Least favorite cop and why....
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#87 Sep 28, 2012
Ben just because your parents have a mediocre house on tenth avenue and you have a mediocre job at hpd doesn't mean I am a loser. I actually worked hard for my money working two jobs. So suck a big one.
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Huntington, WV

#89 Oct 25, 2013
I went to school with a ben howard, was a prick then and still one today.
Fedex Driver

New York, NY

#90 Oct 26, 2013
Concerned wrote:
First of all I work. Secondly these cops out here are racist as crap and you and skip can look the other way. Some of us know these jerk offs from negative experiences they put you through. Getting pulled over because a cop anticipates if he wasnt there you would of ran a stop sign is not valid. Getting pulled because you had a person of color in your car sounds like the reason.
You can't blame cops for being racist. The blacks are like jungle animals. If not tightly controlled with cause havoc and chaos on society.

Good job police. Let's detain the chimps.

Pine River, WI

#91 Oct 27, 2013
Levi Livingston
I know you

Huntington, WV

#92 Oct 27, 2013
popo friend wrote:
<quoted text>Telling someone they should go to a NAACP meeting and hear what they say is like these a dumb republicans saying u should of heard what they said on Fox News last night. They are both full of sh!t. Racism does exist everywhere but it goes both ways. I had a teacher in school who just so happened to be a part of the NAACP, she spend the entire class teaching the 2 black kids that were in class and when a white student needed help she would act like your white u should know the answer. They could talk all class to friends and she never said a word but as soon as a white student talked she would make an example out of them.
I had that same witch for English & the minority counselor was just as bad. I'd go in and try to talk to her about taking ACT / LSAT tests and she never had time. But, let a brother walk in to talk about anything, she would make the time.

Since: Feb 13

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#93 Oct 28, 2013
Gay Rob wrote:
<quoted text>
They wouldn't ask you if they had a legit reason to search you, they would just do it. They have to have reasonable suspicion to pull you over (typically violation of a traffic law. Further, they only have the right to search you if there is probable cause you have some contraband or a weapon on you. Probable cause does not exist based solely on their fear or suspicion. There is a legal standard they are required to follow.
A cop does not have the right to search you during a standard traffic stop, unless this legal standard is met. To conduct a frisk, officers must be able to point to specific and articulatory facts which, taken together with rational inferences from those facts, reasonably warrant their actions. A vague hunch will not do. Such a search must be temporary and questioning must be limited to the purpose of the stop (e.g. officers who stop a person because they have reasonable suspicion to believe that the person was driving a stolen car, cannot, after confirming it is not stolen, compel the person to answer questions about anything else, such as possession of contaband). See Florida v. Royer, 460 U.S. 491 (1983) for more information.
P.S. I am a gay lawyer, honey, and I know my rights.
The precedent set by that decision has absolutely nothing to do with the situation you described. If you really are a lawyer, you must not be a very good one.

Charleston, WV

#94 May 27, 2015
cops are d-icks

Toledo, OH

#95 May 27, 2015
I was pulled over once for absolutely no reason at all. I got of 29th Street and made my way down till I got to rite aid. I pulled in and went out the other side to get back on the road, and then all of a sudden an unmarked car was zooming up on me. I watched him in my rear view mirror for a few seconds. Then, hi turned my signal to go left and u couldn't get over right away. Then I looked and he jerked in that lane and drove beside me for a few seconds. After that he got back behind me then hit the lights. By now I've already took that left after the rite aid at the end and was coming up on a funeral home. The one near beard mortuary. I pulled over and the cop walked up to my door. He began to ask me what I was doing and I told him I didn't know this part very well and I was looking for my boyfriend ( he drives truck and was working near there somewhere) He mean mugged me a second then asked for my ID and immediately asked if I had anything in the car.

The same spill they always do ," drugs, a bomb, a grenade, or anything." I looked at him and told him I didn't have nothing in the car. By that time the people at the funeral home were already yelling at him for even pulling me over. Telling him how rude and how much of a disgrace he was. The cop made me get out of the car and pull my waistband out and I did. He patted me then began to search the vehicle. Still, the people continued to yell at him for this nonsense. Of course he found nothing and didn't even check my insurance or even ask for it because of the people yelling at him.

He told me to get the fuc* out of here and he took off immediately. All the while he was being completely rude and acting like a d*ckhead. He didn't even have a reason to pull me over. If it wasn't for all the people b*tching at him, I say it would have been a lot worse. Thus cop was just out looking for a good headline in the paper.

He was skinny with short black hair. Not a high and tight, just kept short a little bit. I believe he had brown eyes. If anyone watches Bates Motel, he looks like the sheriff on the show kind of.
cops are d-icks

Toledo, OH

#96 May 27, 2015
Sorry for the type -o in the beginning, my phone loves to mess with my typing.
just me

United States

#97 May 27, 2015
I have to say they have a very tough job. All of these out of town drug dealers and junkies everywhere. I'll bet if you put yourself in their shoes and see how you would be. It is a tough job. I was brought up to respect officers of the law

Saint Albans, WV

#98 May 28, 2015
Bocky millers a jerk

Charleston, WV

#99 May 28, 2015
I will say Levi Livingston was a complete hardcore prick back then, he pulled a friend over twice just for having bass and it was during the day time. I feel like he was one of those cops who trys to bully people and it's just not right. I think he has ranked up since then so hopefully he's not on the street as much. I hate when cops bully people for no reason. The person who has a system was a good guy never been arrested but was harrassed by him and the detectives laughed and through his ticket away. Im sure when i say HOTHEAD
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West Hamlin, WV

#101 May 28, 2015
When one flies on a plane they subject themselves to such a search by using a service regulated by the government.
I would never consent to a search by hpd, not because I have anything to hide, but because I know my rights. Nothing feels better than to look into the eyes of a public servant and to tell them "no," knowing they cannot do anything about it. While they are harrassing law-abiding citizens, someone down the road is getting raped and murdered. That should be their focus.
Also, you seeemed perplexed at my mention of Germany and Russia. You forget that you previously posted you felt the cops should be allowed to go door-to-door of people's home and search both them and their home. Sounds like Nazism or the USSR to me.
As you, the law-abiding citizen, are holding up the harassing police, with your constitutional right to be a perfect example of the disrespectful and entitled American citizen...someone down the road is getting raped and murdered. Congrats you're an oxymoron.

Charleston, WV

#102 May 30, 2015
I haven't been pulled over for years but i know there used to be a few older cops who were pricks.

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