what is the respected waiting time to...

Beckley, WV

#220 Jan 31, 2013
patty is my sister and you can say whatever you like why are you all so afraid to put names with your stuff i put my name i canback up what i say tammy

Troy, VA

#221 Jan 31, 2013
When your husband bites the dust gety those smokin hot painties off and get with it.

Raleigh, NC

#222 Feb 2, 2013
my mother passed away in august and she was the one person who knew me completley and always understood how i felt in every situation and i loved her even more for that, but i didnt have that kinda of relationship with my father because we never spent time together and i felt he never had a real intrest to until my mom was gone because he wanted to be the responsible father and try to comfort me (i love him with all my heart dont get me wrong) but i am fine with the relationship we had and he is trying to change it and i feel that my life has changed so much already. but the reason i am writing this is because after four months when my mom passed he asked me and my older brother over dinner if we would be okay with him dating and we both thought a little weird because it seemed so soon but we felt that it wasnt really our choice so we were mature and said we were okay with it, nd speak of the devil not two weeks later when i agreed to go to florida with my dad to visit family he said that we were be going to (this women's name who i have never heard of before) grandson's birthday party and i was in total shock but didnt show because i really didnt show any serious feelings to anybody but my mom, he said it was this women he has been seeing which was a giant red flag to me because he only asked two weeks ago if he could start seeing people within those 2 weeks he built a relationship with a women strong enough that he would go to her grandson's birthday party in a completly other country and after the party he told me that he loved her and she told me she loved him and i immediatly started thinking that he has been seeing this women alot longer then i had origianly thought and the idea that he could have possibly have been cheating on my mom and i got pissed as hell and couldnt even look my father in the eye but he didnt know i was even mad. lets fast forward, its february and my father asked me if i wanted to go to florida again for my grandmothers birthday and i said yes because i love going down to florid because that is where all my family is. i should have expected this next part becuase the only way my father can get me to do stuff that invovles this women is by tricking me into it, so he tells me the schedule for when we are going to be in florida and part of the schedule includes dinner with her and thats when i lost all respect for my fathers choices is when he tells me that (seven months after my mothers death and they were together for 17 years) that he was going to propose to this women and i honestly couldnt be in the same room as him, how he could still want to date let alone marry a women after being with the most wonderful women i have ever been around is astonishing. and now i am worried that he is going to want to move down there where she is and where my family is and rip me out of a high school that i had been going to for 2 years and lose all my friends which would probablly be my breaking point and i would absolutly refuse and tell him off about how wrong he is. who is right in this situation because i honestly cant see him being right in any case.

Troy, VA

#223 Feb 3, 2013
Get em off before they burn you and then get it in ya.
Ashlynn wrote this

United States

#224 Feb 3, 2013
Well I'm not with my mom and she is doin all that stuff this is from here daughter and I won't lie I love my mom but its true and I couldn't believe it at first but it's true
Ashlynn wrote this

United States

#225 Feb 3, 2013
I love u mom can u quit acting like a child and come home to u kids and real husband and not who ur with l I love u and I miss u

Beckley, WV

#226 Feb 6, 2013
hey therebaby girl ashlynn oeople move on in life and i know it is hard but face it theres no more of mom and dadthey never get back toghther i dont dont who u blame but you would have a house but your dad and his gettin hightbuddies messed it up beon livingwhy do u hate us for i can remember packin your food to you cause your dad was to lazy to get up and dont forget the coali swiprd from dad for you guys and i paid for it just let it go while you can caues britt is livin here with me ashlynn when you quite telin lies on your mom i might let u come so lets leave all yjis off of topix not ever wonts it posted

tammy be good to your mom thats all u got in this worldlove you ashlnn i think you owe your mom a appolage

Ogden, AR

#227 Feb 6, 2013
Ashlynn wrote this wrote:
Well I'm not with my mom and she is doin all that stuff this is from here daughter and I won't lie I love my mom but its true and I couldn't believe it at first but it's true
Yes hun it is true your mom is with Kenneth and it is wrong for both of them and very low life of them but it is true about ur dad to and his drug hapit so I feel sorry for u kids

Ogden, AR

#228 Feb 6, 2013
the truth is the kids are the ones who hurt in the end it is sad that Kenneth has moved on so fast with a pill ho who dont take care of her own kids so everyone knows she aint going to help with those little boys who lost there mommy and it is sad that those girls dont have a good mom or dad it is sad those are great kids both of them are drug heads and they are lots of people out there who would love to have those kids and that is how it works people who dont need them get them and I really am sorry to u Ashlynn and your sisters for all this mess you all are going though I pray that god helps these kids out with this mess and yeah like some one said as fast as Kenneth moved on with Patty they more than likely were befor she passed but they will be the one to pay for all of the wrong doing May GOD BLESS THEM KIDS ALL OF THEM

Ogden, AR

#229 Feb 6, 2013
I am going to take Amy Away from Kenneth I want to marry you all u have to do is say yes Amy and I will be right there so asnswer me would u like to be my wife I know u havent married Wayne if he loved u like i do he would have already so how about it ?????YES OR NO

