Northerners -vs- Southerners

Georgetown, TX

#22 Jul 2, 2009
*everywhere... sorry

Haralson, GA

#24 Aug 6, 2009
Deep South,
Please don't embarrass the rest of us in the South. There is no such thing as an old "wise" tale. There is a lot of ignorance here in the south (I'll readily admit to some of it myself.), and your post is just broadcasting that fact.


Notice that has no entry for "old wise tale."
Deep South wrote:
You know NY, to me you sound like you are discriminating against the people from the South. I caught one of your earlier posts where you actually got offended by someone elseís posting, and now here you are being a hypocrite and trying to offend Southern people. Letís see if I can answer some of your questions before I ask you a few of my own.
1. Not all people down here believe in urban legends and WISE tails (notice the correct spelling of the word), but some do because just like Greek Mythology stories they have been handed down from generation to generation and some people, not all mind you, choose to believe in them. That doesnít make them stupid or a dumb hick, it just their way of thinking.
2. We like our sweet tea instead of coffee because, if you hadnít noticed, itís hotter down here and it is refreshing.
3. We eat a lot of fired food because that is our ethnic makeup, and again that is how the South has eaten for generations upon generations. Recipes have been handed down from one generation to the next, and itís what we like. Weíre not asking you to like it, but have you even tried it?
4. Again not all Southerners make smacking noises during a meal or suck their teeth after a meal, but for the ones who do I guess they do it because they were not taught the same set of manners as yaíll New Yorkers. Again doesnít make them bad people and to most of us who donít do it, we are not offended by it so why should you be?
5. We only mispronounce words to you or to Northerners because you speak differently than we do. Itís the whole tomato, tomoto- potato, patato thing going on. Personally I find our way of speaking to be charming and I like hearing the way we pronounce our words.
6. As far as people from the south speaking of jealousy of the New York people, I think you have that wrong too. Down here people are actually friendlier, take time to get to know you, and are not in such a hurry everywhere they go. Children are actually taught from a very early age to respect their elders and call all adults Mr., Ms, Maíam, or Sir. It seems to me that you folks up north are the oneís that are jealous of our simple way of life and mannerism, because you see even though some of us believe in wise tails; we drink sweet tea; the smacking sound some make while eating everything that is breaded and fried in fat; the way we speak; and our simple way of life offends you, we donít really care and will still go on about our normal everyday lives without loosing one second of sleep worrying about what you or anyone else thinks of us because we actually like ourselves.
Now your turn, letís turn the table a bit and see some of your answersÖ..
1. Why do you people from the North eat disgusting food that has no taste?
2. Why are you people from the North so rude and always in a hurry?
3. Why donít you people from the North teach your young to respect their elders?
4. Why do you people from the North take everything so seriously?
5. Why are you people from the North always so rude?
6. Why do you people from the North wear some of the ugliest clothing Iíve ever seen in my life?
7. Why do you people in the North care so much about what everyone else thinks of you?
8. Why are you people from the North so superficial?
9. And lastly, if you hate the South so badly then why donít you move back up North with your kind of people?

Oklahoma City, OK

#25 Sep 3, 2009
we recently moved from Nevada (melting pot) to Oklahoma (as south as I am willing to go). my problem - everyone here is so very sweet - on the surface! and back-stabs you when you turn around. I was raised to not only be polite but show integrity, and continually fall flat on my face when I actually believe people they mean what they say. All that yes M'am may be wonderful, but if it's nothing but hot air, who cares? Spare me the time. How does one deal with that? Honest plea for help!
The Dickster

Wabasha, MN

#26 Sep 5, 2009
Born and raised in Minnesota, however, spent many years living in Louisiana and Mississippi. To answer the original post

1. Everybody everywhere believes in urban legends and wives tales. This is not a north/south issue or even an American issue. It's a cultural issue.
2. Why do people from Maine eat Lobster? Why do people from the Middle East prefer Lamb? Why do the Chinese eat cats? Again - a cultural issue
3. Because fried food friggin' rocks!
4. Because they are trying to digest their fried food, and they don't give a shit if you think it's disgusting
5. Southerners don't mispronounce words, northerners do. I.E., WTF does 'you all' mean? It's Ya'll!
6. I have no idea what you are talking about
bayou babe

