"red-laser sighted gun" Don Miller s...

"red-laser sighted gun" Don Miller should be FREE

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#1 Jun 30, 2008
On May 19, 2008, Don was seen by the Parole Board for the first time and he was denied parole. To make matters even worse, the Board told Don they would not consider him for parole again until the year 2013. The only person opposing Don's parole was Connie Vargovich, who claims she is "still traumatized" by "having a red-laser sighted gun pointed at her." Hmm ... how interesting.

It appears Connie forgot that she abandoned her "red-laser sighted gun" story long ago. She had made up the red-laser gun story only after she failed to obtain Don's arrest, and this story was the central complaint that caused Don's arrest in the first place. When arrested, Don told the police he never owned any such gun and told them to search his home, business and vehicles. After police in two states failed to find any such gun, Connie then began downplaying her "red-laser gun" story, testifying at trial that she was "not so sure about that part." So after she was confronted with the fact no such 'red-laser sighted gun' could be found, she was now "not so sure" whether any such gun ever even existed, though this was her main complaint that caused Don's arrest in the first place!

Connie tells lots of lies and has a hard time remembering her lies, which is why she now has 6-different versions of her story on record. The same pattern continues. She forgot that she abandoned her "red-laser gun" story in December 1997, so now, in May 2008, she falsely claimed she is "still traumatized" by having had a red-laser gun pointed at her! What a transparent and sickening farce. This woman needs to be locked up somewhere.

Besides all the above uncontested evidence proving perjury and false accusations, Connie's sister the eyewitness tells people Connie falsely accused Don; her other sister admitted to having given false information to police; and Connie herself admitted to witnesses that "Don did nothing wrong" to her. So Connie now opposes Don's parole? This is nothing more than retaliation for websites that show you the truth and expose her for who and what she really is. And our entire community knows who and what she is.

It is well proven and is acknowledged by everyone that Connie Vargovich is guilty of many crimes against Don, his family, and others, including perjury, false swearing, obstructing justice, filing false police reports, fraud upon a court, and false imprisonment. Just how much longer will Connie be "allowed" to get away with these crimes?


Madison, WI

#2 Jun 30, 2008
Justice is blind! Don is guilty!
Captain USA

Kingsland, GA

#3 Jun 30, 2008
You're a retard! Play in traffic!

Madison, WI

#4 Jun 30, 2008
Stop being a criminal lover you liberal loser from Racine!
SO much smarter than you

Kingsland, GA

#7 Jul 2, 2008
USA USA USA wrote:
Stop being a criminal lover you liberal loser from Racine!
Arbeit stellt Sie frei ein -
You littlr prick!!!

Lodi, WI

#8 Jul 4, 2008
Hang him now! Criminal!
So much smarter than you

Kingsland, GA

#9 Jul 4, 2008
DEE DEE DEE wrote:
Hang him now! Criminal!
Thanks for extracting your "wisdom" from
your bulbous nasal cavity and posting your comment, you monotonous non-entity and excrement manufacturing machine. You couldn't get a date if you bought them dried in a tin, you under-medicated, rump-ruptured chronic self-abuser. You're the kind of greasy, giggling, girly gombeen who buys STDs from a viral lab just to make it look like you get laid. You're damn right vomit-inducing fugly. You have a face that would give Freddie Kruger nightmares. How much would you change to haunt a house? You actually voted for Dubya? What a corporate puppet shithead-loving putz you are, you ultra right-wing, quasi-fascist, Nixon-loving heartless bastard. If brains were gasoline, you wouldn't have enough to run a piss ant's go-kart around the inside of a doughnut. Did your mother leave you in the dryer too long when you were a kid, you little tap-dancing Leprechaun in a pink wig? Be careful you don't bump your head on the door handle on the way out. I bet the highway patrol make you wear a sign on your fat ass that reads,'Caution: Wide Load!' Get a job, you goddamn leach! You're as useful as a handbrake on a canoe, you clog-hopping simpleton. Try this maneuver: Take 50-60 paces backwards. Take several deep breaths. Sprint forward at full speed. Do a triple summersault through the air, and disappear up your own asshole.
Oh yeah.....
and you suck!!!
So much smarter than you

Kingsland, GA

#10 Jul 6, 2008
DEE DEE DEE wrote:
Hang him now! Criminal!
You miserable little puppy:
Arguing with me is like running in the special Olympics:
Even if you win, you are STILL retarded.

Lodi, WI

#11 Jul 7, 2008
Send him to Gitmo!

Kingsland, GA

#12 Jul 7, 2008
DEE DEE DEE wrote:
Send him to Gitmo!
Still retarded
Simple Solution

Berrien Center, MI

#13 Jul 8, 2008
Connie hasn't met her fate with a timely unfortunate "accident"?
People that dumb, have accidents you know.

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