Do not do business with this company/ false advertisement regarding parking ( you will be towed ). Thay have a sign that says "tenant/customer parking only Johnson Towing of Huntsville, Tx literally less than a foot from the parking area. I was a customer of this building ( owned by Gibbs Brothers & Co) on 9/10/10. This company decided to have my car towed by Johnson Towing. I was told it did not matter if I was a customer If they wanted you towed they just call us. The man said I took one of the employees parking places that was not marked in any way stating employees only. I was then told it did not matter what the sign says. I am minister and law abiding citizen that will think twice about shopping in an establishment with these moral or values. I was brought up to say what you mean and mean what you say with honesty. And that customers are a priority, so shame shame on you.