Demings schools produce (students) is a story all its own, since our school system received F's from the state, BUT I ask a simple why when it comes to our school graduates knowing something of Deming's history.
I attended the John Gorre Junior High School in Jacksonville, FL. The first day we students learned that Dr. John Gorre was the inventor of the ice making machine--although accidental, he was trying for a kind of what we now call air-conditioning. This bit of history teaching took up a one hour class. I have remembered it all these years.
Do we need to name a school after Bataan? We have a Veterans Post on Spruce that carries the name Bataan in its title.
The World Premiere of "Give Us This Day" will be in Deming this June, 2013. This is the story of a survivor of the Bataan Death March in which over 90 of the soldiers that died on that terrible march were from Deming, NM.