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#22 Sep 11, 2012
Here is a list of the new bills to be presented in the 2012 legislative session. You can go to the Oklahoma State Legislature website and read the texts.
Sex offenders; Tabby's law; electronic monitoring program. Effective date.
GPS for all those required to register. Adds a $75.00 per year fee to all registrants. Changes failure to comply from a max of 5 years to a max of 10 years and changes the fine to $100.00 per day that one is out of compliance.
Mental health service providers; creating the Protection Against Sexual Exploitation By a Mental Health Services Provider Act. Codification. Effective date.
Assures mental health professionals do not sexually abuse current or previous patients.
Prisons and reformatories; sex offender registry; employment. Effective date. Emergency.
Similar to HB1627 but does not have the service business at homes in it.
Prisons and reformatories; sex offender registry; defining term. Effective date.
Hand Up law for this year.
Crimes and punishments; obscene transmissions; penalty. Codification. Effective date.
SEXTING amendments that allow for minors to be considered for misdemeanor convictions. Similar to HB2006
Crimes and punishments; modifying certain mandatory sentence percentages. Effective date.
Changing 85% laws to 65%. This affects only NEW convictions and is not retroactive. Hopefully if this passes someone will arrange for post-conviction relief on the old 85% sentences.
Prisons and reformatories; requiring a court order to be removed from the Sex Offenders Registry under certain circumstances. Effective date.
Any removal from the Sex Offender registry (even those Tier 1 and Tier 2 completing their time) must be made by court order.
Crimes and punishments and sex offenders; making certain property a zone of safety. Effective date.
Similar to SB257 except the local entity can choose to designate anyplace as a park for the purpose of the zone of safety. Looks like a law written to be abused by overzealous politicians.
Sex offenders; modifying certain notification requirements; effective date.
Changes law enforcement notifications from “may notify” to “shall notify” and adds notification to local newspaper. No requirement for newspaper to publish.
Schools; adolescent pregnancy prevention through sex education in the public schools; effective date.
Sex education bill amendments. Allows teaching of practice other than abstinence.
Crimes and punishments; modifying sexual battery to include Transportation Security Administration employees; effective date.
Adds protection to people from being sexually abused (fondling, mauling, etc.) by TSA people.
Sex offenders; providing procedures for registering juvenile sex offenders; repealer; effective date; emergency.
Places juveniles on the DOC public registry as fact rather than only under court order.
Sex offenders; making certain acts unlawful; effective date.
Making certain employment illegal. It is similar to SB691. Disallows amusement ride operator, cabbie and similar, and any business where service goes into a residence.
Crimes and punishments; expanding definition of rape; effective date.
Adds minister and clergy to those (such as teachers) who can abuse by influence.
Crimes and punishments; including description of text messages with certain sexual content; emergency.
AKA Sexting. Similar to SB920. Adds misdemeanor considerations for minors that sext.

continued below

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#23 Sep 11, 2012
Sexually violent predators; establishing court proceedings for commitment of sexually violent predators; emergency.
Civil commitment. Uses conviction as prima fascia evidence for commitment. Most Tier 2 and all Tier3 convictions will qualify. Allows Dept. of Mental Health to contract with DOC for facilities. Those committed may exit when there is clear and compelling evidence that one has changed enough to assure they are no longer a threat.
Sex offenders; creating the Oklahoma Sex Offenders Act of 2012; effective date.
This is an empty bill allowing it to be filled in later. Who knows what Sanders has in mind.
Sex offenders; deleting applicable date for registration requirements; effective date.
Strikes the November 1989 date from registration so those convicted before Nov 1989 will also be under the registration requirements.
Sex offenders; prohibiting certain sex offenders from residing with minor children; effective date.
Makes it illegal for aggravated sex offenders to live in same home as minor. Note the word aggravated.
Sex offenders; increasing certain age limitation; codification; effective date.
Sex offenders may not change their name. Changes the 500 foot safety zone in parks from a victim under 13 to a victim under 18

Use this link to track these bills, and all the bills in our state.

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#24 Sep 11, 2012
My last post was a duplicate, sorry.

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#25 Sep 14, 2012
The comments that follow this article are interesting, click on the link to read what the public are saying about this church.

Tulsa Church Questioned About Handling Of Sexual Assault Allegations

Posted: Sep 13, 2012 9:04 PM CDT
Updated: Sep 14, 2012 6:54 AM CDT
Lori Fullbright, News On 6

TULSA, Oklahoma - Court records show Victory Christian Center in Tulsa waited two weeks before reporting allegations that a man had raped a 13-year-old girl.

