So I go visit this guy yesterday to get a couple of necklaces repaired, very simple repair and neither item I was repairing was worth ten dollars. He thinks I need a better chain for my piece and trys to sell me a 500.00 gold chain which I refuse. I simply ask him to fix the clasp, the crab claw fasteners. I figure maybe ten dollars to put a couple (2) on, nothing fancy because as I mentioned, the chain and leather necklace are not worth much. Well, ten minutes later he hands me back both and I say how much and he says $42.00. I said WHAT? Oh yeah,$22.00 apiece, I should have simply told him to keep them but I paid cash and when I asked for a receipt he writes one out on a phone message pad saying he had no official receipts and hands me a scribbled note with no details. That's money I'm sure he will never pay the tax on... The reason I write is to warn others, this guy is a joke and I'll never use this business again. I would recommend anyone take their stuff to reputable store in Fredericksburg or some place else and never trust this guy.