Man Wants Hospital to Remove Surgical...

Man Wants Hospital to Remove Surgical Clip

There are 273 comments on the KPVI-TV Pocatello story from Nov 26, 2007, titled Man Wants Hospital to Remove Surgical Clip. In it, KPVI-TV Pocatello reports that:

“If we have a patient with a concern, we address these concerns immediately, both in the best interest of the patients and for the overall improvement of care in our hospital.”

Posted: A man from Firth says he's been in pain since having surgery at Bingham Memorial Hospital and later finding out the doctor left a surgical clip inside of him. via KPVI-TV Pocatello

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United States

#227 Apr 30, 2012
That is awesome news. So pleased to hear the clips are gone.
Reading this has cheered up my day.

Silver Spring, MD

#228 May 10, 2012
Hi Meredith,
In your previous post, you mentioned:
"My surgeon said to make sure I want to have the surgery because they will have to "split me open from stem to stern" and to be sure I want that done."
Did Dr. Biju have to do hat in order to get the metal clips out ? Just curious ...

Jonesborough, TN

#229 Jul 11, 2012
Are you kidding me. Surgical clips are standard in almost every operation and probably have nothing to do with the ongoing whining of chronic pain patients. Why not just come up with another excuse like "fibromyalgia " so you can get your drugs. Don't just blame the "evil" surgeons for your dependence

United States

#230 Jul 12, 2012
Joe. I can't speak for everyone here. But I will definitely speak for myself. I am on no meds and don't want to be. I work full time and I use the pain to keep me going.
One of the things that's hard about any object left in your body is your body may not accept it. Many people are allergic to the items and its sad when closed minded judgmental people treat us harshly because they aren't in the same boat. We get enough grief without some mean souled person passing judgment on us.
I pray you never have to experience what myself or others have. Blessed be.

Wahiawa, HI

#231 Jul 12, 2012
I agree with Kar. Had I been told they were going to put six clips into me (after I was already complaining about the one marking the tumor, that it was itching the hell out of me and causing pain when I laid on that area of my body) I would have put it in writing that I DID NOT WANT ANY CLIPS! I was not informed, so I was not allowed to give informed consent. It only takes a little longer to stitch, and I SHOULD have been given that option

Murfreesboro, TN

#232 Jul 14, 2012
As a surgeon I perform about 300 laparoscopic gallbladder surgeries a year and have done so for more than 20 years. I have never had a single patient report issues with clips. The clips don't cause hematomas or come anywhere near ribs. They are standard in surgery and are meant to be permanent. We don't tell patients whether we are going to use blue suture or black suture or electric current or ultrasonic energy or laser energy to cauterize. I never felt the need to describe clips to patients but now that I've seen just how litigious and zealous you nuts are, I will. Most surgeons are good people trying to do a good job. You people seem really vicious.

Wahiawa, HI

#233 Jul 14, 2012
GOOD for you Albert, you SHOULD describe the clips to your patients BEFORE you put them in. I didn't even know I had them in and I was complaining to my surgeon on each post surgical visit about swelling, pain when I laid on my stomach and itching. It was not until I went for the next mammo when the tech said she counted 6 clips in me. I said no, you are mistaken, I had one taken out, not 6 put in--and then she showed me the screen pic. I was furious. The good thing was my niece,(who also had metal issues) was scheduled for a c-section. I called her and told her she better ask,as her allergies are severe. Sure enough, they had planned on putting clips in her-they hadn't even bothered to ask about metal allergies. We are NOT litigious and zealous nuts--and since you have NOT walked in our shoes, you should not judge. BUT, I am thankful you learned something-your patients will benefit from this!

United States

#234 Jul 15, 2012
You know I've actually looked into going off shore to have my object removed. Several surgeons are interested in removing it, just so we can find out what it is. Albert, I wish mine was a clip, or a staple. Hell I'd be happy if it was nurse ratchets damned earring. But its not. It is a Foreign Object.
It has been labeled as such by several surgeons.
We aren't crazy Albert, not in the manner you think. And the negative energy you put forth with your post, I have simply transferred into your lack of understanding.
No use pointing fingers at anyone its not worth the energy.
Blessed be...

Murfreesboro, TN

#235 Jul 15, 2012
I have walked I in your shoes. I have had surgery and have multiple clips in my body. I feel fine and don't want to sue my doctor

Murfreesboro, TN

#236 Jul 15, 2012
A foreign object!! What do you think it is? Did they leave a sponge behind? That can happen, and that is not designed to be left in like clips are. Maybe an alien embryo?

