Hundreds of birds die in western Ky.

Hundreds of birds die in western Ky.

There are 81697 comments on the The Cincinnati Enquirer story from Jan 5, 2011, titled Hundreds of birds die in western Ky.. In it, The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that:

MURRAY, Ky. - State wildlife officials say "several hundred" dead birds were found near the Murray State University campus last week.

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“Is who I am”

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#86367 Feb 23, 2013
Another cold, cloudy morning. Gotta get dressed and head to work.

Since: Mar 11

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#86368 Feb 23, 2013
Ancient Wolf wrote:
<quoted text>
Thanks, she will be back in a couple hours to bring DOG a treat and enjoy my cooking of lemon-pepper tilapia, macaroni and cheese, steamed broccoli, 3 cheese texas garlic toast and iced tea. Afterwards, Dog will share his recliner (that I cleaned and sprayed with Fabreze) so we can watch what should be a heart-warming horse movie from 1979 that shows it as having 3 1/2 stars on Dish HDNMV channel. It is about a 1940s boy that is shipwrecked on a desert island with a wild Arabian horse and bonds with the horse. Much better than aliens, zombies, and such LOL
Sounds like the nice lady has some designs on you and Dog. If so, that is a wonderful thing. I know what you have said previously about how much you loved your wife, and likely still do. But no one is meant to be alone, and I'll bet your wife, if she could get in touch with you now, would say, "Don't let this one get away." I think that you actually would honor your wife's memory by being able to open up to the possibility of a new relationship.

I once had a friend who was much older than I was. I was only 24 years old at the time, and she was close to my age now, about 60. Well, her husband of 40 years, passed away and she was insistent about never getting involved with anyone. She eventually met a gentleman who lost his wife. They became friends, then intimate, inseparable companions. I laughed when she tried to hide her budding romance, because I lived on a hill, next door,and could see when her 'boyfriend' came and went. I wasn't being nosey, but I had a young baby at the time,and I was up at all hours tending to her. I never mentioned anything to my friend, until she asked me if I thought she was 'terrible' by being interested in anyone after her soul mate passed away. I could barely keep from chuckling. I told her that I was very much aware of her new love, and he shouldn't be scrambling to leave in the wee hours of the morning to escape detection.

Finally,the two lovebirds brought their relationship out in the open, and for many years thereafter, they enjoyed each other's companionship. They both have passed on now, and I often think of them both. I don't think that anything happens by coincidence, and that Our Creator brings people into our lives for a reason. How wonderful it was to have these two people share their lives and fend off loneliness. We all love our pets, but we need human companionship as well.(Hint, hint). Aw, don't let this lady, whom you obviously like, fly away with the birds (or chickens). Although you are self-sufficient, it's also nice to share Our Creator's gifts with someone else. End of lecture. I hope that you don't resent my advice. I mean no harm. I just would like to see you less as a loner. I know that if something happened to me, I would like my Hubby to find new love. We have so little time on this planet, it is important to live life to the fullest, each and every day.

Frankfort, KY

#86369 Feb 23, 2013
orig una farter wrote:
yes folks
have no fear
i still live
Doofus, if you were him, you would be signed in under his ID posting.

Corbin, KY

#86371 Feb 23, 2013
Misty eyed wrote:
177 underground nuclear tanks in Wa??? If they leak that does mean water will be affected by the seepage unless it's contained. It is so easy for man to destroy life on earth.
our fearless leaders can have cause to lead us into a nuclear disaster that could kill millions of inocent people, but they don't want us to have GUNS ? ironic ? keep your eye on the little yellow canary !
Misty eyed

Louisa, KY

#86372 Feb 23, 2013
Oglala wrote:
Good morning, everyone. Beautiful day, today, but I'm in a world of misery. Took another nasty fall during my nightly sleepwalking episodes. Wiped out my head, neck, and of all things, my big thumb. It may be a good thing after all that I'm so hard-headed. Enjoy the day today, folks, it will gradually warm up until we are plunged back into winter. Last few years, though, we went straight from winter to summer heat, as I recall.
Do you sleepwalk when the bed is against the wall? I figure, you might wake Hubby when you crawl over him. You might be able to find a safety net to place beside the bed. Sorry to hear about your fall again. Take care, you do have positive thoughts coming your way. Bless you:)
Anti hilljack

Bowling Green, OH

#86373 Feb 23, 2013
Are they blue birds?
Flip Constantine

Benton, KY

#86374 Feb 23, 2013
We carried our bald souls from Petra upon basalt slabs rubbed with myrrh,
slouching through rabid desert in deeply repeating circles.
A pale knight reads passages from the books of chance.
A bald pheasant spreads feathers upon an uncomfortable brass bed.
And we all figure out what our memories depend on.
Tomorrow:#Cloaca trends, Amsterdam is on fire, the bad man has an
allergy to this chaos.