Tulsa Police said two employees are accused of having sexual relationships with two underage girls.

But, before officers were called, they said Victory interviewed the victims and the suspects, then fired the two men before notifying the girls' parents or police.

Oklahoma law says any person who suspects child abuse must report it in a timely manner.

Child Crisis detectives said they are surprised Victory Christian did not have a protocol or policy in place to handle this type of situation.

Court records state the two Victory Christian adult employees met the two girls at summer camp and stayed in touch with them through Facebook and cell phones, exchanging sexually explicit messages and engaging in sexual relationships, however neither girl is old enough to legally consent.

Records show staff was notified and interviewed the men and the girls and fired the men on August 15.

Records show they contacted parents and police on August 30.

One of the girls told police one of the men, Chris Denman, forced her, even hitting her when she resisted.

Officers arrested Denman last week, and he's been charged with four crimes, including rape and child molestation.

Police say having weeks between the incident and them being notified did affect the case.

"I do think it did have some harm, because we had forensic evidence that was gone by the time we were notified," said Corporal Greg Smith. "There were persons we needed to talk to, who were no longer there and it took time to track them down. There have been some problems with the delay."

Detectives served a warrant at Victory Christian and collected carpet samples and records of Victory Christian's internal investigation.

Police said the time to gather evidence is always sooner rather than later.

"We can prove our case, but it would've been easier and much more solid a case, had we been involved from the beginning when we could gather all the evidence available then—not what's left over two to three weeks later," Smith said.

Smith said he wants everyone to know they have a legal obligation to report suspected child abuse in a timely manner.

He also said interviewing suspects and victims should be left up to specially-trained professionals.

"They use proven methods that get the most accurate answers out of kids, open ended," Smith said. "Every time I've seen a lay person question a child about abuse, it's almost always been an improper question."

One prosecutor told me it's hard to believe an organization the size of Victory Christian wouldn't be aware of the reporting requirements, especially after all the publicity at Penn State recently.

Failing to report suspected child abuse, in Oklahoma law, is a misdemeanor.

None of the authorities we talked to could remember anyone being charged with violating that law in Tulsa County.

News On 6 left messages with four staff members at Victory Christian, but didn't hear back.

9/5/2012 Related Story: Police Arrest Man For Teen's Rape At Victory Worship Center

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#26 Sep 14, 2012
The information below is the latest and most informative article that I could find outlining the State's requirement's and punishment's not for reporting child abuse.

Click on the link below to read the article. Thanks

Sources: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, National District Attorneys Association, USA TODAY researchGraphic by Brad Heath, Kevin A. Kepple and Kristin DeRamus,


Few penalties for keeping child abuse secret
By Brad Heath, USA TODAY

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#27 Sep 14, 2012
Never ending abuse stories in the OK news daily. Here is the latest from our neighbors in Muskogee.

At least they are holding this woman in the jail, where she belongs, unlike McCurtain County has done in the Porton case.

Muskogee County Juvenile Officer Charged With Lewd Molestation

Posted: Sep 14, 2012 9:22 AM CDT
Updated: Sep 14, 2012 9:37 AM CDT

MUSKOGEE, Oklahoma - A Muskogee County juvenile detention officer is in jail charged with one count of lewd molestation and two counts of harboring a runaway.

Nancy Scraper, 37, was charged this week following an incident in late July, when authorities went to her home looking for two runaway teenage boys.

The two teens, ages 13 and 15, were reported missing from their foster home in mid-July.

According to a probable cause affidavit, both teens were found in a bedroom of Scraper's home. The affidavit says while the teens were at her home, a photo of Scraper and the 15-year-old allegedly kissing was sent to an Oklahoma Department of Human Services employee.

Nancy Scraper remains in the county jail on a $100,000 bond. Her next court hearing is set for September 27.

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#28 Sep 17, 2012

I'm curious to how many years in prison Sandusky will get. Here's the latest article.

Sandusky to be sentenced Oct. 9 in sex abuse case

Published: September 17, 2012

BELLEFONTE, Pa.(AP)— A judge announced Monday he will sentence Jerry Sandusky on Oct. 9, nearly four months after the retired assistant football coach was convicted in the child molestation scandal that brought shame to Penn State.