Rayville, LA

#27 Sep 18, 2009
do northerners think you are being a smart a$$ when you say yes ma'am and ao ma'am, or yessir and no sir
daddy yankee

Purchase, NY

#28 Sep 25, 2009
Uhh I've lived in New York my entire life. Been down south, too, and I'm NOT planning on going anywhere besides the north-east (except maybe california).
The South is becoming so much more tolerant of blacks. Latinos and homosexuals -- not so much. I was in Arizona last year. I'm Italian (which makes my father and I pretty dark-skinned) but, no joke, we were called "sp*cs" when we were standing outside of a burger king in Sedona where a few day-laborer's happened to be standing as well.
That's another thing! We don't care if you have citizenship papers or not up here (at least the majority of us.) A visa means nothing to us. Just work hard and we'll support you as workers.
Homosexuality, too. MOST churches up north allow homosexual deacons, choir members, bible school teachers, etc.
I also notice we tend to be more compassionate toward the poor. I've met lots of (wealthier, plantation-inheriting)southern ers who think welfare is for the lazy and stupid when they've never walked through the PJ's in Brooklyn or even lifted a shovel or jackhammer and they still think they know what's best for the urban poor. They haven't seen what it's like to be in a densly-populated area without any jobs to be found.
Northerner's can be cranky sometimes, but it's so much easier to be yourself up here. Again, we're densely-populated so not a whole lot of gossip goes around. Everybody minds their own business, so we're only cranky if you get up in our grills. And we may be rude to each other in traffic, but look at 9-11. The beautiful thing is that when we really need to, we support each other as New Yorkers and will come out en masse as a community to help each other.
I love seeing out-of-towners go to the west village and see their first drag-queen. Since you're free to express yourself with little ridicule, most new yorkers would not even give an obvious drag-queen a second glance. It's part of the culture to accept people from all walks of life -- especially if you're being creative about it! Now imagine a drag queen walking through the streets of Sedona, Arizona. Just saying...
And with the rudeness -- yeah, we can be pretty rude sometimes. But at least we're willing to tell you if we're unhappy about something. Southerner's are EXTREMELY helpful and polite but many times it's easy to tell that it's a facade. Since yous all live in small towns, gossip goes around like spanish influenza. I can't help but think that at least some of the politeness is followed by judgement when you walk away.
One word of advice -- if you're from the south and you're taking the subway system through NYC, DON'T ask a new yorker for directions. Figure it out yourself because 9 out of 10 times if you're trying to get to the museum or times square, we're going to point you in the direction of Red Hook, Harlem or the Bronx. Yeah, it's mean but it's absolutely HILARIOUS.
I really think the north and south are two different nations under one nation-state.
bayou babe

United States

#29 Oct 12, 2009
thats alot of stereotypeing beacause not all southerners are fake somtimes their kindness is genuine and some of us are pretty smart too.

New York, NY

#30 Nov 19, 2009
I was born in Manhattan (and am currently living there), reared in San Francisco, and have also lived in Los Angeles and London. I've spent a lot of time traveling the country, and a lot of the stereotypes about the North and South seem to hold fairly true. For two months I visited Dallas, TX, and found that people there were extremely friendly to me, but any time the topic of race came up, things went--excuse the expression--south. There is still a lot of racism in the South. Also, southerners seem to be very religious, and on average are less educated. It's unfortunate that the South has uniformly been on the wrong side of every major issue from slavery, to civil rights, to global warming, to evolution, to our current fight for health-care reform. The things that make this country great are our scientific advancements, our medical achievements, and our artistic influence on world culture. All of which are borne out of northern liberality. Say what you will about how New Yorkers are rushed and pushy, but few places in the country are as accepting and tolerable of diversity than New York City. Now, granted there is a kind of charm the South has to it: Things move slower, people are indeed nicer, and life is a lot simpler. I've made a lot of friends in my visits to the south and adore how there's less a fixation on money and "success." Both places have their advantages and disadvantages, but America is a large and diverse country, and that's a wonderful thing!

