Boy, 15, bragged about shooting, thre...

Boy, 15, bragged about shooting, threw gun in pond, affidavit says

There are 59 comments on the A liberal dose story from Feb 26, 2008, titled Boy, 15, bragged about shooting, threw gun in pond, affidavit says. In it, A liberal dose reports that:

“When I showed up, he looked nervous like something wasn't right, but I pulled up to him”

HURST -- A 15-year-old boy accused of fatally shooting a Hurst man this month bragged to companions just hours after the attack and then tossed the handgun in a Haltom City pond, according to arrest warrant affidavits released Monday.

But the affidavit noted that the victim, 20-year-old Reed Ballard, was not the target that night. The boy and six other teens had planned to beat up and rob Ballard's 18-year-old friend at Hurst Junior High, according to the affidavit.

Some of the teens believed that the 18-year-old had broken into the Hurst apartment of Miguel Angel Alcorta and stolen Alcorta's 'dope, money, his little brothers Playstation and urinated on his bed,' according to the affidavit. Read more

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Since: Apr 08

Victoria, TX

#48 May 9, 2008
snakes are rich in protein.
same for dead babies floating in homestyle gravy.
what do you mean by that?

United States

#49 May 11, 2008
TexasRealist wrote:
<quoted text>
Well I'm glad to see high school's working for you. Good job spelling there, kiddo.
Hahahahahahahahahahahaha....I am disappointed to see that our students are no longer required to pass spelling or grammer in school. How sad to see a child filled with so much anger justifying the loss of such a young life.

United States

#50 May 11, 2008
Children Are Evil wrote:
How much more of this sort of thing are we going to allow to happen before we start quarentening children? Children have no place in public. There are absolute evil incarnate. As long as children are allowed to roam free thru society these things will continue to happen. Children should be held in camps, where they are taken and educated until they are 18.
Children in general are not the problem as you would like to claim them to be. One could easily say that young adults are the reason our world is in decay and they should all be sent to live in a single state until they are married and settled or one could say the 40 to 65 demographic is to blame because they are so set in their ways and itching for retirement..send them away. Or what if we just blame it all on the elderly...they drive to slow, don't pay attention, delay everyone and maybe we should just kill you off when you turn 70 so we don't have to be cursed with your presence.
The problem is children who are not taught right from wrong and have to pay for the serious mistakes they make, the problem is young adults who think their needs and wants come before everyone elses and they are entitled to do whatever it takes for them to get what they want, the problem is middle age parents who think it is the school or societys responibility to raise their kids and teach them lifes proper etiquette, the problem is the elderly who see how their kids are raising their grandkids and don't say or do anything about it. It is time that we all go back to the first....teach YOUR children....train them in the ways of good christian values.....right the wrongs you see...stop saying "we can't punish them they are just kids" or "well this is just the first time for them we will give them a slap on the wrist and see if they do it again". Quite arresting parents for spanking their kids when they break the rules, stop making excuses for people who knew what they did was wrong and just didn't care, and don't judge those lest you yourself are willing to open your private life and let strangers judge you.

Fort Worth, TX

#51 Jun 22, 2008
high school student keep your nose out where it dont belong an you might end up in the same spot you gotta grow up bro move on you dont know what happend you dont know any of there familys just keep your mouth shut bro

Since: May 08


#52 Jun 22, 2008
Ya know what..just lock these F's up and throw away the key. Anybody who defends these F's and their parents is just as guilty as the F's that did what Grand Theft Auto told them to do ! When we were kids we F'ed junk up in the neighborhood then our dad's beat our F'ing butts and we went on to become productive members of society . Good lord.. these F'ing people !

Laredo, TX

#55 Jun 24, 2008
with all of that f this and f that. I find it hard to believe you are a productive member of society. Right now the important thing is to pray for the family members which have been effected by this whole ordeal. We cannot judge anyone all we can do is pray that justice will be served. God Bless everyone.

Since: May 08


#56 Jun 24, 2008
I cuss ALOT but I do pay my taxes and mind my own business. Sorry to offend you, it's gonna happen.

Mansfield, TX

#59 Jul 3, 2009
JEvan is a b!tch
new orleans

Fort Worth, TX

#61 Oct 4, 2009
russlle did not kill him it was maguel
i now all off thim that was convited
Richard Head

United States

#62 Oct 13, 2009
The urinating on the bed was his idea to protest the war in Iraq

Dallas, TX

#63 Nov 21, 2010
You're all at least somewhat wrong. I was in the car. Reed was innocent. Scott Miguel russell dallas Keston that entire group of worthless thugs can all rot in jail until hell. I couldn't care less if I was saying this to there mothers on there dying day. Reed nor his family should've had to suffer for the lack of class and intelligence of wanna be gang bangers and to the high school girl your total proof of the scum these kids were. Talk all you want now but remember reed the day someone important to you dies in vein see how defensive you are then when someone posts a blog as unintelligent and seriously pathetic as you. I was there that evening. In the car with my innocent best friend as he got what Scott not only deserved but was intended for. Russell and company got what they deserved even in my opinnion lucky a human life isnt to be taken for granted. Rip Reed I still think about you everyday. I hate to stoop but FUCK anyone involved Reed had fucking plans too!! He wanted to wake up too. I hope your dreams are haunted forever kids. Because one life was taken and many many many suffer. Its so unfair. It's so sad. And the story was so twisted. I'm sorry there isn't a link to my 911 call if anyone still has it please send it to me.

