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carmino seranni

Albrightsville, PA

#261 Dec 13, 2008
As I have said before, I am writing from Carbondale, Pennsylvania, U.S.A...I am trying to write only on the Hurley forum...About the food
multiplying at our local Weis Market; it must be so, because I saw a sign there yesterday saying:
They have donated 50,000 pounds of food to local food pantries and also $200,000, also to local food pantries!! AMEN! As I write this also, there is a FULL MOON half-way setting out my window in the western mountain at 7:40 A.M. E.S.T...If there is an apparition of Our Blessed Mother Mary in my hometown(I do not know, because Mary wants to keep it a secret from me; to surprise me!) I am asking Our Lord JESUS to appear on Christmas Eve...If I see Him, that will be the first time I officially see Him, however He may have appeared to me many times, but looking like someone else! I will know for sure about the apparition when I am outside, Christmas Eve, between 6:00 to 11:00 P.M...Please pray with me as I ask for rain to fall in ALL the earth`s deserts and for food to fall from the sky, in Africa and any other places where starving human beings are picking up grains of rice from the ground!!And the U.S.A. and Russia and Communist China are worrying about financial problems and ideological and religious problems!! All God`s Love, I AM CARMI
carmino seranni

Mountain Top, PA

#262 Dec 14, 2008
I would like to give you my "home" web-page address witch is:
Click on my first name and you will go to my web-site...Note: A woman told me yesterday that Our Blessed Mother Mary is appearing in my hometown!!
carmino seranni

Mountain Top, PA

#263 Dec 15, 2008
Today is Monday, December 15,2008... The big news over the week-end was President Bush`s visit to Irag and (maybe Afghanistan??)..well, while he was talking at a meeting with President Maliki, an Iraqi reporter took off both of his shoes and threw them at President Bush, missing him with both shoes!! More news: Hamas gathered 300,000 people to demonstrate! A bus, in Egypt, carigned down an embankment into a river, killing 57 people! Ice storms knocked out power to 1 million people in N.E. United States! Weather in Carbondale, Penna: Cloudy, no snow, no ice! The Roman Catholic Church in our county seat town had what they call a "Red Mass"...It is for lawyers and doctors and it is called a "red mass", because that is the color of the "Holy Spirit"!!
Note: I (may??) be the Holy Spirit and in Isaiah chapter 35 the name "Carmel" is there(I claim that name) and in Spanish it means "Red or Blood"(or both)!! The Holy Spirit is supposed to be the "spouse of the Blessed Mother Mary", but I (Carmi) do not claim that right! Mary is married to St.Joseph and Carmi loves St.Bernadette Soubirous!! And St.Bernadette has "mystically" told me that the Lord Jesus "married us" somewhere in the Universe, but I do not remember it!! If i "bi-locate", I do not remember where I go, who I talk to or what I do!! Please pray, pray, pray, I AM CARMI
carmino seranni

Mountain Top, PA

#264 Dec 16, 2008
December 16,2008. I would like to thank the Hurley Forum for not posting yesterday`s 5:00 P.M.
comment! Sometimes I get carried away! However, my teachers in computers tell me that everything that you put in a computer, goes into what they call(cyber-space) and the U.S. government, etc., if they want can find it!(Bring it up!) I would like to comment on something(world news) that I saw on my server network yesterday. They said that Russian Navy warships were making a port of call in Havanna, Cuba. The news said it was the first Russian visit to Cuba since the break-up of the Soviet Union! Well, I would like to confess something I did, about 3 or 4 years ago...I snuck
a (registered U.S.Mail letter) to Mr. Putin, when He was President of Russia! I have the signed return reciept to prove it!! I said to him:" Do not be afraid to allow (and join) the Russian Orthodox Church to control religious life in Russia...At least they are not communists and they believe in God!! Also, I told him that when he is no longer president of Russia, that I wanted him to stay "politically" active, in some capacity in Russian politics, as many ex-American presidents do!! Note: As I have said before, ANGELS have taken over control of much of the U.S.A.!! I found this out last year!! I have said enough for this morning. Love, I AM CARMI
carmino seranni

Shickshinny, PA

#265 Dec 16, 2008
I am writing this comment at 3:26 P.M. in the afternoon. I read on the internet today, a comment
by his holiness Pope Benedict 16, about the fact
that he does not think the "end" of modern history is near! I will give you some "fact" and you tell me what you think. 100 million abortions are performed"world-wide " each year!....All of the nations on Earth are bankrupt(except Communist
China-they have a 2.3 trillion dollar surplus!)...
Drugs, sex, pornography, homosexuality, lesbianism, murders, robberies,drunkeness,child-abu se are all rampant, all over the earth...Religious hatred, wars...people are depression..euthanazia...divor ce.
..People think life is not worth living anymore...
I think Jesus said in this in the Bible:"When all these things come to pass, know that the "END IS NEAR"!! Note: my words...maybe 2 seconds to midnight?? 3 months? Easter 2009??...Note2: The new interest rate on your savings in the bank is 0% to .5%!!! The lowest it has ever been in U.S.A. history!! All I can tell you is: Pray, Pray, Pray...I AM CARMI
carmino seranni