United States

#237 Jul 16, 2012
Albert, humour. I love it. Helps me keep Don't know what it is. It is metallic we know that. One theory is its the end of tool. Aliens that's crazy


#238 Jul 21, 2012
Joe and Albert you can kiss my fat ass. I usually do not talk that way but... I told the surgeon to his face before the surgery that I had metal allergies and he chose, HE CHOSE to ignore what I had already told him prior to the surgery and put the metal clips in any how. It would have been a different story if it had not been known before surgery. You guys have never had to live with the pain of not being able to sit upright, lay on that side of your body, not wear anything that presses on the spot, not eat certain foods....etc.... I pray that you never have to live that way. Jerk, I mean Joe, I have fibro also and have had it since I was in my 20's. I work 3 jobs, 1 full time and 2 part time and raised my kids all by myself not with any assistance from the system and not sitting at home taking drugs. Now Albert, what I would say to you is that since the clips are out, I can lay on that side of my body, I can sit upright, I can eat more foods, I can press on the spot where the clips were without it hurting like hell. When the Doc took them out he sent them off to pathology cuz he said they were almost unreccognizeable as clips and he was not even sure that they were because my body had tried so hard to get rid of them that they were corroded and eaten away and wrapped in not exactly scar tissue but in something close. So for all you non believers do not judge. Each person is a story and until you know the story, judgement should not be passed.
Surgery Worker

Joplin, MO

#239 Jul 29, 2012
Having worked in the O.R. for over 25 years, I can tell you first hand, that what Dr Albert said is the truth.

Wether is be, the surgical clips, usually called staples, or or a "bovie" the Drs HAVE, to use some way to stop the bleeding, that always happens, and the clips, or staples are always made from Titanium, just for that purpose.

Also, when Drs do a hip, or knee replacement, well guess what, another "thing' goes into the body, that is "foreign"

It is just a fact of life how Drs do surgery.

I would be quite interested if some body was to sue a Dr for leaving in a "clip" that is standard procedure to do a surgery, what the outcome would be. One probability of course, would be for the case to go against the suing PT.

United States

#240 Jul 29, 2012
Once again. I speak only for myself, not others. I can see for many this is a financial issue.
It comes down to this, at least for me. When after 12 years I learned what was causing my pain. I absolutely wanted compensation for my misery. Who wouldn't? Through a series of events, my life was turned upside down. All due to what was left behind.
Now, after many years and much suffering. I have resolved myself to the fact doctors just don't care. I will continue to live in pain, I will never be free of this object, unless I manage to leave this country and have it removed elsewhere.
I know some objects are left for a reason. Still the facts remain that in my case the object serves no purpose. It is encapsulated in scar tissue near my ovary, held there by my bowel which is wrapped around it all. It shifts and moves, as xrays and CT and the MRI has shown. Unlike clips which are attached. Also clips are made of non magnetic metals and gold. Hulka clips ... items that should not be effected by an MRI .. my object was effected, it got hot and it moved. I was down in bed for days after my MRI.
Doctors are human and humans make mistakes. There's no doubt about that.
I'd like the mistake acknowledged and rectified. I give no care to sue I simply want to be active like any other 38 year old. Oh and eat. I want to eat without being in pain.
For me the posts by nurses doctors surgeons and other medical persons are entertainment.
You take a look at my medical history and scans. See if you still have the same opinion. Take a look at anyone's on here and really talk to them. See if its still the same attitude. Some do have legitimate complaints.


#241 Jul 31, 2012
Again, I TOLD THE DOCTOR BEFORE SURGERY, that I had metal allergies. He CHOSE to put metal in anyway. I understand that there are good and caring doctors as proven by the surgeon that finially listened and took the clips out, but it was almost 5 years in the making. Would I sue if possible, yes. Do I feel that there are many to many frivolous lawsuits, yes. But when a doctor completely ignores what the patient tells them. That is a problem. When I had my histerectomy the doc used sutures, more time yes, but no metal. This surgeon that took out my gallbladder was for less time, more surgeris, more money. Point blank! That being said NYS has a 2 and 1/2 year statute of limitations and since it took me over 4 to prove the problem I am out of luck. I think most lf the laws were passed to protect the doctors not the patients. I feel that since it was the doctors chocie to ignore what he was told, then he should be punished. I am sorry for everyone on here still suffering and I would say to you not to give up hope, keep pushing and going to new doctors. It took me 5 years, 3 reg docs, 1 allergy doc and 3 surgeons before someone took the clips out. I heard an intersting thing the other day and I may follow up on it. A woman had a knee replacement and had full body pain and some other problems afterwards. Her doc ran bloodwork for metals and found levels of chromium not normal in her system. I wonder if some of our problems are from the metals in out blood stream that our bodies are trying to break down??

