New Jefferson County prosecutor calls...

New Jefferson County prosecutor calls meth battle his toughest

There are 31 comments on the Missouriattorney story from Dec 26, 2006, titled New Jefferson County prosecutor calls meth battle his toughest. In it, Missouriattorney reports that:

Louis Post-Dispatch, United States - Nov 24, 2006 High Ridge, is the longest-serving prosecutor in the county's history and the first to serve as president of the Missouri Association of Prosecuting Attorneys.

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Vic Mackey


#1 Jan 30, 2007
I would be more worried about the fact this prosecutor has made it known that he is putting all first time DWI offenders on what is called "bench probation", which is unsupervised.
He also has rewarded one of his campaign workers by allowing her to do private services. She is allegedly under investigation for theft from one of the local private probation providers in Hillsboro. She allegedly doesn't report probation violators to the courts. She is the defense attorney's best friend. The best private probation service that money can buy! The prosecutor has chosen to go with his crony (has no creditals) and is attempting to run the 2 qualified private probation services out of business.
K Lee Allen-Hillsboro

United States

#2 Jan 31, 2007
Decisions made by this prosecutor re probation services could very well be a career ender if what you say is true. Is someone investigating this or is it being swept under the rug. One would think that someone in his position would be careful of who he rewards. I would be interested in knowing why he is so eager to reward this person. Has anyone investigated that?
Vic Mackey


#3 Jan 31, 2007
It is kind of funny because I know you are not K. Lee Allen. He would not post on this message board, because he doesn't want the powers that are to take action against him. The Internet Provider from Fort Branch, IN seems to be overly used by those inputting messages. Probably the same person. But there was a lot of truth in the messages.

I hope to let my information serve as kind of like a time capsule that we can re-visit time after time. As I have already stated, this administration has chosen to give 1st time DWI Offenders as free pass. He will not put them on supervised probation by established private probation services. Nope, I don't want to count his private and preferred probation service as a viable option. Nor can I see any credibility of it's owner who has no probation officer experience. He is allegedly recovering and is allegedly drug and alcohol counselor. His supervision of the prosecutor's crony hardly would qualify her to supervise any probation clients, especially looking at her lack of education. High school hardly does it. And let us not forget the alleged dark cloud of suspicion of the allegations against her.

In politics there is what is called Quid Pro Quo (giving and taking), but it is my belief this prosecutor may be taking it to the extreme. His constituents are the people of this county and not the defense attorneys that contributed to his campaign. He allegedly is also making it his personal vendetta to run 2 local and long established private probation services out of business. Why? Probably because they followed the rules and told the courts when a client on probation committed another offense. Keeping the county safe from those that can hurt unsuspecting loved ones on the roads and highways should be prosecutor's priority. Conversely, the new probation service in town would just like to keep things quiet to satisfy the needs of defense attorneys and their clients. Taxpayers do not pay for DWI probation, the offender does. It does take responsible and honest probation officers to make things work.

I hope that the ones in the field. Our first responders (State, County and Municipal Police), who often risk their lives to arrest DWI Offenders will keep a watchful eye on this prosecutor and anyone else that would try to comfort DWI Offenders. Hopefully MADD will get mad. The first time a first time DWI Offender commits another alcohol and/or drug incident, please come back to this message. Read it and see if I am reporting any false information. I see the day-to-day stuff in the court house and I hope that everyone will start doing the right thing. We do not need any scandals from the news services! It is embarrassing! I am speaking the truth and there are many that are in the know.

United States

#4 Jan 31, 2007
Let us see if any of the established media do anything on these most interesting stories...Is the fix in? Wait and see!
K Lee Allen-Hillsboro

United States

#5 Jan 31, 2007
Evidently you think that you know everything about everyone. That is my correct name, I assure you. I reside in Jefferson County but inserted Hillsboro after my name due to thinking I needed to do that for my comment to appear. I should not be surprised that you are so paranoid about using one's own name due to your use of "bulletinman". Also it would appear by your comments that you work in the courthouse and see everything firsthand. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, I merely read yours and was appalled at your allegations and wanted to state my opinion. If your reported information is accurate, I certainly hope that someone is looking into this blatant mis-use of power, and I hope to be kept updated through this blog. What is this about the media? I have seen nothing in the papers or on the news. Is that next? Couldn't hurt.