Since: Mar 11

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#86375 Feb 23, 2013
Misty eyed wrote:
<quoted text> Do you sleepwalk when the bed is against the wall? I figure, you might wake Hubby when you crawl over him. You might be able to find a safety net to place beside the bed. Sorry to hear about your fall again. Take care, you do have positive thoughts coming your way. Bless you:)
Thank-you, Misty, for the advice. However, hubby and I do not go to bed at the same time. I am a night hawk, and he is an early bird. I sleep on the outside because I would awaken him if I crawled over him when going to bed. I have a sneaking suspicion that my seizure medication is not strong enough again. I have a neurology appointment this coming week, and I will talk it over with the Doc. So nice of you; however, to try to help.

Since: Mar 11

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#86376 Feb 23, 2013
Flip Constantine wrote:
We carried our bald souls from Petra upon basalt slabs rubbed with myrrh,
slouching through rabid desert in deeply repeating circles.
A pale knight reads passages from the books of chance.
A bald pheasant spreads feathers upon an uncomfortable brass bed.
And we all figure out what our memories depend on.
Tomorrow:#Cloaca trends, Amsterdam is on fire, the bad man has an
allergy to this chaos.
Where does the dark poetry come from?

Campbellsville, KY

#86377 Feb 23, 2013
Good afternoon birdthreaders, I tried to post a couple comments and they went into cyber space I guess. As soon as I posted it hit and reverted back to the thread list in the forum.????

Anyway, I hope all of you get out and enjoy the day. I have been out for a couple hour already and ready to grab a bit to eat, get veggies cut, spinach dip and Hawaiian Bread carved out for the dip. Chips together and will be ready for my fun UK party later.

I checked the quakes for the area, Madrid Fault had a couple small ones:

Magnitude: 1.9

Magnitude: 1.4

Magnitude: 3.3

Magnitude: 4.8

Magnitude: 3.3

Solomon Islands
Magnitude: 5.8

Washington doesn't need anymore due to the fact they have those nuclear plants leaking. They just starting chemspraying in our beautiful clear blue sky those A-holes. There is two of them crisscrossing spraying and denying us in this area of the beauty of a blue sky with a few fluffy clouds. Soon it will be a thin layer spread out and blocking it. Hate that. I am glad I got something accomplished this morning outdoors before they started.

Campbellsville, KY

#86378 Feb 23, 2013
Hi lala, hope you take it easy today and sorry about your fall. Dark poetry usually comes from dark people. No way referring to skin color. lol

Here is a slide show to bring a laugh to you.

29 burned-out signs with unintentionally funny messages

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign. Some with messaging about tax preparation, some for nail salons, some just telling you to stay off your phone when ordering food. Signs aren't all from the "man," meant to keep you down and make you follow along like a good little sheeple. Some actually have (almost subliminal) meaning, and not so subliminal when letters burn out. Messages like "The Ho Depot" and "Crapbooks." Yeah, it's juvenile, but see if you can't stop your smile when you look at these 29 photos of unintentionally funny signs.

Campbellsville, KY

#86379 Feb 23, 2013
Don't know if you seen this story and video that went viral of this pet owner. It is something else:

Heartbreaking photo of a man holding his dog's paw through a pound cage prompts well-wishers to donate the $400 to free him after it was secretly posted on Facebook

Dave Thomas, from California, was jailed for a few days for traffic violations and his dog Buzz Lightyear, a pitbull mix, taken away

This is the heartbreaking photo taken of a man weeping as he comforts his beloved dog through cage bars after he could not afford to have his pet released from the city pound.

Dave Thomas, from San Bernardino, California, was jailed for a few days for traffic violations on February 13 - leading to his dog Buzz Lightyear being impounded.

After Mr Thomas was released from prison, he could not afford to pay the $400 fees required to have his two-year-old pit bull mix released from its cage at the shelter.