Sandusky was convicted in June of 45 counts of sex abuse involving 10 boys. Prosecutors said some of the assaults took place on the Penn State campus.

Given his age and the serious nature of the crimes of which he was convicted, Sandusky is likely to receive a sentence that will keep the 68-year-old in prison for life. He is jailed pending sentencing and maintains his innocence.

Judge John Cleland scheduled a hearing for 9 a.m. at the courthouse in Bellefonte to determine if Sandusky should be classified as a sexually violent predator, a designation that subjects a convict to intense reporting requirements upon release. An assessment board has recommended Sandusky for the designation, though it's expected to have little practical effect since he stands to die in prison.

Sandusky will be sentenced immediately afterward. Cleland ordered defense attorneys and prosecutors to submit written statements "intended to aid the court in the imposition of sentence" by Oct. 5.

The abuse scandal rocked Penn State, bringing down famed coach Joe Paterno and the university's president and leading the NCAA to levy unprecedented sanctions against the football program.

Former FBI Director Louis Freeh, hired by school trustees to conduct an investigation into the university's handling of abuse complaints against Sandusky, concluded that Paterno, ousted President
Graham Spanier and two other high-level school officials concealed a 2001 allegation against Sandusky to protect Penn State from bad publicity.

The late coach's family and Spanier hotly disputed Freeh's conclusions. So did former athletic director Tim Curley and retired vice president Gary Schulz, who have been charged criminally with failure to report suspected child abuse and perjury. They have pleaded innocent and await trial.

Some alumni groups have also attacked the Freeh report and said Penn State and the NCAA should not have accepted its conclusions.

Read more:

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#29 Sep 17, 2012
This is a follow-up to the article above that I posted on Sept. 14.

Victory Christian Employees Charged With Failing to Report Alleged Child Sex Abuse

Posted: Sep 17, 2012 4:28 PM CDT
Updated: Sep 17, 2012 5:42 PM CDT

Posted by: Caitlin Alexander

Five Victory Christian Center employees, including Pastor Sharon Daugherty's son and daughter-in-law, have been charged with failure to report child abuse.

The criminal misdemeanor charges filed Monday come after Chris Denman, a former employee at Victory, was arraigned last week on charges that he sexually violating two underage girls at a summer camp at the church.

Court records show Denman faces four counts that include: rape of a minor under 14 years old, forcible oral sodomy of a minor under 14 years old, lewd molestation and use of a computer to facilitate a sex crime.

Tulsa County prosecutors said today's charges were filed against five employees. Victory Church officials are preparing a statement, but did confirm that two of the people charged are Pastor Sharon Daugherty's son and daughter-in-law, John Daugherty and Charica Daugherty.

Also facing charges are Paul Wilemstein, Anna George, and Harold Frank Sullivan, according to court documents.

Prosecutor Tim Harris said for this type of charge the five employees could spend up to a year behind bars and pay a $500 fine. All five will be booked into the Tulsa County Jail, Harris said.

Victory Christian Center issued a statement Monday afternoon stating:

"The employees involved were a high school outreach program director, an associate youth pastor, the director of the Human Resources department, and John and Charica Daugherty, who work at the church as sr. high youth pastor and assistant sr. high youth pastor. Last Friday, in response to the delay in reporting the alleged rape, Victory Christian Center suspended three of these employees who were aware of the allegation, and did not report it in a timely manner in accordance with an internal policy on reporting suspected cases of abuse or neglect. The police investigation additionally determined that John and Charica both had some awareness of this incident. Because of this finding, the ministry has also suspended John and Charica in accordance with our disciplinary policies while we continue an internal investigation. Again, we ask that your thoughts and prayers be with the victims and their families."

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#30 Sep 18, 2012
Oh Brother!!

I had about 200 articles, from around the world, to choose from this morning concerning the reports of the "Boy Scouts' of America" failing to report hundreds of suspected child sex abusers to authorities, and often helped cover up the accusations over two decades.

If you have wondered why our youth are out of control and lack respect for adults, maybe we should look at the abuse they have suffered and been told to be quiet and that they are not worth the bad publicity.

It is up to us to turn this around. Yes, I said WE can change the fact that our children are being abused by changing the law's in our state. If we had a no tolerance law, any and every abuser would go to jail? Get mad and get loud.

"God, help us"

Boy Scouts defend procedures to protect youth

(CBS News) The head of the Boy Scouts of America has published an open letter to parents defending his organization's procedures aimed at protecting youth from child predators.

