighting equipment. So let us subtract 1.5 minutes from the 5 minutes it took the Herculaneum Fire Department to respond – if my math is correct 3.5 minutes! I ask you to find another volunteer department that can do better! First arriving fire suppression unit on the scene was 12:25. Yes a 3 minute response time from the fire house to the structure fire. I would like to point out again an overall response time from receiving the incident to arrival on scene is 8 minutes not 20! Some additional information for everyone the first arriving fire truck carries 750 gallons of water that is utilized initially for fire suppression efforts, therefore establishing a water supply to the fire hydrant is not the first priority. One note however the firefighter that was walking to the hydrant was pulling 186 lbs of rubber hose – try running with that. If Dunklin arrived in 3 minutes (which they did not) they were already in there truck driving to the fire before they were dispatched! If this is a Herculaneum resident, I would suggest proposing to your city council increasing the fire departments budget to support full time staff 24 x 7 which should response times. One last comment, one way or another you have to pay for the staff of the firefighters. The City of Herculaneum will have to reallocate funds from other budgets or raise taxes to pay for this staff. If a fire district is formed in the City of Herculaneum then every resident will pay personal property and real-estate taxes directly to the fire district to hire firefighters, again raising taxes. Any way you look at the need for firefighters to be on call 24 x 7 their salaries must be paid for.
Concerned citizen

Festus, MO

#4 Apr 26, 2013
Obviously the above comment is from a volunteer firefighter. Of course you'll have a biased opinion! I'm talking from a citizens point of view that these people are supposedly protecting. If we were protected by a tax supported department wouldn't that free up money for the city to spend elsewhere?
Snow balled

Festus, MO

#5 Apr 26, 2013
I find this discussion very interesting! I live practically next door to the fire chief/ mayor (don't get me started on that, not enough time in the day) and I have witnessed on multiple occasions a department vehicle parked a few houses up around lunch time. I wish my employer gave me a vehicle with endless fuel to go home for lunch and do as I please. Wake up citizens it's time we clear our towns of the small town antics / politics.

De Soto, MO

#6 Apr 26, 2013
let me clarify something...I was there for the fire and and it did take herculaneum fire department 18 minutes to arrive on that scene after 911 was called...I watched the clock on my dashboard tick away as the peoples house burned down...and furthermore the person that dragged the hose to the hydrant wasn't even a Herculaneum firefighter... it was an off duty Dunklin firefighter...I know that Herculaneum is a volunteer department...that's the point... they need to have Dunklin take over because they're not volunteer on the weekends...they are there 24 hours a day 7 days a week to protect their district
Chris Baker

United States

#7 Apr 26, 2013
Since the persons Timeforchange, Concerned citizen, SomeOneWhoCare, Snow balled, cannot use their real names and have to hide their identity it is sad. If you are concerned with this why would you not go to the source instead of doing an anonymous post? I will not hide my identity and since I was the first Herculaneum officer on the scene with the first arriving truck I will gladly go over all of your concerns of this call and the times. Please contact me at the fire house and we will set up a meeting to go over each one of your concerns of times on this call and the department in general. I love to educate people on the Herculaneum Fire Department how we operate and are funded.

The only thing I will respond to on this is Timeforchange. In your first post you put this

“Even worse was when the fireman on herky's truck just walked to the fire hydrant!”

Then on your second post you put this

“furthermore the person that dragged the hose to the hydrant wasn't even a Herculaneum firefighter... it was an off duty Dunklin firefighter”

Which was it Herculaneum, Dunklin, or both? Since you were there and keeping such close tabs on times and events you should probably have these details. If it was Dunklin firefighter that you are criticizing for helping out I will pass this on to him as well.
Herculaneum Citizen

Saint Louis, MO

#8 Apr 26, 2013
As a citizen of Herculaneum I want to commend the Herculaneum Fire Department for all of their hard work and dedication to the city. They do a great job and go above and beyond their call of duty. I don't know how many times I have seen this Volunteer department sponser many events that the citizens of Jefferson County can enjoy. I applaud thier efforts and think very highly of them. In response to the above comments, having Dunklin Fire Protection District would be one of the worst things that could ever happen to the city of Herclulaneum. Not only because of the politics at Dunklin but the education of the department is far below standards of many departments. I would much rather have Herculaneum Fire Department respond to my house fire and know that they may take an extra minute but are well educated individuals that are going to do the best they can and make every effort to save my house. I have a close friend in the Dunklin district whos house caught on fire. They didn't even call herculaneum... they called departments 10 miles away. How does that make sense? At least Herculaneum does what is best for the citizins because they are called to protect and serve. THank you for all of your hard work and dedication.

De Soto, MO

#9 Apr 26, 2013
To chris baker.. the Dunklin firefighter dragged the hose to the hydrant while the herky firefighter laggged behind with the tool, walking to the fire hydrant....you would think he'd be in a bigger hurry with the house fully involved.. you are just splitting hairs because you know that herky isn't as well equipped as surrounding fire districts. and yes I will be contacting the District to speak to someone about it...I'm sure I'm not the only one with concerns

To herculaneum citizen...I would advise you to get your facts straight..not only are all of the firefighters at Dunklin well trained in firefighting, but there is at least one EMT on every shift...

bottom line...it should be about protecting the citizens not about politics
Chris Baker

United States

#10 Apr 26, 2013
Perfect can't wait. None of you can not put your real names on these post. who is hiding somthing?
Peter Cottontail

Festus, MO

#11 Apr 26, 2013
Driving the fire truck home for lunch, why not bring a lunch. What about the picture on the Herculanum Fire Departments Face Book page of the fire truck at Ronnies theater in South County. Seriously, now how would they get that to a fire while in watching a movie. That's what happens when the Fire Chief is also the Mayor and the Assistant Chief is also an Alderman , who is going to question them. Now off for some carrots.
Mr obvious

Festus, MO

#12 Apr 26, 2013
Well mr chris baker obviously you don't understand what an OPEN forum is. It's a place where you can voice your opinion without having to fear rebuttle from you small town politic power hungry people. Everybody is big and bs on the Internet . Puff out your chest a lil more, what you should be doing is maybe swallowing your pride and come to grips that you got caught with your pants down. I'm not even a resident of the city of Herculaneum l, I live in festus and that fire department is so behind the times it's not even funny. Maybe all these individual small departments should come together and make a decent paid department. Just a thought

Festus, MO

#13 Apr 26, 2013
Bonjour Im a french model, Believe everything you see on the Internet. Wow Herculaneum citizen sounds nothing like a Herculaneum firefighter. People kill me, try and bring down other people for what you lack. Instead of pointing fingers why not work towards a solution

Arnold, MO

#14 Apr 27, 2013
This is terrible... Aren't you all supposed to be working together as a team to protect everyone's safety. I always really admired what I thought was such a strong "brotherhood" of the local fire departments and how everyone worked together so well but obviously that is very untrue. Why is everyone so worried about what one department is doing or not doing.... I don't get it. I wish everyone could just get along for the well being of the people because ultimately isn't that what it is all about?

And to those people complaining about the herculaneum department vehicle going home for lunch on occasions...... really? Why does that matter. How many times do you see the police officers of festus/crystal/herky/pevely eating somewhere for lunch or dinner or the dunklin fire truck at the burger king in pevely... the point is, everyone is guilty of it and who cares. If you don't have the facts then why even say anything. Noone knows any of the situations at Dunklin or Herculaneum or Festus or Crystal unless you are there.

Im just really disappointed in how everyone is bashing all the departments because before today I had a lot of respect for all of the local firefighters... now i have come to learn everyone hates one another. Really sad.

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