Niche Profit Classroom Is A Scam?

Niche Profit Classroom Is A Scam?

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Fed up

West Bend, WI

#1 Nov 1, 2011
Ever heard of Niche Profit Classroom? It is a learning membership site Where you are taught to take other peoples products and sell them off of your own website, that you create and build yourself.

Most of the products come from Click-Bank. You are taught how to write articles for free advertising to get traffic to your website so you can sell them other peoples products....Sounds O.K. I guess until you get into the depth of the program.

At $67.00/per month membership fee, you are not able to get out of the program unless you give up your website/sites. They are not transferrable....

Some do's and don't's:

Don't EVER attend or buy one of their special guest webinars until after it has been reduced to audio tape. Why...because you will be robbed the first time if you buy...after the audio tape is release the price is usually slashed in half.

I would like to Hear from the rest of you regarding your likes and dislikes with NPC...

I was with the program for a long time and lost all of my hard earned work because I was not making any money and I had to continue to pay the $67.00/mo.(some people get it at $49.00/mo..) why the difference? Only they know.

I made a total of $50.00 but spent over $3000.00 until I called it quits....

West Bend, WI

#2 Nov 1, 2011
You see all the advertisments for NPC....and that is because If a member is able to recruit 2-3 other people they will get their memebership paid for....

Do not Be taken in my NPC....they are a scam!
They Rob People

West Bend, WI

#3 Nov 1, 2011
Adam Short and Alen Sultanic are the two co-founders of NPC (Niche Profit Classroom) You never hear from Alen...and rarely from Adam..

Customer support people are extreemly rude and condescending....
I agree

United States

#4 Jan 21, 2012
I got burned by NPC as well. You have to put out so much money in order for the system to work. They make it sound so simple but when you are first starting out and don't have money to hire a writer, hire someone for graphics, pay for the special software let alone the autoresponder...there are too many issues that they do not tell you right away and you get sucked in.

DO NOT SIGN UP for this program all it will lead to is frustration.
I go taken too-

United States

#5 Jan 21, 2012
I was skeptical at first but for a $1 buy in I thought I might give it a try. After 6 months and over $500 in debt to NPC I gave up.
There is no possible way you are able to build these sites in the amount of time that "Adam" claims, unless you hire all the work the person above mentioned, there are at least 35-50 articles to write, auto-responders to pay for, bonus books to create, graphics to create (hire out). NPC is a scam! Do not be taken in by them.
Adam keeps getting richer as his students keep getting all their money to HIM! His sites keep getting bigger and bigger with more traffic because he has all his members clicking on his site alone. It is discouraged to get other members to click on your a click exhange, but yet it's O.K. for everyone to click on Adams site.
1 am done with NPC....Glad you like the site I built...didn't have the money to pour more into it.
Beware of NPC!
Customer Service is Bad

Milwaukee, WI

#6 Feb 13, 2012
I quit NPC just because of the lack of support. NPC's support staff has to be the worst and rudest people I have ever encountered.

If you disagree with them or ask too many questions, they will shut you down to where you will not be able to get help again. They rarely answer a question anyway.

Do not waste your money here!

I agree with the above, you need big bucks in order for their program to work. You will also not be able to take your sites with you when you quit because their site building programs are not compatible with other hosting company's. If you want to keep your have to continue to pay their membership fee every month in order to continue....You can get a much better hosting company for lesser money

Pass on NPC....they are a scam!
NPC is Bad

Milwaukee, WI

#7 Feb 18, 2012
Customer service Sucks!You do not get your questions answered.

$600 poorer and I gave up. Didn't make a dime!

Save your pocketbook! Don't get scammed like I did

Boynton Beach, FL

#8 Feb 27, 2012
NPC dumps so much information on you that you feel that it must be a mistake YOU are making that is stopping you from making money. In reality, they intentionally bombard you with too much information in order to keep you paying month after month.

I worked with a group of members during my membership and ran a FULL test of the new NPC4 system over a 6 month period with over 30 sites. The total income for those sites was about $30 per month. Which when you figure in the membership, my time, and the team I was paying was a HUGE negative bottom line. The "success" stories on the site are ancient, and they are from people who were personally mentored by George during the first release to make sure they has "success" stories to post.

Adam instructs George to delete posts and sometimes entire threads in the forum if someone dares to question the lack of success stories, or posts anything that may hinder their income.

Save your money! If you work at McDonald's 1 shift a month you will make more money than if you worked on NPC sites full time for a month. Plus, you will not have the aggravation and rudeness of dealing with the NPC "customer service" morons!
Too Much Info

Hartford, WI

#9 Mar 8, 2012
NPC does have alot of info to give out but you get too caught up within their system...It becomes very confusing.

You are bombarded with so much info that it is extremely confusing to keep up and to get the job done.

Then because you have not caught up, you are reprimanded...upon the point of being banished from their system...they have no tolerance for people who do not know the system and are trying to learn.