The letter comes in the wake of a Los Angeles Times report published Sunday that said the Scouts failed to report hundreds of suspected child sex abusers to authorities, and often helped cover up the accusations over two decades.

The paper said a review of 1,600 of the organization's confidential "perversion" files dating from 1970 to 1991 revealed that leaders often helped suspected molesters push the allegations under the rug.

The newspaper also found that in about 400 cases, there was no record of the Scouts reporting cases to police after parents, boys and staff members notified Scout leaders.

In his letter posted online on Monday, Chief Scout Executive Wayne Brock said the organization has expanded its "youth protection" measures in recent decades. He also outlined the Scouts' efforts to screen volunteers, including criminal background checks, and to train volunteers in Youth Protection practices.

Brock also defined Scouting's "two-deep leadership" policy, which requires at least two adults to be present at all Scouting activities. "No youth should ever be alone with a Scout leader for any reason," he said.

Brock also wrote, "Anyone suspected of inappropriate behavior will be immediately and permanently banned from Scouting. If you ever have any concerns about your child's safety, please contact the BSA immediately through your local council."

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#31 Sep 18, 2012
This is an excellent resource for those who work in youth-serving organizations to establish screening proceedures and strict policies for employee's and volunteer's.

Child Sexual Abuse Within
Youth-serving Organizations

Getting Started on Policies and Procedures

Dallas, TX

#32 Oct 1, 2012
Boy Scouts to report pedophiles missed previously

11:02AM EST October 1. 2012 -

PORTLAND, Oregon (AP)-- The Boy Scouts of America plan to begin doing what critics say they should have done decades ago -- bring suspected sex abusers named in the organization's so-called perversion files to the attention of authorities.

The Scouts had argued they did all they could to prevent sex abuse by spending a century tracking pedophiles and using those records to keep known sex offenders out of their organization. But a court-ordered release of the perversion files from 1965 to 1985, expected sometime in October, has prompted Scouts spokesman Deron Smith to say the organization will go back into the files and report any offenders who may have been missed.

That could prompt a new round of criminal prosecutions for offenders who have so far escaped justice. Many states have no statutes of limitations for children victimized when they were younger than 16, so even decades-old crimes could be fair game.

The Scouts began keeping the perversion files shortly after the youth group's creation in 1910, when pedophilia was largely a crime dealt with privately. The organization argues that the files helped them track offenders and protect children, but some of the files released in 1991, detailing cases from 1971 to 1991, showed repeated instances of Scouts leaders failing to disclose sex abuse to authorities, even when they had a confession.

A lawsuit culminated in April 2010 with the jury ruling the Scouts had failed to protect the plaintiff from a pedophile assistant Scoutmaster in the 1980s, even though that man had previously admitted molesting Scouts. The jury awarded $20 million to the plaintiff.

Files kept before 1971 remained secret, until a judge ruled that they should be released.

A psychiatrist who reviewed the files, Dr. Jennifer Warren, found that of 930 files created between January 1965 and June 1984, there were 1,622 victims.

"My review of these files indicates that the reported rate of sexual abuse in Scouting has been very low," Warren wrote in the report.

Warren compared the rate of victimization in the Scouts — about 1.4 to 2.1 youth per 100,000 — to the nationally reported incidence of child abuse by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, which found that in 1980, 70 per 100,000 children experience sexual exploitation each year.

Warren's analysis didn't account for the fact that files were destroyed for offenders who died or turned 75, something she said didn't affect her overall conclusions.

Last week, the Scouts made public Warren's report and acknowledged the organization's failure to stop some abusers. "In some instances we failed to defend Scouts from those who would do them harm," the Scouts said in a statement.

Critics contend the organization's legal battles reflect a long-standing effort to protect the Boy Scouts' reputation and to limit lawsuits.

"It's a culture of denial and concealment," said Timothy Kosnoff, a Seattle attorney who in 2006 obtained documents on 5,200 alleged pedophiles who went into the files from 1949-2005.

Dallas, TX

#33 Oct 4, 2012
Ex-teacher gets 15 years

Former educator sentenced for rape, sodomy, neglect and providing alcohol

By Dylan Goforth Phoenix Staff Writer

— EUFAULA — Calling the case “monstrously tragic,” a McIntosh County judge sentenced former Checotah teacher Michelle McCutchan to 15 years in prison for having a sexual relationship with students.

