Well, Applebee's has tried to come to Huntsville. Just like other businesses have tried to come here. They are all being stopped by the older generation running the city. "They" make it where it is not profitable to come here. They will not stand by the incentives to get businesses here.

If you recall the "target" center fiasco - all of the other original businesses that were coming to our fair city were stopped. Target was the only one big enough to fight with lawsuits - that still continue today. The other stores in the original lease plan for that property included: Buffalo Wild Wings, Cracker Barrel, Roadhouse, Chick-Fil-A, Sports Clips, Staples, Petco, and Best Buy - just to name a few. After the city started reneging on promises and deals and the new lease was drawn up two years later, no businesses could stand the fight but Target.

The people of Huntsville need to stand up and voice what they want. We are constantly told to "Shop Huntsville" yet they wonít give us anywhere to shop. I try. I search all over Huntsville for things I need and I end up going elsewhere. I voiced my opinions to the so-called mayor of Huntsville and he basically told me if I want a business to come here, then I need to provide the money for it to happen. Letís just say he was not very pleasant.

So I say voice your opinion. Stand up for your generation. Demand more diverse places to shop. Be a leader in your community. Make things happen. If you donít, no one will.