Andersen Stupor

Little Falls, NY

#1 Jan 25, 2013
Communist News Network - A deranged depressed loner has stolen his mother's Government Motors Suburban SUV and driven into a crowd of children waiting for their school bus- an unthinkable tragedy taking dozens of innocent lives. In a statement the Governor declared that large SUVs are a scourge on our free society and must be banned " these gas hogs are a menace on our roads and who needs a vehicle that large when there are smaller cars that get you from one place to another". He noted that had the maniac been driving a Smart car many less lives would have been taken and there would be a much lower carbon footprint as well. After much public wailing and gnashing of teeth the legislature quickly passed a law in the middle of the night to enforce the ban on all SUVs in the Empire State. The President, not to be outdone, quickly urged the nation to never allow the SUV to harm any children again and that this is how we can all do our fair share to stop global warming. In Detroit, several factories were bracing for thousands of layoffs as the ban on SUVs went into effect. Meanwhile in Mexico and China factories are ramping up for the new wave of gas efficient and maniac safer minicars to be exported to the US, the home of the free and the land of the brave...
Poor anology

Schenectady, NY

#2 Jan 25, 2013
SUV's weren't designed to kill people.

Little Falls, NY

#4 Jan 26, 2013
Poor anology wrote:
SUV's weren't designed to kill people.
if a robber breaks into your house are you gonna try to make him some sandwiches and treat him to some cupcakes or are you going to use something that was "designed" for protection. Do you really believe guns were designed to commit mass murder or were evil psychotic people designed to do terrible things with whatever they can get their hands on- the guy could have attacked school children with a knife but he could have used a baseball bat or an SUV or a flamethrower or rocks or gasoline or gone to the zoo grabbed lions and set them free in the school- he was crazy- he could have done anything his crazy mind could get its hands on- do you think everyone else losing their freedoms because of .00000000000001% of humanity is the American way?
You Do Not

Waltham, MA

#5 Jan 26, 2013
have the inalienable right to possess firearms that have been outlawed. Your freedom ends there.
Hey Inalienable

Little Falls, NY

#7 Jan 27, 2013
You Do Not wrote:
have the inalienable right to possess firearms that have been outlawed. Your freedom ends there.
Seems like psychotic killers don't care which guns are legal or illegal. Just keep banning them all until there all illegal. Funny how you see countries like Canada, Great Britain or Australia that ban guns yet do a google search and these countries have all had massacres committed by maniacs- think about Anders Breivik in Norway a real progressive Scandinavian country yet he took out dozens of school kids- SOUND FAMILIAR?????? And do you have an inalienable right to collect your welfare benefits for the rest of your life? Second amendment is in the Constitution did you learn that in school where is welfare benefits in the constitution?
You might

East Haven, CT

#8 Jan 27, 2013
want to actually take a look at the Constitution especially Article I Section 8 where the framers speak about "general welfare" and "proper and necessary."

Next take a peek at the Bill of Rights and the Second Amendment which is concerned with a "well regulated militia." I think the "regulated" part is the key. The most conservative member of the SCOTUS has already stated that the Second Amendment doesn't give citizens the right to own military type assault weapons.

Little Falls, NY

#9 Jan 27, 2013
you seem to want the government to "regulate" all the winners and losers of society until we are all having our fair share of mediocrity. The problem with your love of regulation is it never ends until the country is broke and the citizenry is helpless- read 1984 in high school or did you get past 6th grade education? PS note that I haven"t said anywhere that I am in favor of true assault weapons, grenades, flamethrowers, plutonium or rocket launchers- reread what I said about those other countries.....

