I think all the candidate are perfect fit, but their who ever to select be our head ot state must keep his or her promised when make voice out to the communities. the most important thing that need to work on and would make our country more safe and stronger also make our people live happier.
1. Increase funding for all levels in education, but measure the staffs are used the right ways.
2. Increase funding for all healthcare coverage, accepted tobacco usage and illigal drugs. Decrease premium to employees.
3. Decrease all taxes for low income Example: Property tax , etc.
4. Increase more jobs for all levels skill and all people in the state as well.
5. Increase more funding to disabilities people, disable person,and home care care.
I think those things mention above should make our people more real life and happy. I understand that you all already working hard but its stil have things to do to make our country more stable and less homeless people.

Thank you,