People who are interested in condos for sale at county tax auction should know that there is more to worry about than the condition of the condo. Unfortunately there are condo managements which are going after purchasers of tax auction condos for years of back maintenance payments. If you are interested in a condo that is due for sale at auction you should go to the management and negotiate. If they refuse to talk or give you the runaround do not purchase the condo. You must get something in writing that is signed by the management and notarized. Then you are fairly safe. Each prospective purchaser must also do this. If the condo management puts out a blanket statement in writing even then make sure that it is good.

You can't be too careful when purchasing properties at Tax Auction Sales. Unfortunately there is some confusion even among lawyers on this issue. For years it was thought that properties purchased at Tax Auction were clear of all liens. However, until the courts rule on this issue purchasers must be very careful when considering a purchase at a tax auction.