Troy, VA

#230 Feb 7, 2013
choclate wrote:
I am going to take Amy Away from Kenneth I want to marry you all u have to do is say yes Amy and I will be right there so asnswer me would u like to be my wife I know u havent married Wayne if he loved u like i do he would have already so how about it ?????YES OR NO
Not no but hell no! Now go take a nap. I heard you have VD.
it does not matter

Grundy, VA

#231 Feb 7, 2013
well patty would still be with brian but where would they live because he stoled the copper wiring out of there house at least patty did not do that and as far as her dating kenny that is not wrong go look in your bible and further more it is between them and god do not judged until you have walked in their shoes instead of gossiping about them we all need to be in church praying for them and our ownselves

Beckley, WV

#232 Feb 7, 2013
to the dim ass on here stopit patty is a good mother and yes i do have britt till she is 18 and its all leagel and for ashlynn i cant belive you u come to me and ask if i would =be your grandmother becouse you said gail was mean to you girls so big deal patty and kenny are together why dont you guys worry about your own life and brian its pretty dirty to take the kids cheeck and spend it on your neddle habbit and by the way britt stays here for free AND IF YOU STILL WONT TOCALL PATTY A PILL HOE BE WOMAN OR MAN ENOTH TO SAY IT TO MY FACE OH I FORGOT YOU TO CHICKEN TO PUT YOUR NAME NOW IF YOU WONT TO GET SOMETHING STARTED LETS GO FOR IT SINGED TAMMY MULLINS AND ASHLYNN YOU NERED A GOOD ASS WHIPPING YOUR MOM DONT WONT YOUR DAD NO MORE AND YOU SHOULD UNDERSTAND THAT LIKE WHEN HE TOOK YOUR PEROID MONEY AND GOT DRUGS AND YOU NEEDED PADS WHO GOT THEM FOR YOU WHY YES ME TAMMY

Beckley, WV

#233 Feb 7, 2013
and i also heard that brians brothers have been tryin to fool with the girls and thats a no no it will cause me to hurt you all bad so step on the evilside with me i bet i win so let it all go before you start something you cant finish and im sure ashlynn can show you were i live so come on over i put a spell on you and whipp ass all the same time so please come vist me
tammy ashlynn i love you but not the belvins side and if you wont to live wih me stop the drama and trouble makin all your dad is goin to do is cause you to get took away and its not fun so come on brian if you got the guts i know i do
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Beckley, WV

#235 Feb 7, 2013
whoever keeps callin patty a pill hoe you must be one yourself thats all you got to talk about is yorself
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Beckley, WV

#237 Feb 8, 2013
ashylnn you need to learn respect to your mom and grandparnets on themullins side

Beckley, WV

#238 Feb 8, 2013
the next time you wont to write something about patty be a man or women enough to leave your name so i can get this took care of or are you gona hide behind a computer well not me imtammy elizbeth mullins
Alice King

Jonesborough, TN

#239 Feb 8, 2013
you have no respect wrote:
<quoted text>
I'm commenting because I do have parents and I know they would suffer if one lost the other. But for your parent to also suffer at your hands to me is unacceptable. This is a forum about the "respectable" amount of time in other people's eyes, but what about the one who lost a spouse? Their opinion should matter most. As for my children you have no clue how much they mean to me, but I don't let anyone walk all over me the way you are trying to do your mom. You definitely have not grown up. Your comments are all about your crying yourself to sleep and how you suffered. There comes a time when you need to care for your parents instead of expecting them to cater to your feelings. Your are so right about one thing, I am so lucky to have my parents. And lucky to be given each day to love them myself. Doubt you can understand where you are wrong for hurting yours so this is my last comment and I'm sorry if I have hurt you. Love your Mom. I'm sure she's loved you thru hurts you have caused her
My husband and I have been married for 38 years happy years. We have raised our children and he has been a wonderful loving Dad. I hope that when its our time to go I pray that I go first . But if not I have told him not to spend his life alone . I love him and why should he give up any of his life after I am gone, I will have time with him in another world but I want him to enjoy ever hour of his life in this one with or without me.

Philadelphia, PA

#240 Feb 22, 2013
PAUHG9 wrote:
There is nothing selfish about my attitude. She is not the only one affected by my fathers death. If anything i think she is selfish for not thinking of him who loved and supported her all of her life. For her to try to replace him with the next sap in that short amount of time is disrepectful and if that makes her happy fine. I dont have to live with it. She just has to deal with that just like she is trying to force me to deal with it. For the record I've known quite of few people in this same situation that reacted the same way. Until your faced with that situation you can't relate.
You are right. "Until you're (not "your" btw) faced with that situation you can't relate." Have YOU lost a spouse?!!! Nuff said...you made the point right there. When a man and woman take their vows they promise "till death do us part". Who are you to ask for more of your mother than GOD DOES!!????

“Gods Curse On Lazy Hillbillies”

Since: Jun 12

Dale City, VA

#241 Feb 23, 2013
respect wrote:
Just wanted your opinion
Twoyearssixmonthsthreeweeksfiv edaysninehoursfiftyoneminutese ighteensconds......

And No Sooner....

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