United States

#242 Jul 31, 2012
Meredith, I'm sure alot of people have odd levels in their systems due to things that the body deems. Forgien. My body attacked all my silver fillings after my object was left. Go figure.
Prior to my object I could only wear gold earrings. Now I wear whatever...non of it makes sense.
The body is an amazing and mysterious machine for sure.
I'm glad your doing better.

Wexford, PA

#243 Sep 14, 2012
To all surgical clips are standard after gallbladder surgery. When they cut the gallbladder out from the duct it is attached to and from the artery and vein that it is connected to those ends have to be clipped. In the old days before surgical clips there were far more complications from sutures breaking down around the vessel or duct or being to loose or to tight. Unlike surgical instruments or sponges left being that will definitely cause major badness, clips are made to be left behind. Now I am sure there are people who may be allergic to metal or just about anything for that matter like the woman allergic to her husbands sperm. Those are unfortunate instances but if the symptoms are not life threatening for those folks it is best to leave them in since the surgery to take them out has greater and higher likelihood of complications assuming it is even possible. Your body normally forms scar tissue around hand sewn sutures and clips so getting to it would be a challenge.
Susan O

Springfield, IL

#245 Jan 16, 2013
OR Nurse wrote:
Everyone seems to be missing the point. If you CHOOSE to have laparoscopic surgery, and want the surgeon to do things like stop bleeding, or not allow bile to leak into your abdominal cavity, thus digesting your own internal organs, then you WILL have surgical clips in place after your surgery. These clips do things like close off veins or arteries or the bile duct when the gallbladder is removed.
Sure, they could do it old school, with a large open incision, and clamp/cut/tie every vessel or duct that needs to be incised during a surgery. But, that leads to large open incisions, longer recovery times, increased risks of infection and bleeding.
That is not to say that people who have posted with these problems are lying, I can't say for sure. But, how many thousands of surgeries are performed every year with no complications? There are risks in EVERY surgery. Going under the knife for any reason exposes you to those risks.
Educate yourself, you can see videos of procedures like laparoscopic gallbladder or hysterectomy surgery right on youtube or medical sites.
In August I had an appendectomy and partial removal of my colon because my appendix was perforated and leaking infection all of over my the place. As a result, they couldn't close my incision so I came home with an open wound held together with Montgomery Straps. A month ago, I had an MRI on my neck and spine. They asked me if I had any metal clips etc. I said No. Immediately after the MRI when the technician pulled me out, the first thing he said was, "Did you have any stomach surgery"? I told him and he said that he didn't think there would be a problem. Really??? I had no idea that a metal clip was somewhere in my abdomen. Now I'm wondering about the two c-sections and hysterectomy I had!

New York, NY

#247 Feb 9, 2013
yeah thats what it is

Elizabethtown, KY

#249 Feb 12, 2013
I am petite only 5' and weigh around 100 lbs and am 30 yrs old and I am called 18 yrs old all the time. Now this is a double edged sword because while it's nice sometimes it's very hard to be taken seriously by drs and so they tell me "you're too young to have this or to be in this much pain". I have been plagued with severe stomach problems since I was born and never had much of a social life and now I have had my gallbladder removed which didn't help and all the drs tell me is "just don't think about it, stay positive". Yes drs can be very helpful but also can get arrogant and complacent and in turn decide they have the education so they know your body better than you do. I miss the older drs that would listen to you, were compassionate, and didn't have the holier then thou attitude most do today! They want to do the big expensive unnecessary tests and try the new expensive big name meds that do no good rather than start off small try older proven meds tho outdated that still work! The field of medicine has gotten far too commercially driven today! No one goes into medicine for the care and treatment of others anymore, it's for the money they can make! Anyway sorry for my rant just tired if being treated like a young dumb nut that doesn't know my own body and just wants drugs!!!

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