Dallas, TX

#64 Nov 21, 2010
High school kid reed had nothing to do with the original crime that led to this one. You couldn't be more misguided. Go home to your mother.

United States

#65 Nov 22, 2010
I out of 23-25 people on the planet are psychopaths. No empathy, no remorse, they live to hurt people and they do a very good job of it.

By 15 pretty much everyone knows the value of human life and there IS no way to bring up a sociopath to do right.

If his parents were not victims of this horrible child of theirs, one or both of them are probably a psychopath as well as it is an inherited condition.

There is no treatment, no cure, and you can't do anything about them until they have committed a crime.

Usually they are glib and can be superficially charming, so it's hard to detect who actually IS one.. until you get to know them.

Most only torment their families, their coworkers, their employees..

With a fledgling psychopath the counselors may know exactly what they are dealing with but by LAW they can't say the word until the child is 16-18 (depending on the state) so often the parents remain clueless to the real root of their problem child.
RIP Reed

Weatherford, TX

#66 Jan 7, 2011
Texas Mom wrote:
Excuse me....The affidavit is the arrest warrant affidavit, which means, just in case you are not understanding the meaning, is what the police are saying what happened, at that point is what they are putting together basing it on what they think happened, not what the suspects are testifying to in the warrant. I agree with you on the fact that they should be held responsible for what has happened, but only one should be "facing the death penalty" to quote you, and that is the one who actually killed Reed Ballard. He will never see any real jail time. The others should face a charge appropriate for their part in it, not capital murder. I hope your kid remembers those values you have taught him through life. Our kids face alot more than we did at their age. Sometimes its hard for kids to remember these life lessons when they are faced with the pressures of their peers and get caught up in situations they may find it hard to do the right thing. Its clear that these boys didn't have a lot of parental influence.
good parents teach their children NOT to fall into peer pressure. I would hate to be your child.
RIP Reed

Weatherford, TX

#67 Jan 7, 2011
None of you know what happened so stop talking. You sound very stupid. these kids know the value of life. you fall off your bike as a kid, you feel that it hurts. you know from common since that guns are a weapon and they can kill people. This whole "these kids were influenced by their friends" thing sounds really ridiculous. I can tell you that my parents as well as the other parents in my neighborhood weren't perfect but they taught us children not to fall into peer pressure, and I think if your a "good parent" your kid will have been taught that. I understand these kids may have been "good kids" but obviously they had another side of them that was corrupt. pre-meditated murder is just as bad as being the one who pulled the trigger. I think they all deserve the hard sentence, if my child were the victim or the shooter I would say the same thing.

Van Nuys, CA

#68 Jul 26, 2011
Reed i miss you :/ Im out there trying to succeed for the both of us.
Another worthless opinion

Dallas, TX

#69 Feb 3, 2012
I am growing increasingly aware of how much America's society is failing. Learn to spell adults. Your point is lost when the grammar makes no sense. As for the kids, technology is to blame. They write as if it is always a "text shorthand". Except their phones always auto-correct :) wake up America.
Missing Reed

Dallas, TX

#70 Mar 8, 2016
Reed was a really close friend of mine. He was so funny and goofy and down to earth. He always had a smile on. When I got the phone call that night I was devistated. Me and my boyfriend at the time were supposed to be there that night but I had to work so we had all planned on meeting up later. But later never came. I honestly thought I was being pranked. I didn't want to believe it. Still to this day I think of reed. Every February 15th I still cry. Anyone who knew Reed and was close with him knew he would never harm a fly. That boy didn't seem to have a bad bone in his body. Reed never deserved to die. He didn't do anything wrong. The 15 yr old boy who shot Reed had the wrong guy. Reed wasn't the one who broke into Miguel's house and stole stuff.... And I'm sorry but if someone broke into my house and stole things I'd let the police handle it instead of taking an innocent life... That 15 year old took away a son, a brother, and a friend. In my opinion that 15 year old doesn't deserve to live in this world. He should be locked up in prison. I hope he finds God. I hope all 7 of them find God and I seriously hope they realize what they have done.Reeds death caused a ripple effect of pain and suffering not just with his family but with many of his friends.
Reichfuhrer von Trumpen

Sherman, TX

#71 Mar 8, 2016
Congratulations to all of the BAD PARENTS who will not discipline their unruly spawn. THEY are the problem. Kids need to be taken out to the woodshed, as needed, until the pain of punishment exceeds the pleasure they get from being little @zzholes.

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