Scroll down for video
Fortunately for Mr Thomas, 36, a photographer and animal lover Maria Sanchez was at the shelter at the same time. She snapped a picture of the man sitting on the ground and stroking the dog's paw through the metal bars and feeding him Cheetos.
She told ABC:'He was pouring water into his dog's water bowl, his dog sat there and licked up the water for about a minute, he sat down next to him and started weeping.'

Ms Sanchez posted the photo to her Facebook page and appealed to the kindness of strangers.
Within days the money was raised thanks to well-wishers - but Ms Sanchez still had to track down Mr Thomas because he had not left his contact details with the shelter.

She posted fliers all over the local area and appealed for help online. The amount raised has now totaled more than $2,000.

He was finally tracked down by on Monday evening by the local station and a highly emotional and relieved Mr Thomas was told he would be reunited with his beloved Buzz the following day.

Read more:

Great story, but it doesn't end there.

Campbellsville, KY

#86380 Feb 23, 2013
Dave Thomas Gets pitbull Buzz back from Animal Pound

Dave & Buzz Reunited !

Update: Man allegedly threatens to sue woman who helped him get his dog

Dave Thomas has allegedly threatened to sue the stranger who collected donations so he could get his dog out of a shelter.

A man reunited with his dog thanks to the kindness of a stranger is now allegedly threatening to sue her, Los Angeles' KTLA and other media reported.
The woman known as Maria Sanchez on Facebook said she collected donations to get Dave Thomas' dog out of a shelter.

According to KABC, Thomas was arrested Friday for failure to appear in court for two traffic violations. The police had animal control take his 2-year-old pit bull mix, Buzz, to the San Bernardino City Animal Shelter.

KABC reported that Thomas needed to pay more than $400 to get his dog back, but had only $6.

Sanchez, a dog lover and photographer, posted a picture of Thomas and his dog at the shelter on her Facebook account. The image, which shows Thomas sitting on the concrete floor while Buzz reaches a paw out from under a cage, quickly went viral and donations poured in.

But now Thomas supposedly aims to sue Sanchez, according to the LA news station, she said in an interview with MSN News.

Sanchez confirmed that the Facebook account is hers and that she helped raise donations to get the dog out of the shelter. She said she got a call from KTLA Channel 5 telling her Thomas wanted to sue her.

"KTLA received a call from Thomas claiming that Sanchez was withholding the money raised for Buzz. KTLA then contacted Sanchez about the matter," the report reads.

Related: Homeless NYC man hides boots, wants 'piece of the pie'

On Facebook, Sanchez said she transferred $842.07 into her bank account to reimburse herself for shelter fees, vet fees and supplies from PetSmart that'd she'd put on her personal credit card. According to KTLA, the donations far exceeded the $400 shelter fee.

She said she hasn't spoken to Thomas since the incident. "His wife wouldn't let me talk to him," she said. She said he tried calling her back, but she hung up and does not plan to speak with him in the future.

"He got what we raised the money for and the rest is going to be donated to the other animals in the shelter or refunded" to donors, she said. "He's not going to get another dime."

Sanchez doubts Thomas will follow through with the threatened lawsuit. "He couldn't even get his dog out of the shelter," she said. "How is he going to sue me?"

Sanchez confirmed that a YouTube video of a voicemail purported to be Thomas threatening to sue her was posted by her. Earlier in the week, the same YouTube account also posted a video of Thomas and Buzz being reunited.

She called the entire situation "really unfortunate. You couldn't even imagine this was going to happen."

She said when she drove Thomas and his dog back to their home she told him that the remaining donations would be used for other dogs in the shelter.

"He just sat there nodding like this sounds like a good plan," Sanchez said.

She said in the days since the incident she's gotten a flood of emails supporting her and asking about other dogs she's posted about on her Facebook page.

"I just want everyone to switch their focus away from him," Sanchez said. "I just want to go back to doing what I was doing when I saw him there, which was taking pictures to share on Facebook of the dogs that are homeless."

Yep, some good deeds go unpunished huh?