United States

#6 Feb 2, 2007
K Lee, what the hell are you talking about? Most people in Jefferson County know my name being as I publish a newsletter called the BULLETIN for the last 10 years. google bulletinman duh.. The thrust of my publication is that the powers that be are beyond corrupt they are more than a fraud. They are liars, cheats and thieves. Do I know everything about everyone no I don't but I know this much that this County (country) has been hi-jacked by officers of the court who all take an oath to uphold the Constitution but none of them do! The established media will not report the truth because they stand to benefit from enslaving the people...Ignorance is indeed bliss..

Columbia, MO

#7 Feb 5, 2007
I remember her! She told me not to worry about anything. She said she was very good friends with the prosecutor and judge. She really put me at ease.

United States

#8 Feb 11, 2007
The entire criminal justice system in this USA is designed to line the pockets of lawyers. Forrest Wegge is simply paying back some attorney buddies for their help in his campaign for election as prosecutor. A source in his office says that many cases, DWI,were passed until after the first of the year so the new policy would take effect. That's a savings to the client of over $700 in two years by not having to pay the probation fees. DO you think their attorneys raised the fees? hehe! America how beautiful!! Do you have any idea why the court dockets are so crowded? The simple reason is that the defendants have not finished paying the lawyer fees. I have already called MADD, have you?
Double Down 11

United States

#9 Feb 14, 2007
I just want to keep this up top so people will read it! Can you believe that we want to take a step in reverse in my county? Jefferson County is known for being tough on DWI drivers, but we would rather pay favors to attorneys and cut better deals for those who broke the law and put us all in Jeopardy. We should have voted Jeff Coleman instead! Forrest mom is a victim in an identity theft case pending in Jefferson County Court and the guy who did it is in the Jefferson County Jail.....will he be willing to cut a deal on that?
Jefferson County Resident

Columbia, IL

#10 Feb 18, 2007
As a Jefferson County resident I am very concerned with this new ruling on 1st time DWI offenders. When most states are cracking down on drunk drivers and making tougher penalties, Jefferson County seems to be heading in the opposite direction.

Did anyone see the Journal from last Sunday, February 11, 2007? Judge Williams stated that some of these offenders were just going home after a wedding or football game. What the heck does that mean? Does that make it alright to drink and drive because you were attending a wedding? You can bet that this wasn't the first time that these people drank and drove, just the first time that they were caught!! Grow up, you PLAY - you PAY. At least thats how it should be, apparently though thats now the way it is here in Jefferson County.

United States

#11 Feb 18, 2007
After reading Judge Williams remarks about the offenders who were arrested for driving drunk after attending a wedding or whatever, one wonders how he got elected as a judge. I would like to think that not many judges think like him but maybe they do, and are smart enough to not make comments like that. The best thing that could happen here is that all the s--t
that is on Wegge, will also stick to Williams.
Double Down 11

United States

#12 Feb 19, 2007
Amen, these are not the comments a presiding Judge should be making! Save it for behind closed doors, not a public forum. Makes you wonder what decisions he makes on the bench...and are they withthe public's best intentions in mind. Of course he is thick with Forrest and has attended more that a few lawyer parties where he has been known to have a few! What a joke this county will be with that leadership at the helm.....ABANDON SHIP!!!!!!!
Andy Kilvinski


#13 Feb 19, 2007
I think the people will rise up against the prosecutor and judges. They have made their positions clear. Get fresh people in there! My understanding is that the so-called "private probation officer" that the defense attorneys want taking care of their customers may be in trouble herself.