Kingston, PA

#266 Dec 17, 2008
Today is Wednesday, December 17, 2008. I saw on the
news, today that in Russia, the people are protesting about the fact that the Russian government is going to call anyone who talks against the government, "traitors"!! In Communist
China, there are nationwide "crippeling strikes"!!
In the U.S.A., we overthrew the government on November 4, 2008...Election Day! I am writing this
blog from Carbondale, Pennsylvania, U.S.A....We got about 1 inch of snow, last night. I will start a
more active "ministry" on Christmas Eve 2008, when
hopefully, I will see the "supposedly" apparition
of Our Blessed Mother Mary in my hometown!! I have
gone to Ohio and Florida to see Mary and she was in my hometown all the time!! I am not the visionary, but hopefully, I will see Our Lady? But, I am praying that you all will see her and
if you do, tell everyone you know!! Do not worry about my Easter 2009 prophecy. But, by then, you have to make a good confession to God(Allah) not wait(for example...the day of Atonement)...On
the Day of Resurection, your loved ones who are "dead" will rise!! The aborted children(All 3.5
billion of them) will be pieced together and float to earth on clouds!!! In my hometown, food
is multiplying and so it will be all over the Earth!! Remember...the "Dead One" is writing this?
And, maybe, Jesus will desend to Earth, also??
Wait until you see the "Day Care" center jobs??
carmino seranni

Middleburg, PA

#267 Dec 18, 2008
The big-3 U.S.A.automakers are idling many auto
plants! Maybe 50+ plant? It may be good for the
global economy...things were too expensive! The sites that carry my "blogs" have shrunk to 11,000
and that may be good for my "ego"? I want to wish
everyone on the Ironwood Forum and anyone reading
my "blog"; A Merry Christmas and Happy 2009!! Do
not worry about my Easter 2009, end of life as we
know it prophecy...that is just what I heard!! The "voice" said:"The Resurection is Easter 2009"!! Maybe so, maybe not. But, please confess
any sins you may have to God, just in case the "voice" is right!! I wanted rain in the deserts of the Earth; as in Isaiah chapter 35...i.e.: The deserts will bloom...and they cannot without water and yesterday, Las Vegas got
3.6 inches of snow(it will melt to be water!!) I am writing you from Carbondale, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.!! Love, Peace and Unity, I AM CARMI
carmino seranni

Mountain Top, PA

#268 Dec 18, 2008
I am writing in the evening of December 18,2008 @
5:35 P.M. E.S.Time. The stock market is DOWN 219
points today!! Ho-hum!! I will not write depressing things tonight. It is dark outside and officially winter(on the calender) is 3 days away!
Could I write tonight, what I learned about the name Carmi, in the Bible and how many times that
name is in the Bible? First of all, if you put the word Carmi in the top browser line and hit "enter", alot of stuff comes on the screen. For example: The name Carmi is in the Bible in 8
places....1st in Genesis chapter 46 verses 8 and 9
...The meaning(translation??) of the word Carmi
in Hebrew means "vine dresser"...It(Carmi) also means "Israel`s trouble"!! In the Christian Gospels, Jesus gave this "parable"....I (Jesus) am the vine and you are the branches and my Father
is the "vine dresser" (Carmi??...Was Jesus insinuating that a man named "Carmi" was going to come on the world scene in the future(NOW??)...
I rest my case for tonight...Shalom, I AM CARMI
Ginger 50

Wilburton, PA

#269 Sep 12, 2011
I saw walking down the street, the girl (young woman) I said was biten by a "VAMPIRE"...BEWARE, she was beautiful and did not look much different
than when I knew her in the prayer group! And, I know her from the soup kitchen...i.e...the protestants were serving "ME--god??" soup!!! And giving ME-HIM sermons!!! And a message to My U.S.A.
GOVERNMENT: "You do not have to 'doctor up' My computer....I AM just telling My followers I AM "ALIVE" AND "WELL"! It WAS SUPPOSED TO rain today, but so far, it hasn`t rained!!!
I AM learning "instant messaging" and I sent a few
messages today!! might get one....
I will put another blog on....LOVE, LOVE, LOVE

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