Campbellsville, KY

#86381 Feb 23, 2013
Published on Feb 20, 2013

I just got a phone call from KTLA channel 5. Apparently, Dave has called to inform them that I am keeping the money raised for his dog. I have transferred $842.07 into my bank to reimburse myself for the shelter fees, vet and PetSmart shopping spree that I put onto my personal credit card. I had a discussion regarding the remainder of the donations and how he would like to spend them. I said it would be a good idea to pay off any outstanding tickets so that he will not be taken to jail in the future for having a warrant for unpaid traffic tickets. I asked if he had any bills that were due at the time. I told him that every dime that was donated would go to him and Buzz, but that I would not be giving him the cash. I explained to him that the money that was donated was a blessing for him, I wanted to be sure that we respected that and used the donations responsibly. He sat next to me and nodded his head, Not one response, question or concern.

After I hung up with KTLA channel 5, I tried to call Dave. His wife would not let me speak to him. She screamed at me that I was stealing their dog's money. She said they have called the news stations and that if I did not give them their money, they were going to call the police.

I am exhausted from this entire experience. This is the last thing I needed or expected. I will not be giving Dave or his wife one single penny, what I will do is refund the money that was donated to Dave. I have had my life and the lives of my children devastated by drug addiction. I will play no part in supporting anyone's habit. I just can't.

That being said, if you would like me to refund your donation that was made for Dave, please email me at [email protected] and put REFUND as the subject. I will send the refund tonight. If you would like to transfer your donation that was for Dave to another urgent animal in this album, please email [email protected] and put DONATE TO URGENT SBC DOG. I will put your donation towards a homeless animal that will live or die depending on whether or not a rescue has the funds to help them. If I do not get a response within 1 week of this posting, I will refund the amount donated with an explanation of why it is being refunded. I know not all who have donated will see this post.

So to sum this up, I have been reimbursed for all expense to rescue Buzz from the high kill San Bernardino City Shelter and reunite him with his owner Dave Thomas. There are donations leftover. The donations will NOT go to Dave after the stunt he has pulled. If you still want Dave to have your donation, I will have to ask you to send it to him personally. I do not have an email for him, maybe he will post it.

No good deed goes unpunished, right?

Thank you for understanding why I cannot proceed with this as planned. For those who disagree with my decision, please keep your thoughts to yourself. I don't think I can take another hit right now.

How sad right? He should be ashamed.

Campbellsville, KY

#86382 Feb 23, 2013
lala, you will like this one. Cat and dog videos are such a treat.

Cat ruining fellow cat's duck hunt may be drummed out of cat union

Look, there's a code about this sort of thing. When a cat has a big-ass duck dinner in the crosshairs, a fellow cat is supposed to back off. No encroaching, no poaching. However, above all else what the fellow cat is not supposed to do is sneak up behind the engaged cat and pounce, scaring the bejabbers out of it and alerting the winged prey to flap off to safety. That's just damned embarrassing to cats everywhere (the deafening snickers you hear right now are from birds and mice everywhere), and there's likely to be a fine and a suspension of all cat privileges for the offending tabby. So much for the solidarity of the species.

Corbin, KY

#86383 Feb 23, 2013
Anti hilljack wrote:
Are they blue birds?
nope, I think they are red speckled yellow bellies that migrated in from cinncinatti ! where all the billhillies from ky live. know why their are people in cinncinatti ? because back when people were forced off thier farms down south of there to go work in the bullet factories up north, some people just had enough gas money to make it half-way ! guess that makes us cousins or such . lol

Corbin, KY

#86384 Feb 23, 2013
I am 100% hillbilly. I have eat my fair share of SPAM ! not bad fried brown with scrambled eggs on good ole butternut light bread with mayo . almost good as twinkies . not trying to be mean, just think the truth is funny most of the time. some people on here eat the other kind of spam , and alot of it . too much time on our hands I suppose. I resemble that remark ! yonk yonk yonk
Ancient Wolf

Nicholasville, KY

#86387 Feb 23, 2013
Waiting to see if any fans were hurt at the Nascar Nationwide race in Daytona when the entire front end, including the engine of the #32 CLOROX car went into the grandstands.

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#86388 Feb 23, 2013
Ancient Wolf wrote:
Waiting to see if any fans were hurt at the Nascar Nationwide race in Daytona when the entire front end, including the engine of the #32 CLOROX car went into the grandstands.
Saw the footage on that! Wow
Ancient Wolf

Nicholasville, KY

#86389 Feb 23, 2013
video is available at ... the entire front end of the car back to the firewall is in the stands, including the engine and front axle and tires. No report on injuries yet. Tony Stewart won the race but refused to celebrate due to concern for fans.

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