McCutchan, who was found guilty Aug. 1 on nine charges relating to the sexual encounters, testified Wednesday to years of sexual abuse as a child. Abuse, she said, that led her to a sexual relationship as a teenager that turned to an abusive relationship as an adult.

But Associate District Judge James Pratt told McCutchan those years of abuse — no matter how sad — were not an excuse to “create more victims.”

McCutchan, 40, was sentenced to:

• Fifteen years each on two counts of second-degree rape;

• Ten years each on two counts of sodomy;

• Fifteen years for child neglect; and

• Five years, running consecutively, for three counts of providing alcohol to minors. The fourth count was suspended, meaning McCutchan will be on probation after leaving prison.

The felony charges will run concurrently and fall under Oklahoma’s 85 percent statute, meaning McCutchan will spend almost 13 years in prison before being eligible for parole.

McCutchan testified that she would not have stopped the relationships had her husband not discovered one of them. She said she was not thinking in terms of right or wrong as the relationships continued and didn’t begin to think about her actions until she was arrested.

She also expressed remorse about her actions and the effect they had on others.

“There’s no one in this room that can hate me more than I hate myself,” McCutchan said.

During testimony, defense witness Richard Kishur, a psychosexual expert, said McCutchan needed counseling not available in the Department of Corrections.

District 25 Assistant District Attorney Crieg Rittenhouse gave the state’s closing argument.

“This is not about rehabilitation, this is about punishment,” Rittenhouse said.“She is a rapist.”

Pratt, after reading McCutchan’s sentence, said McCutchan would have to be responsible for her own rehabilitation. Another woman testified Wednesday to sexual abuse, but said she sought counseling and stopped the cycle herself.

“We’re not in the business of providing you with treatment you could have gotten elsewhere,” Pratt said.

District 25 District Attorney Rob Barris and Rittenhouse had said throughout the case it was their desire to send McCutchan to prison and to “not embarrass” the teenagers involved.

“We certainly agree with the court’s decision,” Barris said.“It accomplishes our purpose of punishing her and sending a message to the community that this behavior will not be tolerated.”

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#34 Oct 4, 2012
I like this site with up to date article's on state laws pertaining sex offenders.

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#35 Oct 6, 2012
So, now they will withhold money from our law enforcement. This whole thing stinks. Our Oklahoma political leaders need to loose a paycheck or two to cover this failure.

Oklahoma May Lose Federal Funds For Not Complying With Sex Offender Law

Posted: Oct 05, 2012 8:38 PM CDT Updated: Oct 05, 2012 8:38 PM CDT

By Havonnah Johnson, News 9


Oklahoma is losing federal funds because the state isn't complying with an international standard to track sex offenders.

The Adam Walsh Act creates an international tracking system so that if someone committed a sex crime as a juvenile, they could be tracked in adulthood and across state lines. Oklahoma is one of more than 30 states that haven't complied.

"I think it's a good idea every state should comply with the international law, I agree with it," Ryan Albright said,

Most parents do agree with it, but complying with the Adam Walsh act means The Department of Corrections would have to update its systems, which could cost Oklahoma hundreds of thousands.

"Thirty-four states total haven't complied with the Adam Walsh Act. That tells me there are real problems with the Adam Walsh Act," said attorney David Slane.

Every state's compliance was expected by 2006. The goal is to create a national sex offender registry to track offenders across state lines and set criteria for posting offender data online.

"Of course you like to have some uniformity among the states when it comes to the sharing of information the particulars and the details wind up being a call that the legislature has to make," said Trent Baggett, an expert on the District Attorney's Council.

Oklahoma lawmakers haven't changed existing laws to force juvenile sex offenders to register as adults, which would make the state partially compliant.

"The penalty we incurred (last year) was between 400-500 thousand dollars, but a lot of that money was recouped so that we could move toward implementation," Baggett said.

Oklahoma has to become substantially compliant to not lose federal funds. If the state is not compliant by years end the loss in federal grants for law enforcement is an estimated $300,000. The Department of Corrections said the matter is out of the agency's hands and compliance is more of a legislative issue.

If the state is not compliant with the law by the end of the year, we stand to lose an estimated $300,000 in federal grants for law enforcement.