East Haven, CT

#10 Jan 27, 2013
"The further a society drifts from truth, the more it will hate those who speak it." G. Orwell

New York, NY

#11 Jan 27, 2013
What is happening is that the government is, in its own way, stating that society is out of control and the only way we can control it is to rein in the freedom to own certain guns and gun clips.
It is becoming an epidemic of what the problem is versus treating an symptom and not the cause. The cause is that we have a society that is irresponsible. Every day, our society is raising more and more citizens that don't know or care about right or wrong --- they just want to shoot and kill.
They will keep on killing --- even if guns are not available. But guns will always be available to those who want to kill.
The only answer is to educate. I say educate because but the real answer is to raise our young not to kill, and therein lies the problem --- the lack of parenting.
We will always have those nut cases and that's the reason we are seeing this legislation --- to keep the masses from being murdered. And yes, it IS less harmful to lose a few rather than 15 or 20.
There is a balance here that has to be struck. I personally own eight guns --- all sporting/hunting guns. I do not NEED nor want an assault-style gun or a clip that holds thirty or even ten rounds.
We have to draw the line somewhere so as to protect the innocent citizen. I am waiting for the day when one of these defenders of our "constitutional rights" (to own a banana clip of thirty?) is shot down as the fourteenth victim of a shooting. Maybe then and only then will some people realize that a line has to be drawn somewhere, and right now, the line is not in the right place in the sand.
It's a matter of balance and right now, things are out of balance a bit. The laws are trying to make it harder for the nutcase to get the gun and at the same time, if they do get their hands on one, they can't take out dozens of people before someone steps in and stops them or snuffs them.
We do need to try to stop this madness.
Own guns? Yes. What types and how they are set for mass murder? We've got to make these changes before this becomes a way of life.

By the way ---- I am sure that Remington will survive without making the Bushmaster. It's just a matter of how much societal responsibility they wish to exercise over the desire to make more money than they're already making...

ex-20 year-Remington employee
Grand Theft Auto V

Little Falls, NY

#12 Jan 27, 2013
Rockstar games new hit game will be out soon I'm sure all the kids will be excited to shoot at cops and play gangster its so much fun. Any mention of a surtax on violent videogames/ movies in recent legislation- don't think so, would,t want to anger hollywood or the giant media companies we need them when election time comes around....
The Majority of

Holyoke, MA

#13 Jan 28, 2013
the American people favor banning assault weapons, multi -round magazines and better background checks for all gun transactions.

New York, NY

#14 Jan 28, 2013
Government is the problem,no holds barred. Society today is a reflection of how well our political system is working. Make all the laws you wish. We should be living in a FREE SOCIETY.Our leaders are so quick to point fingers at other nations wrong doings.It's time they wake up and see what a bunch of baffling baffoons they really are. Here's a good example. What other country elected an actor to be leader of their country? Where else but in the good old U.S. will you see another actor as governor,better yet a comedian( Franken). And what about Jesse Ventura? We are slowly becoming the dumbest acting country on the planet. Just look at our school systems. The rich exploit the poor and middle class in every manner. Take for instance reality shows. The biggest loser.Survivor,I could go on and on. Bottom line is the rich are watching all you participants fight and struggle to gain a little wealth.Amusement at the cost of the less fortunate. Government allows this in media. Media glorifies government,government glorifies media. It's like the pot calling the kettle black. In order to keep the focus off of the real problem government and media play the game. OOh!! look what they did.The twenty first century makes blunders harder to hide. The american middleclass really needs to keep an eye on exactly how you're being screwed.
just curious

Berlin, CT

#15 Jan 28, 2013
i don't see what all the hype is about. Who needs a gun? I have an arsenal of about 10,000 spitballs ready for the first guy who comes into my house. I also have a clip that holds about 50 wads. Take a few of those smelly bastards in the teeth and I guarantee he will be running for the hills....
Dirty Harry

Warren, AR

#16 Jan 30, 2013
Seems funny when the police buy a AR-15 is called a simiautomatic weapon, but when a civilian buys the same rifle it's called an assault weapon.
Do you liberals really think that if someone is willing to murder 20 little kids and then kill himself,really gives a rat's ass about a gun law.

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