Anyone that has lost someone to a drunk driver should be really alarmed that the judges and prosecutor are trivializing one of the number one killers of people on the roads. If you are at wedding or a football game and you have been drinking, be sure to have a designated driver or money in your wallet to call a cab. Yes, judge that would have been the prudent thing to say. Never, never, condone anyone getting behind the wheel when they have been drinking!!! Remember that for your next press release.

Of course, we have heard about the wild probation officer (just the one) and lawyer parties. Legendary!
Court Watcher

United States

#14 Feb 19, 2007
The last paragraph of your posting made me laugh. You are 100% right when you say those parties are legendary. I can personally state that it is well known around the courthouse that the so-called probation officer you are referring to, has spread the word to anyone who would listen about all the little drinking parties. Myself and others at the courthouse have heard her bragging about what fun they had. It makes a person wonder what else was going on at those parties. I have been told by those who know, that this same probation officer has had a few wine parties during the day at her new office. It would be prudent for some of these attorney's and judges to worry about what else she is telling, or has told.

As for Judge Williams, I predict that he has heard plenty about his dumb remarks to the newspaper.


#15 Feb 20, 2007
Check this out:

Look at the state rating for alcohol related fatalities! Kind of scary when you think they are going to relax probation on first offenders.

It's nice to know our county is near the top! I can't wait until 2006 is available for viewing.
Lindsey Buenger

United States

#16 Feb 20, 2007
While surfing the web, I came across the forum section and began to read. I was particulary stunned by the comments about the probation officer. Why in heavens name would a probation officer who supervises alcohol offenses, be drinking in her office during work hours, or for that matter drinking in her office anytime. Are you people saying that court officials have actually joined her at these parties? Where did these other drinking parties occur? Surely not in a bar or at the courthouse? Someone please provide an answer. As someone who is not involved in the judicial process, I do not understand this.

Saint Louis, MO

#17 Feb 20, 2007
In reply to Lindsey Buenger:
I've lived in this county all my life and I'm sorry to say but it seems that these people can do whatever they want to. No one will step forward to stop them. For over a year now many people in government and in probation services have appealed to the Mothers Against Drunk Driving and our Attorney General but nothing has been done to investigate these wrong doings.
Many newspapers will not print the numerous complaints.
What is everyone afraid of?
Is Forrest Wegge and his buddies really that powerful?
Wait a minute, it's all starting to come together now.
Forrest Wegge is not just the prosecuting attorney for Jefferson County but, also the President of the Prosecuting Attorney's Association of Missouri.


Jay Nixon, our attorney general, grew up in De Soto, Missouri (an #1 meth haven) So you'd think he of all people in power would be doing the most he could to make sure Mr. Wegge was behaving himself. Because, as the original question of this forum declared Wegge is supposedly trying to clean up the meth problem.

Does anyone wonder if Jay Nixon is yet another of Wegge's friends?

Oh, and by the way the probation officer you mentioned isn't licensed?(so I've heard)

Mr. Wegge must have a magic wand? If he can turn a "good time girl" into a probation officer I wonder what other plans he has?!

I know Mr. Nixon's next plan is to become governor!! Wouldn't that be grand?
Lindsey Buenger

United States

#18 Feb 21, 2007
Thank you Lisa, for replying. I did a little research since yesterday and found out Mr. Wegge was just elected prosecuter and took office last month. From what you are saying about Madd and the Attorney General, something was going on before Mr. Wegge? Also, this "good time girl" if allowed to continue, could be the one to bring them down. I am very surprized Mr. Wegge has not dis-associated himself from her by now. What is amazing to me are all the comments on this forum about her. She seems to be well known and she must be stepping on a lot of toes.


#19 Feb 25, 2007
Frank Adkins

United States

#20 Feb 28, 2007
Things seem to have died down in the court system. Shucks! I was hoping to find out how I could meet the "good time gal" everyone was talking about.

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