Dallas, TX

#36 Oct 9, 2012
Penn St. Ex-Assistant Jerry Sandusky Sentenced To Prison

Posted: Oct 09, 2012 9:32 AM CDT Updated: Oct 09, 2012 9:42 AM CDT
Associated Press

BELLEFONTE, Pennsylvania -

Jerry Sandusky has been sentenced to at least 30 years in prison in the child sexual abuse scandal that brought shame to Penn State and led to coach Joe Paterno's downfall.

The sentence means the 68-year-old former Penn State assistant coach will be in prison at least until he's nearly 100 years old.

Judge John Cleland issued the sentence Tuesday, three months after a jury convicted Sandusky on 45 counts of child sexual abuse.

Sandusky maintains his innocence and plans to appeal, a process his lawyer has said will probably begin in the coming weeks.

Sandusky is professing his innocence, says he is not a monster and says he didn't do the "alleged disgusting acts."

Dallas, TX

#37 Oct 10, 2012
What a monster!

Jerry Sandusky delivers one final hateful, haunting response to his victims

Dallas, TX

#38 Oct 12, 2012
He got 20 years for 3 counts, sounds good to me.

Former School Administrator Sentenced For Child Sex Crimes

Posted: Oct 12, 2012 3:24 PM CDT Updated: Oct 12, 2012 4:42 PM CDT
Posted by: Dan Phillips

A man convicted of sex crimes against kids has been formally sentenced.

Robert Yerton will spend 20 years behind bars and faces 7 years probation following the stay in prison.

The sentence was handed down Friday afternoon in downtown Tulsa.

Prosecutor Sarah McAmis said she's glad to have justice for the victims.

"There's no question in my mind, that he perpetrated for years and that he would continue to perpetrate for years if he were not incarcerated," she said.

Yerton's attorney, Richard O'Carroll, continues to defend his client's innocence, and he plans to file an appeal on his client's behalf very soon.

"There's nothing that anyone should feel good about here. This is scary. It's worse to have an innocent man in jail," O'Carroll said.

Robert Yerton was convicted on three of five sexually-related counts against him. They include child sexual abuse and lewd molestation.

Some of the crimes took place while Yerton was assistant principal at Skelly Elementary School.

Dallas, TX

#39 Oct 19, 2012
They finally released the names of those accused of sexual abuse of the Boy Scouts. Click on the link for the full list of names and details on each one of them.

Boy Scout Ineligible Volunteer Files (Perversion Files)(1965 – 1985)

The information contained in the ineligible volunteer ("IV") files is being made public pursuant to a court order from The Honorable John Wittmayer, Multnomah County Circuit Judge for the State of Oregon, in the case of Lewis vs. Boy Scouts of America, Case No. 0710-11294. The Oregon Supreme Court upheld the ruling on June 14th, 2012.

By the terms of Judge Wittmayer's order, the names and contact information of persons identified as victims of sexual abuse and those that reported the abuse were redacted. If the person identified as an abuse reporter was a professional Scouter, i.e., an individual employed by the Boy Scouts of America or an affiliate, then the name was not redacted.

The information in the IV files concerns allegations of child sexual abuse. In a number of the cases, the allegations were later substantiated by court proceedings. However, in a great many cases no such substantiation ever occurred. Consequently, the law firms of O'Donnell Clark and Crew LLP and Paul Mones, and any agent or representative thereof, make no representations or suggestions that any of the allegations in these files are in every case true. In fact, we are in no position to verify or attest to the truth of these allegations as they were compiled by the Boy Scouts of America. The incidents reported in these documents attest to notice of potential child abuse given to the Boy Scouts of America and its affiliates and their response to that notice.

United States

#40 Dec 17, 2012
well I think a sex offender should have to regester by the law at the time he was found guilty. otherwise what is the u.s. constitution " no law will be made ex post fo " no law should be made after the fact. so if a law can go back in time to take effect then any law can be any punishment now and death later even speeding or not wearing your seat belt. so make sure you want to not know the punishment if you do any thing wrong later or is legal today but not legel tomarrow. if this is what you want then what is the U.S. Constitution but a waste of paper>
Bear Paw

Oklahoma City, OK

#41 Dec 27, 2012
Level 1 and 2 should not have to register past their original sentence but a district judge should decide ultimately who is and is not fit for removal. Keeping Indecent Exposure and other level 1 people on the registry is a waste of public resources and counter productive to people who have done their time. Besides if children are not involved then Meagans Law shouldnt even APPLY!!!
Meagans Law is for protecting CHILDREN.

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