New York, NY

#31 Nov 19, 2009
daddy yankee wrote:
One word of advice -- if you're from the south and you're taking the subway system through NYC, DON'T ask a new yorker for directions. Figure it out yourself because 9 out of 10 times if you're trying to get to the museum or times square, we're going to point you in the direction of Red Hook, Harlem or the Bronx. Yeah, it's mean but it's absolutely HILARIOUS.
I really think the north and south are two different nations under one nation-state.
I just have to say that this is completely untrue. I've always been completely happy to give subway directions, and I've never seen a New Yorker purposefully lead someone in the wrong direction.
bayou babe

United States

#32 Nov 23, 2009
I agree with you, John. You have a very good point about the last sentence, but we all dont agree on things science has to say. For example, evolution is not proven, it has some facts that it could be possible, and some that it isnt the case. Just because we are "traditional" dosent mean were behind, we know about the issues, just some arent that important to us and some we dont agree with, but some of us do agree and care though.
alfred carpenter

Jacksonville, FL

#33 Nov 27, 2009
well i live in florida, but was born in newyork, everybody calls me yankee,and as far as southerners being nicer bullshit,they are racists and ignorant.

High Point, NC

#34 Dec 16, 2009
tht rlly gets me pissed the way yall northerners thank

High Point, NC

#35 Dec 16, 2009
your probably the reason your always fallin on your face not others

Auburn, AL

#36 Dec 17, 2009
Daddyyankee, I don't think Arizona qualifies as the South.

Just an observation.

I'd chalk up the differences of opinion on which region is better to personal preference. If you were raised in the North, you'll like the North better. I was raised in the South, so I prefer it down here.

Honestly, the best place on earth is western North Carolina in the Appalachian Mountains. If we could only keep the Floridians out......

Sylacauga, AL

#37 Dec 18, 2009
1. They don't. Well, I live in central Alabama, and we're about as northern as Alabama can get.
2. In the south, it's REALLY hot a large portion of the year. So, instead of filling our bodies with a boiling cup of sugar and creme, we drink a nice, cold glass of tea.
3. Why do people from the north use southern stereotypes to describe southerners?
4. Uh, I don't make smacking noises or suck my teeth. We do use toothpicks to get meat out of our teeth. But thanks for the negative stereotype.
5. Oh, goodie, ANOTHER stereotype. Not all of us mispronounce words. And what do I look like, Merriam Webster?!
6. Um, jealously? Uh, no. We just don't like it when we're insulted. Would you like it if you were referred to as a mouth-breathing, grammatically challenged hillbilly by the American media. That's what I thought. Next time, try to insult someone in a more subtle way.

Sylacauga, AL

#38 Dec 18, 2009
Uh, have you ever been to the south??? I'm not gonna lie, I've never been to the north,(unless you count DC) and we are very tolerant of African Americans. What decade are you living in buddy? Get your facts straight, or keep your mouth shut.

Houston, TX

#39 Jan 7, 2010
I am from Little Dixie Oklahoma and I love my Southern heritage in which i am totally proud of and i am proud to be an a American. I treat everyone the same with the golden rule do unto other as they have done unto. I do carry the Confederate flag and a The U.S.A. flag . I dont see skin Colors i only see what inside of that person all that matter. You will find racism and hate in all mankind And its every where. Good Neighbor comes in all colors Peace to yall

Houston, TX

#40 Jan 7, 2010
alfred carpenter wrote:
well i live in florida, but was born in newyork, everybody calls me yankee,and as far as southerners being nicer bullshit,they are racists and ignorant.
I think you need to go and look at yourselves and see who is racist and totally ignorant that is you what we have done unto you! quit being so mad at the world and taking your problem out on somebody you dont know nothing about and yes we have racism and its every where in the u.s.a.

Baton Rouge, LA

#41 Feb 8, 2010
Two things. People in the South don't like NYC and Coffee is mostly a Southern thing!(i.e. New Orleans (Cafe du Monte) largest importer of South American coffee bean)
bayou babe

Monroe, LA

#42 Feb 23, 2010
gosh i love me a good beignet from cafe du monte

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