You have to have the latest upgraded technological systems to work with NPC. You have to have alot of money to purchase their additional software which is required to keep up with their system.

Customer support is Awful. they do not get back to you for several days...sometimes even a week...but then you get frustrated and send in another support ticket just to be heard...then they treat you like dirt afterward because you dare to send in another support ticket because you have been waiting a week for an answer...then you are considered a "nuceince" because you are bugging the support staff...and are placed into the "duplicate sender" where your support tickets will not be answered for several months....and no other support tickets you send for other problems will be answered..... what a bunch of B.S.

Do Yourself a favor....Do not gbt into the money trap with NPC...because you end up spending more money than what you get out of the program..
NicheProfitClass roomScam

United States

#10 Mar 8, 2012
Hats off to George or GK1 within the Niche Profit Classroomsupport system


After George’s initial instructions to the Niche ProfitClassroom “success stories” which George personally gave instructions to- George is no longer available –Why?

Because George is too busy with monitoring the Forum at Niche Profit Classroom by deleting “questionable material”.

What does Niche Profit Classroom have to hide? LOTS!!

Niche Profit Classroom 4.0 is actually much better than the Niche Profit Classroom 3.0 series. But….each site you build, which takes atleast 6 months to build, will only generate $50 per month in return…Adam states this fact in his videos.

Yet you are still paying a $67 per month membership fee….so after 6 months you are out $67 x 6 mo =$402 but you have only started generating a monthly revenue of $50 per month max…..which actually takes at least 3-4 months to build up to that $50 income….

Do the math….Niche Profit Classroom has a lot of followers right now until they start seeing the reality after 1-2 years….believe me…I have been there…and I am much poorer because of Niche Profit Classrooms deceitfulness. My hope ran long and hard…Niche Profit classroom does not pay off in the end….or at least it will take you 5 years to start seeing a profit…

Niche Profit Classroom Scam! Don’t be suckered in-
NPC Scam

Hartford, WI

#11 Mar 22, 2012
Niche Profit Classroom

You see all the advertisements..only because the membership has placed the advertisements. In order to cut their membership dues.

I a member signs up 2 people under them...they will receive a discount on their membership dues as long as the sign up member stays active.

Don't be taken in by this ploy..their is too much competition to even go down this road.
Niche Profit Classroom is a scam

Sounds Good especially after the 2-week $1 trial period...but

The New NPC 4.0 is structured to that you are not able to get out of the program..

The Teachings are good...however do not sign up with the host at NPC...take your hosting elsewhere...(which does not justify the monthly membership dues)..NPC has structured their New 4.o to be totally dependent upon themselves... if you leave the hosting at NPC you will have to rebuild your site..and will not have any claim to the copywrite of your own the fine print...

Customer help desk is a do not receive an answer with in the timeframe specified and have to restrain your patients until NPC is finally able to answer you....

In the long run..more people have left NPC than has joined...

do not get suckered in...NPC is very good with their sales pitch..until you are there awhile and fully understand the motives and direction..

this is one program that sounds to good to be proved..

Go elsewhere...

Beware of NPC

Milwaukee, WI

#12 May 10, 2012
I want everyone to realize that if you sign up for NPC you will not be able to move your sites to another host with the Ultimate will be stuck paying $67 per month until you decide to give up your site.

NPC site builder is not compatable with any other host on the web!
Other classrooms R Better

United States

#13 May 30, 2012
I belonged to NPC for several months with their new 4.0. I have to say, it is very hard to follow. I basically took the information and then started my sites with another host.

I do agree with the person above about what they said about customer service, it is terrible. If they do not like something you post on the forum, your question is deleted and then you are black walled.

I would suggest going another avenue. There are plenty of sites on the net that have the same type of teaching and will cost you far less money.
Newbie Marketer

Hayward, CA

#14 Mar 20, 2013
I'm not sure what all the fuss is about regarding NPC. First of let me say, no I'm not a representative, employee, or affiliate marketer working on behalf or representing NPC.

Much like most of you I invested in NPC hoping to create some income for myself and live a better life with my family. I already own a business (not internet related) and know what its like growing a business from scratch and how it does not generate profits over night. Maybe because of the fact I own a business and grew it from nothing I understand you have to spend money on supplies, marketing, rent, overhead, employees etc for at least 2-3 years before you see a return.

I have been a member of NPC for 6 months now. I knew 0 about internet business/marketing and thanks to this system and other research!!!!! I was able to put together a strategy that works for me. In six months I have built 10 websites. Some are the free ones they give you and out of the 10 I built for myself to understand the process. Yes they give you a lot of info but you have to take it one step at a time. The 10 websites are now generating $560-$615 every month for the last 4 out of six months. In my opinion this is pretty good.

Simple math, ready?$97 monthly NPC fee + domain name purchase (per website)+ hosting (outside of NPC) x 6 months=$791.94. Now being conservative $550 monthly income x 4 months=$2200. Now subtract $791.94 (total operating expenses for the past 6 months) from $2200 profits= A total profit of $1408 after 6 months. The cool part about this figure is it should continue to grow because the websites are built and done. I only have to worry about the monthly $97 NPC fee and cost of hosting.

If you think you are going to be rich overnight than you’re a fucking idiot. No software, system or program is designed that way and you are living in a fantasy if you think its exist.

Stay away from the real scammers
Do not under any circumstance purchase a system by a guy named Anthony Morrison his system is call the fast traffic sniper. The software cost $47 dollars, and then they up sell you 3 times for a total of $647. If you attend one of his live webinars in the system they will offer you coaching. If you are stupid enough to inquire they put you through a 1hr long phone interview and try to convince you to spend $1200,$1600,$3000, and I think the last is around $5000 to work with a personal coach.

Also stay away from Anik Singal systems, Im Target (the name alone should give you a clue you are going to be scammed). More lies and bs. His system also costs around $47 dollars, they up sell you around 4 times (I don't remember final cost), and their online videos and tutorials are filmed in India and have an Indian guy talking which you can't understand.

Lastly is a somabitch by the name of Joel Peterson. This guy offer a system called the Webinar Income System. The system has a whopping $1500 price tag just to open the door. The lessons are pretty good but you find out you will need to invest at least $400-$500 on other software, tools, an email account like Aweber, and a monthly subscription to webinar software like GotoMeeting. I tried it and got my money back luckily after 2 weeks when I realized I was not a millionaire who could afford this training.

Lastly due research, and at least try a system for a few weeks however stay away from the ones I mentioned!!! In a nutshell NPC works for me but you have to know and understand what you are doing.

Montego Bay, Jamaica

#15 Apr 3, 2013
How can I cancel my membership with NPC?
I have tried without success and I need to do this before the 14 day trial is up

Maury City, TN

#16 Apr 28, 2013
I have learned when someone start saying that all the other Gurus are cheating you and he is going to expose them and take them down, he is setting you up do the same thing he says the other Gurus are doing. If I had a dollar for all sales pitches I heard starting out with someone going to expose everyone else I would be rich. Most all are fly by night con-men trying to take your money and the sad part about it is there are so many newbies online that get suckered into their scam that they (the cons) wind up making money while most everyone else goes broke. Remember if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.
darn scared

Vereeniging, South Africa

#17 May 15, 2013
i came here to read the comments to know if i should trust this site or not, but now i am just more confused than ever. is it a scam or can it work if you really put in??
Randy B

Vancouver, WA

#18 Jun 14, 2013
I too feel like I was scammed by niche profit classroom. When I first joined, I was hounded with an automated very high pressure sales technique by founder Adam Short. He entices you with his voice and intonation that you really need these extra add ons to be successful and if you don't decide right there and then you wont ever get it again at that price. After repeated attempts to get my money back all I got was a run around by their terrible, let me repeat again, terrible customer service. My question about a refund was not ever even answered, instead they kept saying that a response was sent and to look in my spam folder. After this occurred several times and my complaints were never even acknowledged by Malu or whatever her name was, I knew it was time to get out of this terrible impossible to communicate with site. My advice is to stay away from this site, run if you have to or you too will feel the same way I do or maybe even worse. There are other much less expensive sites that I hear are much cheaper and have a much better reputation with good customer service, which is of vital importance. I would give Niche Profit an F- a terrible experience for me.

Leatherhead, UK

#19 Aug 9, 2013
It is not a scam - but if you don't put in the hard work of course you will fail!!!


Here I publish the latest news and reviews - make your own mind up.


Delafield, WI

#20 Nov 2, 2013
Adam Short is not a scam. End of story.

I have been studying internet marketing for the past two years, I personally love to listen to videos and webinars and my appetite for this type of material is insatiable, I listen to these educational audios at least two to three hours every single day (while driving, exercising, doing other things, multitasking).

In the past two years I have listened to the best in the world: Ed Dale (30 day challenge), Guru Bob, David Jenyns, Pete Williams, Rick Schefren, Marie Forleo, Dan Kennedy, etc etc etc

I found Niche Profit Classroom exactly one month ago. I can tell you that I have listened to many, many of the videos and mastermind webinars. Adam knows exactly what he is talking about. He does something that I have not really seen done before: he takes his students through a step by step blueprint, which I love.

Here is the real story: internet marketing of information products is HARD. It is not a get rich quick scam or scheme. However, if you take the time to learn it, really learn it, the rewards are incredible.

Needless to say, in order to succeed, you must be the type of person that truly is passionate about it. You should know if it is in your blood or not. If you think that you will just sit down at your computer for three or four hours, throw up some websites with some adsense ads, and then retire to Hawaii the next day, you are sadly mistaken.

Those of you who accuse Adam Short of being a scam are just not cut out for internet marketing.

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